Hi all, I've got a real weird bug in DOS2 on Switch.

If I go to my Inventory, and select an item to hold in my hand, it vanishes from my inventory! I get no option to drop the item or remove it from my hand. The item is simply gone. However, it DOES still appear in my Crafting menu - the item appears as if I'm still holding it my hand, and the item is selectable.

I can actually do this with multiple items - disappearing several from my inventory. All those items will then still appear in my Crafting menu, all appearing as if I'm simultaneously holding them.

Inventory items I hold in my hand disappear from my inventory, but still appear in my creating menu. My blue teleporter pyramid has become unusable this way!

This doesn't seem to happen with items from the world; I can hold those in my hand and either move them to my inventory or drop them. But once they're in my inventory, and try to hold them, they disappear.

This seemed to start when I was using my blue teleporter pyramid. I used this to teleport to a spot in the Archive on Bloodmoon Island, and got stuck. My character was bugged out, couldn't move, and couldn't pick up the teleporter pyramid again. I used Phoenix Dive to escape, and then the skill Teleport to retrieve the teleport pyramid. However, I couldn't then just use the "Pick up" option on the pyramid; selecting that option did nothing. I could only hold it in my hand. However, it then disappeared from my hand, and I had no option to place it in my inventory.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I assume the game thinks that blue teleporter pyramid is still in my hand, and simultaneously somehow still in that bugged piece of terrain back in the Archives.

I've searched other forum threads and haven't seen anyone else with a similar problem, but hopefully someone can help!

Thanks in advance.

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