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Hey Everyone,

We’ve just released a hotfix for iPad! We’ve addressed some issues with touch controls, tooltips, incorrect detection of disk space and some crashing issues.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know the issues you have encountered so far, your reports of these issues are incredibly helpful to us!

Happy adventures,

Larian Crew


  • Changed default skip video button to space bar
  • Updated several interfaces with minor style changes
  • Added better texture quality in the character creation screen
  • Added rotation gesture to touchpad when using Magic Keyboard
  • Fixed the game freezing when playing with controller and bluetooth audio
  • Fixed several user reported crashes. Thank you for sending in the crash reports!
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard popping up when using a keyboard and dragging the map around
  • Fixed scrolling talents in character creation
  • Fixed broken UI after loading a save while having the trade screen open
  • Fixed a profile selection issue when creating a new profile
  • Fixed overhead tooltips going offscreen when rotating the camera
  • Fixed a rare case of incorrect detection of disk space
  • Fixed options button for controllers like Nimbus+
  • Fixed touch control issues with all teleport skills
  • Fixed an input issue when scrolling to the bottom line of a larger inventory window
  • Fixed input issues when switching from controller to touch UI