First playthrough of the game.

While doing stuff on the Nameless Isle every once in a while I'd run into an issue where my game would crash on quick save/save without saving anything. It was annoying yes but somehow I managed to get past it. Now though, in its current iteration my progress just seems halted completely.

My current (and only save spot following other troubleshooting steps for this problem) loads me in the Lunar shrine, standing just in front of the NPC that starts the arena event to become ascended. While standing around here, i can repeatedly save/quick save the game to what seems like my hearts content. I zone into the arena though and if I try to save/quick save my progress at any point through the arena the game crashes without saving. Ok I restart and go through it without saving. Click the thing to become ascended, cutscene plays, bad person destroys ascended maker annnnd game automatically tries to save and crashes without saving.

I've tried most of the things listed by larian Rep Raze in the countless other threads on these forums I've seen regarding the same thing. I say most because I am an idiot, no joke, and I don't know how to do some of the stuff he says without step by step how to's.

Tried reinstalling. Clearing Levelcache. Removing old save files. Starting a new profile and can save fine(so far, not really trying to get 50 hours in to find out srynotsry). I'm sure some of the other more intense and undefined steps he mentioned have worked in scenarios, but here, in my scenario, there is a clear line of being able to save, then crossing a line by advancing the story to immediately not being able to save.

And idk what to do. Was I loving the game? Yes. Does it suck I literally cannot progress? Yes. I obviously cannot continue to play my current game without a resolution. If there is no resolution to this would I ever play a new game? No, why would I with a chance this could happen again. I'm typically not the person to seek refunds for games I've bought, but this actually makes the game unplayable and its looking like I will have to unless someone has a miracle solution.