I started playing the game again.......god knows how many times.....but I love the game. the Dragon is a mystery to me. aside from the boons that the armor gives it, there are no other means to bring the skill levels above 5. I don't use skills like summon a friend, Polymorph, or Dragon shield.......I find them a waste of skill points. so I have a number of skill points that are not being used. on one of my characters, I have as many as 8! while my character has the ability to regenerate hit points, the Dragon deas not.......I would think that this skill would benefit both sides of the character, rather than just the human form. the strength of each set isn't clear either...which is stronger? I endow him with defense and hit point armor, so I do equip a mix of armors. the recharge time could be better, but last evening, I has a great time at Kali's fortress. after wiping out the first area and dropping the field around the second area. the first attack drew a number of flying dragons after me when I withdrew. toggling Dragon spirit and Dragon burst, the number was thinned out considerably, and that included a squad to commanders which took a bit more to take down. it was awesome! taking out the Dragon generators is first on my list, to stop them from replicating.