The title is not a lie by any stretch of the phrase...I think I played this for...less than half an hour before I not only uninstalled the game, but requested a refund.

Most of which was trying to figure out how to help a downed character [they didn't point the skill out in my secondary actions].

I'm sure many of you will say "You didn't get into the game so your opinion doesn't matter.", and to a degree that is true.

But my opinion is still a valid one, if just from a new player perspective.

The game needs a serious tone down in difficulty. Going right out of the gate with what feels like banging your head against a brick wall with vague tips/tutorial and mobs that can easily kill not a great way to bring people into the franchise.

I should be able to play any race/class combo I want and have fun with the game. That is, from my point of view, part of the draw of an RPG. I shouldn't "have" to play a specific race/class combo just to get through the game because it will throw everything at me and hold nothing back.

It also needs a bit of an update concerning those tips/tutorials it provides. If this is your first foray into a game like this, you won't know where everything is located. Just a brief overview of things would have been nice.

Outside that I did have some slight screen tearing [even after I tweaked my graphics].

In all honestly...I thought this would be a fun game...but this; this game is punishing.

Not for me, at least not right now.