So, when playing in normal mode, if you decide to check out the camp before giving away its location you can get a few quests in there. The easiest one is the new couple one, and the others are a bit more hard as they need quite a bit of trecking and fighting to reach their locations. If, however, you give away the location of the camp before completing the two quests that happen putside of the camp, which are the Tagos's Axe and the ambush ones, the first one freezes and is unable to be completed, leaving you unable to move the axe from your inventory to the Maxos tower chest
and the ambush one plays off normally until you carry it out. Also, the Martis guy you saved from the prison dies in the assault to the camp. You can, however, prevent Martis's death at that point by avoiding the guards stationed outside the door to the camp by going through the river and walking on the plank pile that leads to the door, just stay as far away from that group as possible. If you do it this way, Martis will stay alive until Damian bug bombs the entire valley, allowing you to trade.