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1) Make it possible to trigger more plot-related dialogues on each rest (for each companion). The problem with this solution is that the first dialogue could end with an irritate companion and the next one with a perfectly amicable one, depending on the trigger conditions, without the passing of in-game time to justify the change in mood.
1.) I'm assuming be "for each companions" you mean "maximum one dialogue per companion per rest"? This eliminates the possibility that the same companion has 2+ dialogues in a row, one where they're irate and then another where they're happy.
Exactly, it would be an inconsistency.

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2) Trigger the conversation right after the condition for the dialogue has been met. This solution can slow the pace of the game but at least it will be coherent.
I don't think companion conversations should happen automatically. The player should be required to do something to initiate it; e.g., clicking on the companion or even short resting.
Maybe not automatically, but at least the exclamation points on their head. Some dialogues are more coherent if some time has passed from the trigger, I know, but between having the conversation immediately and never having it because of the current camp system, I personally prefer the first option smile

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They could make it a development choice that your dithering forces you into. As for making clear that the party isn't in immediate danger, that's kind of my problem with Act 1, we should feel in danger, to be relieved towards the end that we, for reasons we don't understand, have been given a reprieve. Our party should be a little scared of getting embroiled in the grove-goblin conflict, and even good characters should have every reason to want to skip it in favor finding a swift resolution to the impending Ceremorphosis.
This. Besides, even if the mighty druid tells me I'm not in danger I don't want to test my luck (from a RP perspective). This is why I tool just two long rests to begin with.

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Another way of having a ticking clock would be for companions to Leave the Party if Tav decides to tarry too long doing nonsense. It might be an interesting way of creating a party of people with similar alignments, good companions are inclined to get involved, the more self interested ones leaving to find their own way.
More or less like BG1&2 reputation system? In which if you are too of a do-goodie, evil characters will leave the party? It is a possibility, but a bit antithetical with the game. Especially at the start, no one in the party likes each other company, but they stay together because they need to.

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Yeah, camp dialogues are really an issue. In all my 5-6 playthroughs (none of which got to the end of the available content to be fair) I've never actually had Gale talk to me about his needing to eat magical artefacts. It has literally never been an issue for me and I would never know about it if it weren't for people talking about it on the forums. And it honestly bums me out to think how much I'm missing from other companions. Like, I would love to romance Lae'zel but I have no idea if I'm missing out on entire scenes necessary to do that.

Same, and it's not like it is a minor thing.

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I would suggest having them initiate on a short rest as well. Instead of a quick cheese heal, quickly cut to black and randomly or by design have a scene. Many times it just cuts back to normal. I currently just use it as a free high level healing spell…

This is actually a good suggestion. Short rests should be an hour of in-game time, typically used for RP purposes. Loading times are not really an issue in this game, I would love to make a small camp and listen to my companions' dialogues, much like in other games of this kind.

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Even just a symbol on the UI indicating dialogue available.

That is a great suggestion. Another possibility is to have companions say something like "we should talk when you have a minute" or something similar to that like other rpgs do.


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