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First things first: I'll be upfront and admit that I don't really feel like this would "deserve his own thread", but I'm fresh from a last playthrough and I had some random thoughts I'm willing to share, but I wasn't sure where to put.
Well, I just finished my last campaign with the current BG3 build yesterday, after months of barely finding any drive to touch the game again.

The first thing that hit me: while fervently engaged arguing for things you don't like and stuff that "needs to change", it's easy to forget all the things a game actually does very well.
There are little quirks about BG3 I can't stand, but it's also true there are several areas where it shows genuine brilliance and makes display of absolute excellence in its field.
Some of the voice acting, the models, the creatures, the details, the animation... Anything related to production value is arguably at the pinnacle of the "isometric" CRPG subgenre. Some areas and questline are also genuinely good, both in presentation and number of options offered.

There are moments when you are playing and find yourself thinking "Damn, with some adjustment they are THIS close to turn this into the best CRPG ever made". But as any experienced XCOM comrade will know, being close and hitting the mark may be two different things.
I'm confident in the end BG3 will be at very least a competent experience and a game I'll spend dozen of hours on, I'm wondering if it will be able to "go the extra mile" and turn into an instant all-time classic.

Anyway, back to the playthrough. What I did: I played as a human druid (since the very scope of this playthrough was finally to put the class to test since Patch 4 released) and I modded the save game to allow a six-men party. This turned out to be both a bliss and a curse.

On one hand the extended party, having more characters interacting and bantering with each other, playing with more classes and having a larger group during big fights, all turned out to make the game significantly more enjoyable to me.
On the other hand, I'm not sure if I should blame my "savegame hack" or the overall patch #4 instability, but I had more crashes during this game that any of the previous ones combined. Also, Larian's ATROCIOUS control scheme doesn't really get any better with age and surely not by making the party bigger. The lack of direct control over your group will occasionally make managing six men a pain (but I already argued this specific issue for MONTHS, see signature if you are new to the forum), the UI in some circumstances would clearly need some tweaking (it works, it's just not "smooth", forcing you to scroll the inventory tab to see all characters), companions glitch and overlap on each other constantly in the background during conversations, etc.

Now, the druid. Frankly I never cared for this class and I forced myself to give it a try simply because it was the novelty of the patch. Well, I have to see these fucking tree huggers aren't half bad to play, if you can get past their hideous habit to decorate themselves with tea leaves and shit.
A bonus-action cantrip that can basically single-handedly turn you into a competent melee fighter (as long as you are fine equipping a stick), a range of shapeshifting forms covering several utilities, a small but valuable selection of spells. Not bad, the class is fairly fun to play.

Also, the combat. The combat is fun. It isn't flawless by any stretch of the definition nor particularly balanced in general, and there are a certain amount of minor quirks and "Larianisms" that it would probably be trivial to address if only someone genuinely looked into them with the intent.
But still, the overall "flow" can be great at time. Misty step to get out of the way or reach an elevated viewpoint, dashing moves to get in correct position, selecting the correct ability, weapon or spell for the situation, using the scenario to your advantage (or conversely paying the price for bad positioning), etc, etc.
I can't really deny that putting minor annoyances aside I had a blast with it.

Honestly, alternating between this and the Wrath of the Righteous beta in the past two weeks made me think that a "Frankenstein creature" made combining the strong points of both would pretty much be my ideal ultmate RPG.

Last but not least, the narrative. This is not an area where there's really that much to say (and at cost of outraging people, not even one I personally feel very strongly about. I always cared about gameplay loops in games more than their stories, even if they aren't mutually exclusive).
All things considered I think what's there is written and acted more than competently enough to work, but we still need to see the big picture to pass judgment on the story in general.
But one big flaw I can already point is that Larian isn't really fooling anyone: it's pretty damn obvious we'll be carrying these damn tadpoles all the way through the end of the adventure, since they are the core narrative device that drives some of the game's mechanics.

On, and the rest system is still completely borked. It's hard to tell when time is allegedly passing in general (at some point I had to reload an early savegame reverting a couple of hours of progress, because despise hardly ever resting the game decided I missed the event at Waukeen Rest) and if you are someone like me that likes to rest as little as necessary you may end finishing all the EA content barely seeing any of the "special interactions" with your party members at camp.

Also, one minor quality of life improvement that I noticed and I loved is that now when you spot a trap you can just fucking left-click on it to disarm, rather than going toward the convoluted right-click menu. Except for a couple of times it didn't actually worked. Go figure.

Well, I guess that's it for now.
I'd say "maybe I'll add more later" but realistically speaking I expect this thread to fall into a black hole soon (be it either just slipping out of the front page or being merged in some obscure megathread no one actually reads).

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Joined: Dec 2020
In my experience, you miss events when you trigger a particular development – at Waukeen's Rest, when one of your party says "Something's burning" – and then change zones before proceeding. I had a similar experience when I skipped the early Mind Flayer/fishers interaction and tried to go back later, and when I went too far towards the Goblin Camp before talking to Volo in the Druid Grove – it was nothing to do with resting, just a timer or trigger that fires when you reach a certain point.

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