I noticed more than once that follow had broken. I did a lil exlporation to see if i could find what was going on

-- issue --

follow breaks sometimes when performing movement actions such as climb or jump

-- how to reproduce ---

stand on a 3 layer set of rocks. specifically on the 2nd layer of height

jump to the third, then jump quickly to the first

-- what happens --

npcs who were not yet finished with the first movement action before the 2nd movement action finishes break follow

sometimes they get into a cycle of jiggling and require being targeted and moved before follow chain is able to resume

-- other situations --

climbing a ladder and jumping down, sometimes just jumping over a river, and anything else requiring a movement action button, or fluctuations in heigh of terrain ( climbing over rubble )

the bug is not 100% reproducible though i spent about 15 minutes actively looking for places it applys so it is fairly reproducable