That is, it is with the portrait bordered in gold?

In (i think) divinity OS 2 there are two functions called CharacterGetReservedUserID(CHARACTER,INT) and GetCurrentCharacter(CHARACTER,INT) that would allow to get the current 'party leaders' but in EE i'm not finding a easy way to do this. edit: more to the point there is a outright 'CharacterIsControlled(CHARACTER)' function.

This is not really necessary (it's just to prevent a buff script from triggering when the other party is not selected) but it's a bit annoying i couldn't find a way.

Basically i want to make it possible to trigger a buff, but only if the character casting is in the currently active party (or if there is multiplayer 'a' active party).


alone and no player leader: no cast
not alone and no player leader: no cast
alone and player leader: cast (maybe, haven't decided yet)
not alone and player leader: cast (onto leader but those are details).

I can get the character the character is following easy enough with CharacterGetFollow, but i can't figure out if that character is the 'golden one' (or 'a' in the case of co-op).

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