I got the game on a whim not long ago and have already found myself over 60 hours deep into the game. While playing I read through books in the game I came across artwork with odd symbols on them. I didn't pay them much mind. That is until I searched up and down throughout the world looking for the elven necklace for Eleanalessa. With no luck, I went back to talk to her and she said that she couldn't give me any more info and said that she hoped that the picture she gave me would be enough to help. And so I took a look at the picture again. 5 lines of odd runic language! And I thought to myself what if there is a clue to the resting place of the amulet in this language. If I assume that this languages characters are just a 1 to 1 substitute for English characters, and assume that it wasn't just gibberish letters thrown together for visual effect. Then I might be able to crack the cypher. So I tried gathered all the manuscripts I could and did just that. Spectacularly I eventually succeeded in reading the runes, (Sadly there was no clue on the amulet).
Afterwards I looked around online and couldn't find an alphabet anywhere. Does anybody know if there are translations for the artworks runes already somewhere? Id be interested in seeing it to see if there are any differences from mine. Also if there are any artwork pictures I haven't been able to find I'd be interested in translating them. There are still some letters which are missing from my alphabet and finishing it in would be satisfying

Link to the 10 papers I used
(if anybody Is into cyphers, you could take a crack as solving it too using the image)