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Firstly, I think the progress in EA is coming on great to build a Baldurs Gate experience.

What I feel is coming along great:

1. Atmosphere
2. Party Banter
3. Voicing of spell casting
4. Companion comradery improving
5. Combat, animations and fun

On that note I wanted to suggest the following:

1. That the developer team play a certain amount of Baldurs Gate & Baldurs Gate 2 as time allows, to keep in touch with the the feel and atmosphere of the franchise, bringing it to a modern day experience.

2. Related to that, I think that the areas that could be improved to capture more of that experience:

A) More ambient music (especially in things like in towns, when travelling etc.) although this is already coming along. I think it can be underestimated how much the music and ambient music played a role in capturing the feel of a D&D world

B) More dialog: one of the hallmarks of the original games was the interest and depth of dialog in the game, it felt like you were playing a in depth book because of the amount of care that was taken into dialog and even those cutscene narrations in-between milestones in the game. Currently I feel the dialog is too one liner and brief. I would even prefer less cinematic sequences for more dialog and depth to character conversations.

C) Bring back the idea of inns/taverns and individual buildings that one can enter vs an open plan town. I feel like its a hallmark of D&D games, from things like Critical Role / actual DM to the video games, entering an atmospheric inn (e.g. Friendly Arm Inn) and having various building one can enter within a town. I think there is too much of a DOS feel to the current cities / town where they are so open plan and not enough of a town with rooms / buildings type of design.

Otherwise, Kudos to listening to current feedback, as I took a few months break playing the EA and I can see how its building toward a BG experience. I just hope that this continues until the world is fleshed out to be a worthy successor.

Joined: Sep 2020
Joined: Sep 2020
Druid Grove is not a town - more of an encampment behind walls. The town equivalents we encounter so far are basically destroyed remains, but they are indicative of actual buildings you can enter. Once we reach an actual, functioning town or city (Baldurs Gate) I anticipate you will see something more along the lines of what you describe.

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