Hi everyone, just finished my first ever playthrough during early access and I wanted to share initial feedback that the dev team can hopefully address during the next major patch next year:

1) Camp Scenes - There a lot of miss-able camp scenes for Companions. In my first playthrough I wasn't able to get the weave scene from Gale despite actively trying to get it. This goes the same for other companions as I did not get any camp developments from them at all aside from the Astarion blood sucking scene. I'm sure this is not what the design team intended since companion stories are one of the core elements that make this game more engaging. I hope Larian can take a look at the scene triggers and iron out any bugs/make it easier for players to get the companion scenes like what Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition did. There are a lot of good suggestions going around the steam and reddit forums on this (e.g. make scenes queueable, provide overworld triggers when the companion wants to talk to you at camp to play a scene, reduce situations wherein a scene gets locked)

2) Stability - I know this might already be a given but a lot of the other quest related scenes in the game are still bugged. For example during the party scene I had Shadowheart hold her wine cup by making it float into the air. There are also texture loading issues right now with the game. I run a Ryzen 3500 16GB memory with Geforce 1660 Super for the game and I've noticed that as my campaign went on, it loads area textures and objects much slower probably due to the lack of optimization. I don't have a super high end pc so I don't expect rocket speed loading times, but I do expect more stability to avoid "fantasy breaking" moments in the game.

3) More tool tips - I managed to learn the game as I went along with minimal hand holding but there were a lot of things that I wish the game told me instead of me having to find out 15 hours down the line. For example, explaining how attack roles compute damage (i.e. is a 1d12 die better than a 2d6?) or how the in-game barter system works would be appreciated. Inventory and quick bar management is also something that the game can give a little more effort in guiding us on as it's very difficult to find these out all on our own the first time around.

4) Updates on Future Companions and Classes - I think this final point is one of the things the fans are looking forward most to. I can't wait to do a second playthrough soon but I would much prefer doing it after the second major patch which hopefully adds more characters and classes. Also it goes without saying that people really want Halsin as an additional companion + romance option (just google steam or reddit forums on him). I'm sure Larian already has plans for his character prior to early access, but I do hope the writers and the devs can find a way to make him more actively involved in succeeding acts as he is a very interesting character. I don't think all of the characters need to be true souls in order to be an "official" party member. Besides, we don't have a Druid companion yet so he would definitely fit the bill.

Despite the companion bugs and all, I really enjoyed this Early Access. I've spent more time on this than most AAA games I've played in 2020. I fully support the devs continuing to polish the game to a state that they can be proud of and the fans can enjoy. I hope they take all the reasonable time they need to make this an rpg to remember (We wouldn't want another Cybperpunk situation). The game has heart, and most of the problems I've seen are only on a technical level. I'm sure this can be GOTY material as long as all of the bugs in the game are addressed. Here's to hoping for a Late 2021 or early 2022 release!

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