Hi guys, I'm trying to make a custom map based on the underdark. I am trying to create a stalactite with 3 rooms made of rock inside. To do so, I raised the ceiling terrain to mimic stalactites, then used cut terrain for a hole as a doorway. Then I created 2 more terrains for the floor and roof of this first room, and 2 more terrains for the next level's roof and floor. The trouble is, this is super sloppy looking and the terrain doesn't allow for fine tuning of the surface's shape. There are holes where you can see outside of the room, and there are patches of terrain that kinda stick out of the stalactite. I cut two holes in the floor and roof terrain and added a ladder to allow transition between the levels, but upon testing, the ladder doesn't work and put you on the lower level. Can you suggest a better method to go about making this, or tips for improving my current method?