Hey! Anyone have any issues getting the Title Deed for the Duke's Murder? Been Googling all around and have found nothing to help. I have all the levers in the correct position but the final door will not open, and is of course not pickable. I have seen it said that teleporting out or leaving the map will reset the levers as well, but I have gone so far as to run around elsewhere for a few hours and return to no avail.

If anyone knows of a good save editor to get the deed that way, or some sort of other exploit to unlock the door / get in the room, I'd also be grateful. I'm trying my best to 100% the game of my childhood, and already have two broken quests I have to live in misery of having floating around my quest log grin. I can handle the busted quests, but having one entirely not even done will hurt me physically and spiritually.