Hello everyone,

I have some problems with a specific crash (see title and screenshot) and have no clue how to fix it anymore. I tried to resolve this issue in various ways (especially following the suggestions mentioned in the crash description and some other stuff I found online) but sadly without success.

The crash seems to occur pretty randomly. Sometimes im only a few minutes ingame and another time I can play for a few hours until the crash happens. It seems to trigger mostly in fights, but im not 100% sure that it never happened while exploring.
As far a I read the issue could be related to my GPU (AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT). I can provide more details about my software and hardware if needed of course. I hope there is a way to resolve this issue because I really enjoy this game and would like to continue playing it. Thanks in advance for the help.

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]