After talking to Sosostra, I found the white rabbit and started to follow it. But it doesn't always move when I get close to it. Sometimes it just sits there for awhile, then disappears. Sometimes it reappears a distance away, and I can see the sparkly field around it and go to where it is. But after no more than a couple of tries, it disappears and doesn't reappear any place I can see. I search the area for it, but no luck.

When this happens, I reload a save from after I talked to Sosostra but before I found the rabbit. Then I go to where the rabbit is and start over. After trying that routine half a dozen times with the same result, I finally gave up, reloaded the save, and went off in a different direction without going to the rabbit.

My questions:

1. Is this a problem that other people have had? Is there a known fix or workaround?

2. If I leave the area before I finish tracking the rabbit, will he stay in his last position until I get back, or does he vanish so that I can never find him again?

(If it matters, I'm playing Developer's Cut.)