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We've been looking for a new game for a story-driven campaign, and think DOS 2 would be perfect given the maturity of the mod tools and community, so we can focus on world-building and not rewriting the mod tools (which we've done in the past)

The Team:
We're a professional mod team with 7 years of experience, sponsored by games like ARK: Survival Evolved.
Dragonpunk Steam Workshop
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Everyone in Team Dragonpunk (Quixotic Cloud) is paid, usually starting at $25 per hour. While modding is our passion, it's important that everyone is paid for several reasons. First, because being "paid in exposure" isn't a real thing. Secondly, we do expect industry-level deliverables. We work around your schedule, so you can take as long as you need, but the work does have to be on-par with current industry standards. Unfortunately, that means we aren't a great place to start for people new to modding, and we are preferably looking for artists with previous mod experience. Many artists have joined us after graduating Full Sail or other game dev programs, and are looking for a paid way to build their portfolio for a AAA studio gig. That's great, and really the point of modding! We work in 2 week "Sprints" just for pay and accounting purposes, but again, we work around your schedule.

We're led by Daniel Connery (me, Dragonpunk Dan) and my day job is a Sr. Cloud Gaming Architect for Amazon
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The Project:
As our team grows, we've been getting into more technical Unreal Engine 5 work, and I've been longing to create a simpler. narrative-driven experience. We originally modded for Shadowrun, another CRPG, and as much as I love the game, the engine isn't nearly as polished as DOS 2.

Dragonpunk THC is part of our "Dragonpunk Universe" but will be completely self-contained in terms of stories, characters, etc. Since we want to focus on narrative, we'll build on existing combat systems and spells instead of trying to "reinvent the wheel". The story will be a "cosmic horror murder mystery" all contained in an extremely large "cyberpunk meets magic" hotel.

So yes, I do feel the bulk of the work on this will be creating an environment set with a completely different art style, and all assets will be available for free to any modders once the MVP is complete. Since this is a cyberpunk meets magic game, we'll be introducing a lot of new guns, though this mod will be less focused on combat. We'd love to include a number of new systems like a hacking mini-game, but for the MVP, hacking will essentially be a re-skin of lockpick driven by character stats.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product):
Let's be honest, many ambitious mods are never released because life happens. That's why we work in an iterative fashion that builds on itself. The first iteration will be using standard DOS 2 environments and NPCs to understand level design blocking and narrative. Typically, custom characters will come last given the complexity needed to model, retopo, weight paint, and animate characters. Still, we want to start hiring for that now, so the characters will be ready for MVP Phase 2 or 3. Once we've established the art style, and props and environments are in-progress, then we'll discuss as a team new systems like hacking not just being a lockpicking reskin.

Join Our Team:
To apply, just send me a short email with your rates, the desired position, and your portfolio (can be art station, YouTube, whatever). My email is daniel.connery@quixotic-cloud.com

Dredd (story contained within a single, huge building)
The Hotel California by The Eagles (you can check-out any time you like, but can't never leave)
Shadowrun (Many people consider Dragonpunk to be the spiritual successor to Shadowrun)

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