I'm playing the Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch.

My party consists of a custom hero, two origin characters, and a hired mercenary. I recently completed the A Web of Desire quest with three of my party members, which has resulted in them having five thousand more experience points than the hired mercenary because mercenaries are unable to complete that quest.

I know that dismissing a hired mercenary and then hiring them again will make their experience match everyone else's. However, I've noticed that after I've dismissed the mercenary and then rehire them, the twenty-three bags from the Improved Organization gift bag feature are all gone, instead replaced with a single normal backpack. This seems to happen with all of the mercenaries: when you hire them for the first time, they'll have the twenty-three special bags. But if you dismiss them and hire them again, they will no longer have those bags.

I know a lot of people don't like those bags, but I do. And I have not been able to figure out any way to keep those bags on mercenaries after dismissing them. I've tried removing the bags before dismissing them, but you can't unequip those special bags. They can't be moved to a different party member, they can't be dropped on the ground, they can't be sent to the Lady Vengeance, and they can't be stored in any kind of chest. The only way to remove them is to mark them as wares and then sell them. So I tried selling the bags in hopes that I could buy or steal them back after dismissing and rehiring the mercenary, but unfortunately once you sell those bags you can't buy them back or steal them, nor loot them from the NPC after killing them.

So, is there any way to keep those twenty-three special bags on a mercenary after dismissing them? Because I do like using them. And I know I could just use a different mercenary, but there is only one specific mercenary that I want to use because of their race, gender, and starting skills.