Hi there, I've been trying to get a normal blank skillbook air for hours now in my current run. Unfortunately I fear I may have overlevelled them as all i've been getting are high tier blank books from the vendors that sell such. I've tried making the books, but apparently I need a "distinctive tea herb' to make the air one and I have zero idea how to find or acquire a distinctive tea herb. I've only ever seen a single distcintve herb and it was drudanae, haven't seen one since in a vendor and don't know how else to acquire such. It doesn't seem to be from normal herb garden farming as I've farmed hundreds and hundreds of drudanae without getting a single distinctive and at least a hundred or so tea herbs with the same result so it doesn't seem I can grow them normally.. so what do I do? How do I get what I need to make the blank air skillbook or how else could I make it? Can I downgrade a high tier one?