Hello everyone!

I've come to you with some problems that no one seems to have. Just for some context, I started playing DOS2:DE on Steam a few months ago and after starting Act 2 I had to stop playing for a while. So last week I decided to go back to it, but I started to notice a few issues, particularly some weird out of place FPS drops. What I mean by out of place is well, aiming skills destroys the performance. My setup is as follows:

CPU : AMD FX8350
GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

Now, its nothing amazing, I know, but it does its job at the moment. Thing is, I don't think my problems are related to having lower specs and I will try to explain why.

Long story short, my game runs pretty smoothly on 60fps with Display settings on Ultra and Sound on High Quality. However, activating a skill (most, if not all of them) immediately shoves de frames down to 30ish. And it stands that way until I exit "aiming" (either canceling or using the skill). Bellow two screenshots of my game, both in a place with nothing else happening. The first one with how the game runs normaly, when walking around and talking to people in town areas. And the second one with me aiming Battle Stomp.



Note that aside from the Usage of GPU and some CPU cores, nothing has changed. Now here's another catch, a screenshot of me aiming Battle Stomp with the lowest game settings.


Nothing changes, fps-wise, it still goes down to the 30s. I did notice that GPU usage didn't go as high, but it's still a spike.

So this is my issue. I've updated every possible thing, GPU drivers, Windows, Visual C++, etc. I tried changing the Disk where the game is installed (from SSD to HDD and vice-versa). Disabled Windows Gaming mode stuff and all. But none of those had any effect (good or bad).
It's also worth noting that some visual effects are also tanking frames, like the Rain spell. But again keep in mind that I had none of these issues during Act 1 when I last played it, including it's big final battles and their big effects.

I really hope someone can help me as I've searched everywhere for similar problems and had no results. I know that 30fps doesn't seem too terrible but many time it has gone lower, making the experience very frustrating.
Many thanks in advance!