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Joined: Jun 2021
For some reason, I get a crash when trying to launch Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition through steam and natively in linux (ubuntu). Maybe this issue has already been presented in the forum, but I failed to find it. If so, sorry for making a double...

The crash appears after a few seconds, after clicking "play" from the games tab in steam. The game window is black, while a crash window message appears in front of it.
The message contains the following information:

Game window header: DOS EE (1280x720) - (OpenGL) - (x64) - (5 WT)

Crash window header: Crash! Boom! Bang!
"Game Crahsed,
Thread "EoCApp" (random number)
Signal: 11

(0) /lib/x86_64-Linux-gnu/ : +0x153c0 [0x7fe12f7fd3c0]
(1) ./ : api::OpenGLRenderer::ApplyConstants()+0x65 [0x7fe130180845]
(2) : rf::Renderer::Apply(bool)+0x57 [0x7fe12fe24437]
(3) ./EoCApp : ig::IggyBinding::Swap(rf::Renderer"STAR")+0xfc [0xed032c]
(4) ./ : BaseApp::EndDrawGUI(rf::Renderer"STAR")+0x9b [0x7fe12ff80fab]
(5) ./ : BaseApp::MakeFrame()+0x3a4 [0x7fe12ff814d4]
(6) ./ : BaseApp::OnIdle()+0xe0 [0x7fe12ff7fcb0]
(7) ./EoCApp : main+0x170 [0x6d5180]
(8) /lib/x86_64-Linux-gnu/ : __libc_start_main+0xf3 [0x7fe12f61b0b3]
(9) ./EoCApp : _start+0x29 [0x6d4ef9]


The game is supposed to work natively on linux (according to the store at least).
What's the reason behind the crash - and hopefully - what's the / is there a solution?
I would really like to try and play the game!


Some hard- and software details:
- OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS - (64 bit)
- Ram: 16 GB
- CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8
- GPU: AMD (Asus) Radeon RX 570 Series.
- OpenGL compatability: 4.6

- AMD drivers installed: amdgpu_pro 20.40-1147286
- Vulkan installed: yes.
- Mesa drivers: 20.2.6
- Launcher: Steam
- Linux Kernel: 5.8.0-55-generic

Joined: Jun 2014
Joined: Jun 2014

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