Hi all,

Trying to get two consoles in different households to play a 4 player game together. Me and my gf with two controllers at our place, and my buddy and his gf on their end.


1) If you add the second local player to the game (by pressing Option) on the main menu, the Join and Host options get disabled. This seems odd. Also if you add the second local player while on the 4 slot multiplayer lobby, the game will say disconnected from PlayStation network servers, and then you can’t add an online player.

2) We found a workaround to this - DONT add the 2nd controller players on either console until the primary two players (one on each console) are in a lobby together. Then add the local second players in by pressing Option. This gets us to a state where all 4 players are in, and it seems good. This also works when you’re in game. Boot out the local player, add the online player, then add the local seconds back in.

Is there any reason this isn’t more straightforward? Why are the multiplayer options disabled while a local second player is connected? I was terrified this wouldn’t work until I found my workaround.