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Dunno if this has already been done but I kinda wanted to list out every spell that has not been added to BG3 yet, and give thoughts on how they should or would be implemented, going into how higher level or more complex spells might be added. For each spell I will list a source book, and I am aware it is entirely possible spells not from the PHB will not be implemented, and I still listed spells from specific settings. I will not being going into how currently implemented spells were implemented wrongly or anything like that, this is for only spells that are not able to be cast in the game as of May 11 2021. Please tell me if I missed anything or accidentally added one that was in the game and please give your opinion on how any should be added.

Key: Player's Handbook (PHB), Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGE), Tasha's Couldren of Everything (TCE), Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica (GGR), Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (SCAG), Elemental Evil Player's Companion (EEPC), Explorer's Guide to Wildmount (EGW), Acquisitions Incorporated (AI), Icewind Dale (ID), Lost Library of Kwalish (LLK)


Booming Blade (TCE): As is, works really well on Eldritch Knights and Hexblades. Just select the cantrip and cast in melee range by swinging a melee weapon.

Control Flames (XGE): This could be used to manipulate the fire surface and spread or limit it, also could be used on lights to darken the arena and take advantage of darkvision. Only effect that probably shouldn't be tried is the ability to make shapes in it. Definitely should have the clause to have three effects active and dismissable as an action.

Create Bonfire (XGE): As is, personally I find it a somewhat weak cantrip in PnP but it has a lot of potential for comboing and shoving enemies into it, for a videogame like BG3 this could be strong as is.

Encode Thoughts (GGR): They would have to implement thought strands as a whole thing and give some NPCs thoughts you can encode or have thought strands something you can sometimes find when appropriate. Could be an interesting source of information but I could see them not touching this, especially since it comes from the Ravnica setting.

Frostbite (XGE): Should be implemented As Is, low damage die but imposing disadvantage is strong and overall I think it a good cantrip.

Green-Flame Blade (TCE/SCAG): As is would be best, would need a prompt for the flames to jump to a specific target when it hits, works well on a hexblade or such.

Gust (XGE): Could really just be implemented as the magic form of push, if push is made into a full action and a normal strength check, this could actually be better against medium creatures as it would be based on casting and saving throw, would work with how vertical the maps are. The harmless sensory effect would likely not be touched.

Infestation (XGE): Should be implemented as is and I hope they have fun animating the parasites swarming a target, just program the forced movement as the target walking five feet in a random direction with the added potential of being able to fall off ledges.

Lightning Lure (TCE): As is probably, likely would not be hard to program as they could repurpose thorn whip and add an if statement to the damage.

Magic Stone (XGE/EEPC): As is is probably fine, just implement slings and allow the next three shots with a sling to have the effect. I always had issue with this spell never being able to be upcast but I do recognize that if it ends up on a martial character, said character could have broken it with a multiattack if it did upcast.

Mending (PHB): Make this a mostly RP heavy cantrip I think as most of the effects are RP based. Could also be useful for repairing items that break in the scenery or even repair items in our inventory that have a broken tag, like turning a broken sword into a whole one or a broken bottle into a normal bottle. Give it a conversation tag occasionally and I think it'd be implemented fine.

Message (PHB): Honestly, I don't think this one should be implemented. Only way I could see it being meaningful in a videogame is if it allowed the caster to have a conversation with a target at range BUT I'd argue that is more for an implementation of Telepathy which would have the added benefit of allowing secret conversing.

Mind Sliver (TCE): Just add as is, is a fun spell to use, pretty good.

Mold Earth (XGE): Would be best used to create difficult terrain and set up an arena with three active, the rest of the effects would be hard to implement with no real effect.

Prestidigitation (PHB): It is an RP heavy cantrip and should have effects in conversations with a tag. Harmless effect can be used to grab the attention of a target within 10 feet of the caster. Snuffing a light within ten feet can be useful for stealth. Cleaning and soiling doesn't really matter UNLESS it could be used to clean surfaces, and clean up that blood pool in camp. Chill and warm don't matter, and neither does color or mark but I'd implement mark purely so people can mark where they have already been if there is a maze section. Ovverall I think it'd take a bit to implement this one, but I thi9nk it should be something you can do in conversations where it applies.

Primal Savagery (XGE): As is, just implement as a melee attack spell.

Sapping Sting (EGW): Again, would implement as is, is a straightforward cantrip.

Shape Water (XGE): Of the control an element cantrips, this one would be the most straightforward to implement. Allow the caster to move a water surface, freeze a water surface, and maybe for fun add the change color and animate effects.

Spare the Dying (PHB): This would require the help action and other mechanics to be fixed, once they are, just implement as is. It is an emergency cantrip for if you don't have hard healing and need to make sure a PC (and sometimes enemy) doesn't die. Give it some dialogue options when appropriate to prevent an NPC death.

Sword Burst (TCE): Implement as is, not strong but fun. Maybe get creative with the animation and have a variety of blades.

Thunderclap (XGE): Another as is, maybe have it grab the attention off every NPC within 100 feet with the added caveat that it can make already hostile creatures run to investigate and attack.

Toll the Dead (XGE): Another as is implementation, has an if statement for extra damage, could make the bell tolling sound ominous.

Vicious Mockery (PHB): As is BUT have fun with this one. If we are going to have the Origin companions, have a set of insults for each companion to say if they cast this spell. Could really be tailored to their personalities and generally be fun to use. Alternatively, can tailor to enemies where there are a set of insults for each enemy type BUT that might be more difficult to add cause of the amount of voiceacting needed.

Word of Radiance (XGE): As is, straightforward.

First Level Spells

Absorb Elements (XGE): Would have to fix reactions, once that is done this spell as is would work fine, just add damage automatically to next melee attack (including melee spell attack I think?)

Alarm (PHB): As is would probably be fine, it'd give a lower cost way to detect if there is an invisible creature about and it could have some camp use where if someone has it in their spell list it could alert of a certain encounter.

Beast Bond (XGE): Could be interesting as a buff spell for a beastmaster ranger or druid, the telepathy part would require telepathy to be implemented.

Catapult (XGE): I'd just implement as is, can fling an object and make it hurt.

Cause Fear (XGE): As is, already been somewhat implemented with the Quasit.

Ceremony (PHB): Could be weird to implement, I'd make everything last until next long rest and keep everything else the same, perhaps add that only one Ceremony can be active on a character at a time or only one ceremony cast by a caster per day, so you can't take shadowheart out of the bench and then ceremony everyone in your party so they all have stacking AC bonuses when near each other,

Chaos Bolt (XGE): Hopefully coming with sorcerer, is one of the few spells that really fit sorcerer and is most straightforward RNG damage type, just add prompt to determine next target if the same number is rolled twice.

Compelled Duel (PHB): As is, pretty straightforward.

Comprehend Languages (PHB): This would be used to solve the instances where we are told that we can not read the script or book. There however need to be a language system programmed a bit more. There are instances like a tiefling understanding infernal, but for comprehend languages to have a place language itself should be expanded so a dwarf would not need it to read dwarven script but an elf might need this spell.

Detect Evil and Good (PHB): Would implement as is, allows one to detect certain enemies through walls or invisibility. I would also allow it to detect that the not yet risen corpses in that first dungeon are undead, to give someone the idea to prepare and give more use to this spell.

Detect Magic (PHB): Would implement as is, and maybe add to the description a key for what color each school of magic is, and then add schools to magical things in the world.

Detect Poison and Disease (PHB): As is, I'd make poisoned foods and such glow, maybe if it is active give a dialogue option during the nettie sequence, also would have use during the hag's bog.

Distort Value (AI): Wouldn't really implement, though could have use during bartering to get more gold while trading with the risk of the merchant figuring it out.

Divine Favor (PHB): I'd implement as is, straightforward buff.

Earth Tremor (XGE/EEPC): I'd implement as is, fairly straightforward aoe spell.

Frost Fingers (ID): Straightforward, would just implement as written.

Gift of Alacrity (EGW): Would just implement as written, is an ok buff spell like mage armor.

Heroism (PHB): Would implement as written, maybe add a few interaction in conversation to help calm someone to make them not cowardly.

Ice Knife (XGE): Would implement as written, fairly strong conjuration spell.

Identify (PHB): I think this should be optionally implemented, that is, there should be an option in game settings to make magicitems and potions to be unidentified when picked up, requiring the casting of this spell from a player or npc to learn its magical effects for the first time. Add cursed item for some fun.

Illusory Script (PHB): Would not implement.

Jim's magic Missile (AI): This is unlikely to be implemented BUT, I would love for it to be implemented even if worse than magic missile. Is just a fun spell with fun effects.

Magnify Gravity (EGW): I would implement as written, and maybe add to the verticality of this game where if someone falls while in the sphere they take more fall damage.

Purify Food and Drink (PHB): Would just implement as written,if food becomes important to resting this could be important if food is poisoned.

Sanctuary (PHB): Would implement as written, especially with the current AI. Would protect a buffer or healer.

Searing Smite (PHB): As written.

Shield (PHB): Fix reactions, then implement as written. Don't do the way they implemented Hellish Rebuke cause that just ain't it.

Silent Image (PHB): I guess do same as minor illusion but can be controlled to lead a target or group on, also maybe allow us to choose what an illusion looks like.

Snare (XGE): As written, could be fun placing traps and manipulating the battlefield.

Tasha's Caustic Brew (TCE): As written.

Tenser's Floating Disk (PHB): I'd probably just set it that it increases the caster's carry weight by 500 lbs and set it to follow the caster until long rest (or short rest for that shorter duration of an hour?). Have it dispel if it gets stuck as per its conditions.

Thunderous Smite (PHB): As written.

Unseen Servant (PHB): I REALLY want this one to be implemented but its really an RP spell that requires creativity to be used outside of that. Maybe its effects could be that it cleans up the camp or loots stuff in a radius putting them into a nearby container or be summoned and allowed to trigger traps/explore up to 60 feet away.

Wrathful Smite (PHB): As written, the smite spells are straightforward.

Zephyr Strike (XGE): Fix disengage and OAs, then implement this as written. Gives a bonus action disengage and maybe give a prompt for if the caster wants to have advantage on their next weapon attack roll.

Second Level Spells

Aganazzar's Scorcher (XGE): Implement as written, straightforward spell.

Alter Self (PHB): Would just add as Change Appearance and Natural Weapons parts of the spell. Aquatic Adaptation would have no real effect in this game as far as I know, though maybe they could be creative with it and replace that part.

Animal Messenger (PHB): I wouldn't try to implement tbh. More of an RP type spell and with the way this game is structured, messenger type spells would be mostly pointless. Could be useful if added in dialogue and RP but honestly resopurces better spent elsewhere.

Arcane Lock (PHB): I would implement as written. You could use it to trap an NPC in a specific location by locking a door with it, or in multiplayer store stuff in a specific container and lock it so you friend doesn't steal your collection of poisoned apples.

Augury (PHB): Would not implement at all. Simply too vague and too many variables, would require a human DM, otherwise would be the spell equivalent of a magic eight ball.

Beast Sense (PHB): Completely useless in the context of BG3 for a willing beast would be one under your control and we can already see through the eyes of a creature we control. I would not Implement.

Deafness (PHB): Technically the missing half of a spell that is in the game, Blindness, but will talk about it. Not sure if it should be implemented. If there are any checks in the game involving hearing or such, this could be an interesting effect. Also could possibly have an effect with stealthing where they now know something is up, but they can't hear you?

Branding Smite (PHB): A straightforward smite spell, just implement as written.

Calm Emotions (PHB): Would implement as written, is an interesting spell. Could clear charmed effects and can be used to temporarily make enemies neutral.

Cloud of Daggers (PHB): Implement as written again, they could be creative with the designs of the daggers and how they are presented.

Continual Flame (PHB): Again as written, a permanent lightsource in an area would be nice, just cast the spell again on the flame to dispel it. Depending on how it looks, could be nice to decorate the camp with it.

Cordon of Arrows (PHB): Would implement as written again, trap based spells can be fun to use and this one is fairly simple other than needing to designate creatures for it to ignore, but it could just be set to automatically ignore Friendly Creatures.

Crown of Madness (PHB): I thought this one was in the game but it is not on the wizard spell list. Just implement as written, it is a fairly fun spell, especially on warlocks and enchantment wizards.

Dragon's Breath (XGE): Again, implement as written, just add the menu to choose the element and then give a target the ability to breath an element like a dragon.

Dust Devil (XGE): Implement as written, and please implement for summoning style abilities are my favorite. Creates something in the battlefield that can do quite a bit of damage and can be moved.

Earthbind (XGE): Would implement as written but I think they should also implement a differentiation of speed types. For example an imp if its fly speed is reduced to 0 should be able to walk, or a bird or something similar. Also knocking flying creatures to the ground needs to be a thing.

Enlarge/Reduce (PHB): Might be weird to program as written but this totally should be a thing. Being able to scale up or down creatures would be fun and even if not the best tactically, fun matters a lot with a game like this. That and I imagine people would get creative with screenshots with this spell.

Enthrall (PHB): Not sure how this should be implemented entirely. Illusions currently are used to grab the attention of creatures but perhaps this spell can do that while also giving them disadvantage to spot your stealthed party member, staying as written but working with the game's mechanics?

Find Steed (PHB): So, they would have to implement mounts into the game, and I actually want mounts to be implemented. They should expand the list with a few more custom steeds (like how I think they should add even more to find familiar) but staying as written will be pretty good. If they implement mounting rules as they are in 5e, this could be a fun spell for paladins. Something that bugs me about find familiar is it is dismissed on rest instead of fully healed, this and find familiar should not be dismissed on rest, a steed should be something that is a continuous companion for the caster until it dies or is replaced. Something that might be interesting is for both find familiar and find steed, each origin character could have a unique one in the list that is exclusive to them, assuming they take a feat or multiclass into getting this spell.

Find Traps (PHB): Completely straightforward and should be implemented as written, just reveal every trap within the distance as if they were revealed normally, or even make them glow a little.

Flock of Familiars (LLK): Ok, so I know the chance of this getting implemented is Slim but if there was any spell I'd beg to be added, it is this one. Especially for Pact of the Chain warlocks. Letting them summon multiple Imps or Quasits or Pseudoragons is plain fun. And even for a wizard this is a great spell cause owls or small birds can be used for the help action. Larian, if you are reading this, please let this spell be added to the game. Though to implement as written they would need to chuck the weird one conjuration limit they have imposed, which I gladly want gone from this game.

Fortune's Favor (EGW): This is basically 1/3rd of the lucky feat in spell form, I would just implement as written with fixed reaction rules.

Gentle Repose (PHB): Interesting, I can see this actually being useful and so would implement as written. There are a few sections of the game where corpses revive so this could be used to stop that. Also if someone in the party is a dick, they could cast it on a dead party member and stopped them from being raised for awhile, though in that case it should have a warning.

Gift of Gab (AI): If ever implemented, I would implement it as allowing the caster to completely redo a failed check in a conversation, essentially turn back the time just a little bit. As written would be weird and hard so I'd advise against it.

Gust of Wind (PH): Would just implement as written, creates a zone with the effect. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Healing Spirit (XGE): Would implement as written, it is a fairly straightforward zone of healing spell. They could get creative with how the spirit looks.

Immovable Object (EGW): Eh, not sure I would implement this spell or even how, I guess it could make it that creatures can not move or pick up an object but enemies already don't do that, if enemies did pick things up then I'd consider this. Maybe could also be cast on levers and buttons to prevent a character from interacting with it, like if a bad guy is about to pull a lever to drop barrels on you but the spell stops the level from being moved?

Jim's Glowing Coin (AI): I'd implement this with an actual gold coin being thrown out from the inventory, and then make it like Enthrall but on the object. So basically as written.

Knock (PHB): Would implement as written, and make it that some things in the world have an arcane lock spell cast on them and this is the way around it. Definitely would include the 300 feet sound, so this can alert enemies and such.

Levitate (PHB): This might be a little difficult to implement, but from a combat perspective could just use it to shut down melee enemies by floating them up. Maybe could be used to get up when there isn't a ladder.

Locate Animals or Plants (PHB): I'd just highlight every beast and plant on the map after casting instead of specifying a specific one. Otherwise as written, and I could be wrong and specifying a type might be better.

Locate Object (PHB): I'd implement this kinda like Dogmeat from Fallout 3 where you have a list of item types and you can tell him to find it for you. Similarly with this spell I'd give a list of types (Weapon, Key, Potion, Gold, etc) and allow the spell to highlight the nearest one of that type or the nearest non player creature carrying an item of that type.

Magic Mouth (PHB): I wouldn't implement this tbh.

Magic Weapon (PHB): As written, simple enchant a weapon for an hour.

Maximillian's Earthen Grasp (XGE): As written, pretty fun spell. Create a giant stone hand and crush enemies.

Mind Spike (XGE): A straightforward damage and debuff spell, would implement as written.

Nystul's Magic Aura (PHB): i genuinely forgot this spell even existed. Not sure how this even could be implemented, maybe make it that casters can not see you character with magic that would detect magic or see through invisibility. Maybe also allow you to fuck with your friends by making them think something is magic or a trap?

Phantasmal Force (PHB): This is one that works off of creativity in tabletop, but in teh game would have to be constrained heavily. I would implement this by creating a preset list of things the target could see and therefor effect it, also I would be fine if it was implemented only with the last one where the illusion of a creature deals psychic damage.

Pyrotechnics (XGE): Implement as written, gives you a good excuse to add fireworks to the game and a smoke cloud effect that is not concentration or based on surfaces.

Rope Trick (PHB): Could be interesting but would need to be implemented carefully, would provide a safe space for party members to short rest and could be used for a wizard or whole party to avoid the worst of traps or avoid an encounter that is based on a patrolling enemy.

See Invisibility (PHB): As written, fairly simple and useful.

Shadow Blade (XGE): Just implement almost exactly like Flame Blade, with some of the different effects.

Skywrite (XGE): Nope. No use in the game and we do not look at the sky enough. If implemented at all, maybe do it in an encounter where an NPC uses it to call for help or something. Otherwise not really something for this game, even if it was good.

Snilloc's Snowball Storm (XGE): As written, kill people with snowballs.

Spider Climb (PHB): I really don't know how to implement this meaningfully, other than add ledges without ladders that can be climbed, or cliff faces that can be climbed with a check normally but this circumvents the need for a check?

Spiritual Weapon (PHB): Implement as written, it is a fairly fun spell and by the time this gets implemented there should be other persistent spells to base its effects off of.

Suggestion (PHB): Implement like a more complicated command (btw command totally should have a whole list of options, I want to tell a fighter to Strip and lose all their armor and AC). Give us a list of premade sentences that direct a target to do a certain action, get creative with it and give us a variety. In my opinion it is one of the best enchantment spells and I hope it will be the same in BG3.

Summon Beast (TCE): Implement as written and so help me, do not let it dismiss familiars. TCE finally allowed summoners to have specific stuff and this is the first of those, just implement as written and summoning should be balanced.

Tasha's Mind Whip (TCE): Implement as written, it is straightforward, limits the target to only one kind of action.

Warding Bond (PHB): Implement as written, a fairly simple buff spell.

Warding Wind (XGE): Implement as written but might be complicated. It would need to affect sound, it would need to put out light sources (fire), make area difficult terrain, give creatures in the wind disadvantage if weapon attack, and remove gas effects like clouds.

Wristpocket (EGW): I love conjuration, but I would not implement this at all. with how our inventory is handled, we pretty much have this for everything. I'd leave this one in Wildmount.

Zone of Truth (PHB): Maybe just implement it in conversations where a creature can lie, so you get alternative dialogue and you know if a creature is able to lie cause passed saving throw. Use this spell to mess with SH and make her unhappy, or just cause her to be silent cause she doesn't want to say anything in the zone.

Third Level Spells

Animate Dead (PHB): Okay so this is going to be a wall of text I am warning y'all. Animate Dead technically is implemented but not directly for the player, instead players can indirectly cast it through a specific NPC, and the way it is now, it is absolutely broken. It doesn't resurrect people as the basic Zombie and Skeleton creature types, instead it makes them undead and you now have that specific creature following you around. You can select any creature in the game to do so, including children who become immortal undetectable murder machines. And you can have essentially infinite undead following you around, and thus you can have any corpse you throw into the underdark become part of your slave army.
However, I do kinda like how you can have any creature type as an undead. Most often people just turn the specific undead into a generic zombie or skeleton, but I like it when a necromancer can have unique undead that are more specific to what they were in life. But to keep this bit of homebrew Larian has created, A LOT has to be homebrewed and frankensteined from the original spell. I have three suggestions for Animate Dead.
First Option- Go completely as written. The spell creates Zombies and Skeletons, which are the specific creature type. After every long rest prompt the necromancer if they want to spend a spell slot to keep 4 (or more cause upcasting) to keep them around. This would be the more raw option and a little weaker but it would also be the safest and most balanced.
Second Option- Work with this homebrew. Allow it to target creatures and raise them as themselves but impose a whole slew of restrictions. Have the restrictions already present in Animate Dead, meaning to keep 4 or more each day the necromancer has to spend a spell slot. If a zombie dies, you can not cast the spell again on them to raise them, they are dead permanently, the corpse used up. You can't mess around with their inventory or make them throw their weapons, what they have on death is what they have in undeath. There are level restrictions to what a necromancer can raise at a time, this being the most important restriction. This would stop a necromancer from being able to instantly raise the most powerful of foes and use them. having something like the Hag might be OP so it should be limited until they are of an appropriate level to have something like that following them. Additionally, for once I argue this, if we are allowed to have any creature made into an undead there should be a hardcap on how many can follow us. Another possible restrictions is causing a recently reanimated NPC to have a stat penalty with a "Raised Dead" effect that makes them somewhat weaker than they were in life to compensate for a need for balance and lore reasons of them being a corpse that has been raised to fight. And perhaps mark certain things as not able to be raised, like children or bosses. Otherwise a single necromancer could genuinely break the game.
Third Option- This is the one I actually prefer. A weird mix of both, where the individual caster can decide to have a horde of zombies and skeletons as per normal necromancer, or have a few select elite undead. Possibly there could be a "point" system where X level creature counts against X points of Animate Dead with Zombies and Skeletons being the cheapest and thus most populous of a Necromancer's army, with Elites, or NPCs, costing more points based on relative level and thus taking up more space. This would mean on waking a Necromancer would have to spend more spellslots to maintain an army with Elite characters. This would still make them insanely strong but they would be fun and a little closer to balanced.
I do realize I kinda broke my mantra of "As Written" with this one, but I genuinely think Animate Dead is a spell that would benefit greatly from homebrew and could really stand out while not completely breaking the game if handled right.
One last detail, for Animate Dead, I'd argue that the corpses should have something changed with their model, even if it is just a magical effect, so it is clear that they are corpses, and there should be world consequences to having an army of undead in faerun. Certain areas should not be accepting of it and should actually be actively hostile if they see you with corpses following you, especially in the inner city of baldurs gate. This would be an added tradeoff to the pure power that is an undead army.

Aura of Vitality (PHB): As written. Fairly simple healing spell.

Beacon of Hope (PHB): As written, simple buff spell. Warlocks Eldritch Invocations will get something similar with the maxed out healing effect.

Bestow Curse (PHB): As written, an interesting debuff spell that can be useful. Upcasting to increase duration may prove iffy with how BG3 doesn't handle time but the 5th level casting of it removing concentration levels that out.

Blinding Smite (PHB): its a smite spell, as written straightforward.

Blink (PHB): Just do as written, is an interesting spell to use. Apply appropriate buffs and lucky effects to this spell.

Call Lightning (PHB): Implement as written, could be really cool to summon a storm cloud and blast people with it.

Catnap (XGE): Basically an extra shortrest for up to three characters, using a spell slot. Just implement as written AFTER resting gets fixed.

Clairvoyance (PHB): Surprisingly, I think this can be implemented as written with a tiny caveat of on a map that a party member is on. If you have been to a part of the map before just move camera to there and cast clairvoyance to see what is currently going on there.

Conjure Animals (PHB): I think this would be fine as is. Would work like normal summoning.

Conjure Barrage (PHB): Do as written, and be creative with how it looks. Could be awesome if we throw a spear and a bucnh of spears cascade upon the enemy.

Counterspell (PHB): Fix reactions and this would become a mainstay of like half the wizards ever made. As written.

Create Food and Water (PHB): I think this should be implemented as is, could just be for resting and giving characters food. Could have some interactions where you feed hungry characters. And just fun to summon a feast.

Crusader's Mantel (PHB): As written, simple buff.

Daylight (PHB): As written, but also I think this should have some interaction with drow as their items do get weaker in sunlight.

Dispel Magic (PHB): As written. Allow it to interact with magic in the world, allow us to dispel those turrets or fireball spamming statues.

Elemental Weapon (PHB): As written, pretty simple buff.

Enemies Abound (XGE): As written, let us sow chaos and make our enemies fight eachother for our enjoyment!

Erupting Earth (XGE/EEPC): As written, simple damage spell.

Fast Friends (AI): Basically lets us control a friendly creature and make it do stuff until we wither really break their morality or it wears off, making them very not friendly anymore. I am all for this one, and a high level Enchantment Wizard would eventually be able to circumvent the negative. I say add as is but be careful.

Fear (PHB): As is, simple Fear spell. Already essentially in the game cause Quasit.

Feign Death (PHB): As written, could be useful for having Githyanki not focus down your wizard turn one and absolutely destroy him.

Fireball (PHB): A classic. I say As Written. And I posit many people are waiting for the day they can finally cast this one.

Flame Arrows (XGE): I say As Written, pretty simple buff for archers.

Fly (PHB): So this might be a problematic one BUT i think for now it could be implemented simply. Just make it that the target starts to fly like other flying creatures and they get a movement of 60 with the special flying jump added. Terrain effects shouldn't affect them cause they would be flying. Should be generic for when cast as a spell and more special on things like Aasimar, Aarakocra, or Winged Tieflings with more unique wings.

Galder's Tower (LLK): Sadly I say no to this being implemented... for the player to actively cast. I think it'd be absolutely find if say Gale casts this in an expanded camp and keeps applying it for himself or an NPC has cast this, but for the player to sprout up a whole house anywhere would likely be problematic for the game.

Gaseous Form (PHB): As written. Should allow a character to pass through doors (locked or otherwise) or get into hard to reach places through bars and such.

Glyph of Warding (PHB): Trap spells are generally balanced and this is a fairly basic one, I say as written.

Haste (PHB): As written, is a pretty good buff spell and would be great on an arcane trickster.

Hunger of Hadar (PHB): As written, and get very lovecraftian with this one. Would need to sort out interactions like if Sunlight can or can't dispel it and making sure the darkvision Eldritch Invocation works.

Hypnotic Pattern (PHB): As written, fairly simple. Temporarily incapacitate like Sleep.

Incite Greed (IA): As written, just makes it that targets walk toward the caster until they succeed on a saving throw, I do like the flavor.

Intellect Fortress (TCE): As written, will likely become useful considering Illithids.

Leomund's Tiny Hut (PHB): Unlike Galder's Tower, I think this one would be ok to implement as written. I would give it the effect that you can longrest in an area that normally restricts longresting, however only for your current party, meaning no switching out like you would be able to with the camp. Also would make it obvious to enemies so if you did it close to an enemy, when you are done resting combat will instantly start.

Life Transference (XGE): As written, an ok spell.

Lightning Arrow (PHB): As written, basically a ranged smite spell.

Lightning Bolt (PHB): Pretty basic, would implement as written.

Magic Circle (PHB): A tricky one, I think actually yes as written and allow it to0 have certain interactions later. Also could be useful to setup a battlefield if you know a certain creature type will be fought there.

Major Image (PHB): Would implement as a supercharged form of the previous illusion stuff where it takes longer for people to realize its an illusion and has a greater range for those it affects. Also I'd argue being creative with it could be cool, could have anything be the illusion.

Mass Healing Word (PHB): As written.

Meld into Stone (PHB): I'd probably implement this like burrow where the caster can go into the ground and be safe from danger, as well as cast things on themselves.

Melf's Minute Meteors (XGE): Pretty simple, just program like produce flame and have 6 charges. So essentially as written.

Motivational Speech (AI): As written it is similar to a feat of the same type where you do a speech over a long rest and everyone gets temp HP.

Nondetection (PHB): If enemies can use divination or detect via magical abilities, then as written. Otherwise no, probably can be left out.

Phantom Steed (PHB): Just like find steed, I am all for this one. As written.

Plant Growth (PHB): The immediate benefit is the only one that would matter much for the game and so as written would be fine. Maybe in the occassional conversation the spell could be cast for the longterm benefit, like to placate a farmer.

Protection from Energy (PHB): As written, typical buff spell.

Pulse Wave (EGW): Pretty simple, as written, a damage spell with the choice of push or pull.

Remove Curse (PHB): As written, I reckon this will become important for certain encounters and situations.

Revivify (PHB): As written this would do away with the need of the Revivify scrolls and I welcome this spell. I actually argue that this should be used on any RECENTLY dead NPC (with the caveat that one can not just rekill an NPC for more experience). Would allow players to have interesting solutions to quests, though maybe with some trauma for NPCs.

Sending (PHB): Other than the Sending Stone in a certain story, nope. Message spells are something I feel like are not worth trying to implement.

Sleet Storm (PHB): As written, and it gives Larian more surface stuff to work with.

Slow (PHB): As written, the opposite of Haste.

Speak With Dead (PHB): Ok so players can cast this spell through Items and special effects, but it is not in any spell list yet. However, I think this spell has been implemented perfectly and is one of the highlights of the EA.

Speak With Plants (PHB): Now if only the same attention was given to this spell,I'd love to speak with trees in the druid grove and bushes near enemies. Just need to amrk certain foliage as targets for this. Also let me cast both and speak to a chair, I will not elaborate.

Spirit Guardians (PHB): Just implement as written (though maybe give characters alignment for this one so we get some cool effects and the different damage type). Fairly simple damage spell for clerics.

Spirit Shroud (TCE): Fairly simple buff spell, just implement as written.

Stinking Cloud (PHB): Just implement as written, a cloud that wastes enemies actions barfing.

Summon Fey (TCE): I gush over this, implement as written. Summon spells in tasha's are very balanced imo and this plain works.

Summon Lesser Demons (XGE): Implement as written with random demons summoned and let them be hostile to everyone but unable to affect the caster in their circle. Would be useful in certain encounters and at the very least would be a very chaotic spell.

Summon Shadowspawn (TCE): Just like Summon Fey, I love this, as written.

Summon Undead (TCE): My bias is totally showing right now, but just like before, even though this one is necromancy, I love this and would implement as written. For all these where you can choose differnt creatures, I'd give it a menu like Find Familiar.

Thunder Step (XGE): Implement as written, Misty Step with greater range and damge.

Tidal Wave (XGE): Implement as written, summon a wave to crash into everything. Also I argue that this should totally deal some acid damage to Astarion since running water.

Tiny Servant (XGE): Would be cool, remove the single summon cap and this would be a great spell. I'd give attention to this and maybe limit what items can be animated. And I wouldn't feel tioed to the statblock and instead make this one fairly homebrewed actually... I'd make it that weapons can attack but die really easily, a key could open the door it is meant to. A bottle can apply its contents as if it was drunk or thrown. An arrow can act as if it was shot, etc etc. Make them act and move on the caster's turn with it costing a bonus action to command all of them at once.

Tongues (PHB): We would need more instances of people speaking other languages for this to even be an implementable spell. Possibly it could just work with subtitling or parenthesis, like when the spell is active if Laezel says something in Gith you would get Word (Translation) or Phrase (Translated Phrase).

Vampiric Touch (PHB): As written, simple attack spell.

Wall of Sand (XGE): i could see this being used creatively, this should be implemented as written.

Wall of Water (XGE): Similar but different to wall of sand, I still would implement this as written. Alsi it should damage Astarion for obvious reasons if he tries to pass through it.

Water Breathing (PHB): Nope.

Water Walk (PHB): Another nope. Only character who'd even get half a use out of this in BG3 is Astarion lol.

Wind Wall (PHB): I'd implement as written, a fairly ok wall spell.

Fourth Level Spells

Arcane Eye (PHB): Having a spell that can scout with nearly no chance of alerting enemies is strong but also balanced for this level, I would recommend as written.

Aura of Life (PHB): Fairly simple aura, as written would be good for keeping people from dying.

Aura of Purity (PHB): Similar to the other aura, doing as written would be best.

Banishment (PHB): An interesting spell, should be implemented as written but could have issues cause then creatures would have to be marked as not native to the plane, which would mean programming another tag.

Blight (PHB): I'd just implement as written, fairly straightforward and would need an if statement for plants.

Charm Monster (XGE): Depending on who you ask, this is either the best or worst spell for a bard to have cause of what might happen during charmed condition. Joke aside, as written would be best and it acts as the progression to the lower level charm person.

Compulsion (PHB): As written this would be a fun spell, Larian would have to be careful to keep the "Isn't compelled to move into an obviously deadly hazard" part intact, but otherwise fun and strong.

Confusion (PHB): Definitely would implement as written, fairly straightforward even with the rng effect.

Conjure Minor Elementals (PHB): I'd do this as written though it presents a few challenges involving picking what is summoned. Particularly, it is based on CR and as written it is a tad vague. I have always read it as the caster gets the choose the elementals and they do not all have to be the same type, that is, I could have a bunch of mephits of different elements, however in a videogame having that much choice with a single spell may be challenging and bog things down for some. BG1 had the summoning spells of this type be random so I wouldn't mind so much if this one is random too or a caster picks one type and it is spread across the board like picking the element fire.

Conjure Woodland Beings (PHB): Same as conjure minor elementals, I prefe as written and this presents the same issues.

Control Water (PHB): So I'd err away from this spell as I think it'd be more a problem to the game than good. There are sections where we can walk into bodies of water, but notably we can not swim, and even if we have bodies of water, these effects would prove eh to implement. Flooding would be hard cause our characters don't swim so water would rise and affect the map temporarily. Parting water would only help Astarion and would only work with rivers. Redirecting flow requires us to be near a river or stream and make it flow elsewhere which could mess with the map. And whirlpool would not be able to be cast anywhere in the game as we can not be in water that is 25 feet deep. Overall I think Larian should just ignore this spell.

Death Ward (PHB): Simple spell, fairly good, would implement as written.

Dimension Door (PHB): A superfar teleport, I would implement as written, especially the part about occupying the same space as a creature.

Divination (PHB): I would err away from this spell, it is something a little too specific and requires a DM to answer something, I don't think this spell could be done well enough in a videogame.

Dominate Beast (PHB): Direct dominate spell, works well as written.

Elemental Bane (XGE): I'd implement as written, especially good for specific elemental style builds, like a wizard who only uses fire.

Evard's Black Tentacles (PHB): I'd implement as written, straightforward terrain spell.

Fabricate (PHB): Honestly, I do not know. With enough care this spell could be fun, convert items into other items. But also logistically this spell might be much.

Find Greater Steed (PHB): Just like previous mount spells, I am all for this one. Also gives the same opportunity of having a mount specific to each Origin character.

Fire Shield (PHB): Pretty basic self buff spell, would implement as written.

Freedom of Movement (PHB): Is the solution to things like vines and tentacles, would implement as written, especially with the focus on surface spells.

Galder's Speedy Courier (LLK): Messenger style spell that instead sends items. With magic pockets this spell is very unnecessary. I'd only implement in a quest or part of an interaction with a specific NPC, and thats it.

Giant Insect (PHB): I'd just implement this as a summoning style spell where you conjure the bugs instead of having to transform them in the area around you. Having to transform specific small bugs in a game where they will likely not be implemented would make this spell too niche, where in Tabletop a druid who likes this spell would often have the bugs with them anyways.

Grasping Vine (PHB): Pretty direct spell, would implement as written.

Gravity Sinkhole (EGW): Fairly straightforward and gravity style effects would be neat in this game with all the verticality of maps. Implement as written.

Greater Invisibility (PHB): Would implement as written, 10 rounds of invisibility where it is not broken by attacking or interacting is powerful.

Guardian of Faith (PHB): As written, basically is a trap spell with summoning flavor which I like.

Guardian of Nature (XGE): (Continuing later)

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Vicious Mockery is in the game, usable by the Hag.

Dissonant Whispers is in as well for Warlock.

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Originally Posted by gaymer
Vicious Mockery is in the game, usable by the Hag.

Dissonant Whispers is in as well for Warlock.

I forgot about GOO getting dissonant Whispers. Edited that out of the list, but kept Vicious Mockery cause as far as I know, it is completely unavailable for the player to use without some raising of the dead in the underdark shenanigans.

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Feather Fall is in too. I'm sure that's what I used to get down the hole in the spiders lair to the underdark.

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Originally Posted by CJMPinger
Originally Posted by gaymer
Vicious Mockery is in the game, usable by the Hag.

Dissonant Whispers is in as well for Warlock.

I forgot about GOO getting dissonant Whispers. Edited that out of the list, but kept Vicious Mockery cause as far as I know, it is completely unavailable for the player to use without some raising of the dead in the underdark shenanigans.

Also, for some reason Trip Attack is in the game by the Githyanki tribe but not enabled for the player Battle Master when it is fully functioning. It makes no sense.

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Originally Posted by Umbra
Feather Fall is in too. I'm sure that's what I used to get down the hole in the spiders lair to the underdark.

Thanks, you are right, I accidentally passed over it when looking at Wizard spells in BG3, so added it to the list. Edited out now.

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Added all the second level spells that I think are missing from the game. Will do third level spells later. Please tell me if any are missing, accidentally added, or you think should be implemented in a certain way.

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Added every Third level spell, is it fine for me to update it like this? And sorry if this is a pointless endeavor.

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Not pointless, no, but a lot of effort with no obvious likelihood that it will do much good. Still, that's the gamble we all take, putting work in here, and it's still appreciated by others.

In my own post, I've been sticking to just the PHB spells, since that's what they've stated aiming for first, for other things, and I'm only doing the spells by level as we have access to in game, and not going further until we see more, so you are still covering some ground that the main thread hasn't.

There are a few minor things - like the fact that Enlarge is already in the game, it's just only currently implemented as the duergar racial ability, so it's one of those cases where, since they've already done the work, we're left wondering why they left it out.

Another might be Comprehend Languages - There have been so many times in the EA alone, where we've been blithely told that the scrip is in a language we don't know; it's a cop-out for development at this stage, and we should absolutely have comprehend languages to cover all of those things.

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Originally Posted by Niara
Not pointless, no, but a lot of effort with no obvious likelihood that it will do much good. Still, that's the gamble we all take, putting work in here, and it's still appreciated by others.

In my own post, I've been sticking to just the PHB spells, since that's what they've stated aiming for first, for other things, and I'm only doing the spells by level as we have access to in game, and not going further until we see more, so you are still covering some ground that the main thread hasn't.

There are a few minor things - like the fact that Enlarge is already in the game, it's just only currently implemented as the duergar racial ability, so it's one of those cases where, since they've already done the work, we're left wondering why they left it out.

Another might be Comprehend Languages - There have been so many times in the EA alone, where we've been blithely told that the scrip is in a language we don't know; it's a cop-out for development at this stage, and we should absolutely have comprehend languages to cover all of those things.

I actually forgot about Duergars having Enlarge and that there were moments we couldn't read things. Then I will edit Comprehend Languages, and edit Tongues cause that is a compelling argument with how we have been told we can't understand things.

And honestly, there seems to be a lot in the game that is just out of the reach of players, which feels a little Eh. Like a lot of the mechanics for spells are done, or as done as other spells, but not there for players yet.

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Apparently I can not edit this post further which is a little dampening as I just regained the drive to continue, though I dunno if anyone cares about spells past the Third Level since they are very unreachable as of the EA.

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Originally Posted by CJMPinger
Apparently I can not edit this post further which is a little dampening as I just regained the drive to continue, though I dunno if anyone cares about spells past the Third Level since they are very unreachable as of the EA.

You could make new updated thread as required. I wouldn't worry about going beyond spell levels 3 or 4. As majority of the game should only have 3 or 4th level spells as the most.

If we did make a 3rd and 4th level list, I would make sure we highlight the highest priority spells for character build diversity. They will not add every single spell or subclass so we must point out the item spells and subclasses. The other stuff should get added it at some point but our goal is the best launch game possible.

I am really routing for booming blade and Green Flame Blade make it. Those two cantrips are very important for many classes/subclasses. Slow, Haste, Fireball, Hypnotic Pattern, dispel magic, counterspell are a few key third level spells. Though with how reactions work in BG3, counterspell will be strange. Same as the shield spell.

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Hmm, if it doesn't bother anyone I could make a new thread after I am done doing them all, and yeah, 3rd and 4th would likely be the bulk of the game but I do want to look at higher level spells on the offchance they get added cause they could be hard to implement and I like thinking this out. Also I am mainly rooting for them to get conjuration right cause it is kinda my favorite, but I do agree the Booming and Green flame Blade are cantrips that absolutely should be a part of the game.

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