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Joined: Sep 2021
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Patch 8 for Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken to the stage, with the bard class, playable gnomes, Swarm AI, and countless other improvements and fixes. We’re also delighted to add another language to our lexicon: Brazilian Portuguese. If you’re after a deep dive into Patch 8, the Community Update is available here.

Mac users, Patch 8 will arrive soon. We’ve got a little bit of bug hunting left to do, so keep your eyes on our feeds for further news. Now, let’s raise the curtain, tune the orchestra, and dive into the full notes for Patch 8.

Patch notes related to community-reported issues and feedback are indicated with an asterisk. Like this.*

  • Bard class with College of Lore and College of Valour subclasses.
  • Musical instruments, usable by any class with the Performer feat at Level 4.
  • Playable gnomes with three subraces: rock gnomes, forest gnomes, and deep gnomes. Gnomes start with Gnome Cunning and +2 Intelligence. Added gnome reactivity to dialogues and situations.
  • Ranged critical hits now have combat cameras!
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is now playable in Brazilian Portuguese - vamo nessa!
  • New spells: Calm Emotions, Enthral, Heroism, Phantasmal Force, and Vicious Mockery. Bards, try out Cutting Words, Song of Rest, and a new tadpole power.
  • New hair-shading model, upgraded hairstyles, and all 66 hairstyles are now available to every race and body type.*
    - Added hair highlights.
    - Added grey hair.
  • Swarm AI, which bands together minor creatures so that they move at the same time and take quick turns to attack. Fighting numerous enemies should now be smoother and faster.*
  • Rogues can access Expertise at Level 1.*
  • Use a shovel to dig up treasures and secrets throughout Act 1.
  • Sustained emotion acting in cinematics. New facial animations allow characters to continue emoting realistically while you make decisions in dialogue.
  • Cinematic acting for background characters, who now react to the drama unfolding in dialogues.
  • Elves are now a uniquely animated race.
  • Detect Thoughts rework - cast it from within dialogues!
  • Committing crimes now triggers a new type of cinematic dialogue.
  • Sunlight through clouds has a bigger effect on shadows and lighting, and gameplay now more closely aligns with the in-game light and dark areas.
  • Revamped lighting across Act 1.
  • Implemented sound occlusion to simulate the behaviour of sounds coming from other rooms and behind doors.
  • Introduced auditory attenuation. Dynamic audio-mixing features enhance immersion by focusing on your actions and selecting the most important elements of the soundscape.
  • Added 10 new skin colours to character creation.
  • Updated Gale’s face and hair.
  • Displayed class passive features in the Character Sheet.*
  • Redesigned the movement bar.
  • Implemented the first phase of our networking improvements: players with slower and less reliable internet connections should see improvements to stability and lag in multiplayer.
  • Implemented support for Nvidia DLAA as an anti-aliasing alternative.
  • Extensive UI updates.
  • Low-spec PCs no longer become unresponsive and fail to load assets when loading save files.
  • You can now cast Mage Hand with an active summoned familiar.*
  • Short Rest can now heal Ranger’s Companions and familiars.
  • Creatures summoned with Ranger's Companion and Find Familiar now remain with the party after a Long Rest.*


Crashes, Freezes, and Blockers
  • Can now Long Rest at camp if a companion is dead.
  • Fixed crash when spam-clicking ‘Go to Camp’ button and Trade window.
  • Fixed crash when choosing to 'do nothing' about Astarion holding blade to your throat.
  • Fixed crash when readying Throw action and hovering cursor over dismissed summon.
  • Fixed crash when killing summons holding Concentration.
  • Fixed crash when drinking Auntie Ethel’s potion.
  • Fixed crash when opening a spell container from a hotbar filter after removing that spell from the main hotbar.
  • Fixed black screen triggered after committing a crime and telling Zevlor you’d like to celebrate at camp.
  • Fixed character getting stuck if Shoved while Sleeping.
  • Fixed launcher entering offline mode.
  • Fixed crash related to Inventory UI.
  • Fixed crash related to having multiple Examine windows open and closing one.
  • Fixed crash related to FSR and Ultra Quality graphical settings.
  • Fixed crash related to sending weapons in the same filter slots to other characters.
  • Fixed bug related to controlling Us at Crash Site.
  • Fixed bug preventing you from starting dialogues.
  • Multiplayer
    - Fixed loading screen getting stuck after disconnecting.
    - Fixed crash during character selection.
    - Fixed crash when starting in lobby.
    - Fixed issue preventing clients from rejoining session after crash.*
    - Fixed blocker and black screen caused by Long Rest.
    - Fixed crash when switching companions during dialogue.
    - Fixed Direct Connections checkbox deselecting due to NatPunch error.
    - You no longer get stuck in the lobby if you join the host via invite before you’ve made a profile and if your game folder is in Documents.

  • Sources of advantages or disadvantages applied by spells are now clearly indicated in target info.
  • Summons and followers can now use consumables from other characters' inventories.
  • Added feedback when characters heal.
  • Equipped items now unequip on double-click.
  • Added different portrait border colours for allied and neutral characters in Turn Order UI.
  • UI now indicates when you're in Turn-Based Mode.
  • Audio options now reset to default correctly.
  • Can now cut, copy, and paste in password fields.
  • Savegame version number now visible in load menu.
  • Temporary hit points now visible in Party Line.
  • Invulnerable entities and characters no longer display -1/1 HP.
  • Sort-by-latest option in Inventory no longer prioritises older items.
  • Improved drag-and-drop feedback.
  • Barter window now shows correct value when dragging in items.
  • Inventory slots now update correctly when dragging in stacked items from Barter window.
  • Improved readability of text indicating number of stacked items.
  • Fixed Inventory size when changing tabs in Party View.
  • Show Party Inventory filter no longer stacks items.
  • Faraway NPCs' dialogues no longer show up on UI and combat log.*
  • Fixed T-pose issues with Trade window.
  • Combat log now shows all modifier sources.
  • In multiplayer, skipping roll animation in active rolls and dialogue checks now shows final amount plus added bonuses.
  • Quest tab is now called 'Quest Journal'.
  • Targets that cannot be targeted no longer highlight when aimed at.
  • Fixed FSR graphics causing item highlights to be offset on mouseover.
  • Downed condition displays on your portrait in real-time mode.
  • Can’t Combine anvils and workbenches anymore.
  • Selecting Group Toggle Mode as summon no longer says group is too far away.
  • Toggleable passives are now in Character Features tab.
  • Selecting party member's portrait now highlights it correctly.
  • Fixed vibrating glossy items in Examine window.
  • Successfully combining items no longer closes important pop-ups.
  • Speech bubble cursor no longer has an unnecessary red cross.
  • Improved feedback and functionality when hitting escape with multiple panels and windows open.
  • Releasing a mouse-click over a portrait no longer selects that character.
  • Removed 'Send to Camp' option for items already at camp.
  • Can now target enemies behind target info UI.
  • Damage and damage type now display correctly in target info if you Dip your weapon.
  • Fixed cut-off modifiers in target info.
  • Fixed clipped text in Inspired notification.
  • Open windows and panels now close if tutorial pop-up appears.
  • Fixed text boxes not detecting certain keys.
  • F keybind no longer assigned to two commands.
  • Cursor icon now changes for text boxes.
  • Fixed Filter panel cutting off in Party View when you have four characters.
  • Removed Level Up button from combat.
  • Temporary Hit Points UI now disappears after they're depleted.
  • Added loading screen hints about Darkvision.
  • Hotbar
    - Updated hotbar art.
    - Updated End Turn and Flee buttons.
    - Grouped Rest actions in new menu.
    - Restyled Bonus HP indicator.
    - Restyled Movement bar to be circular and indicate movement cost.
    - Added button that takes you to the character whose turn it is in combat.
    - Added purple dot to hotbar weapon slots to signal active condition.
    - Fixed resource bar not scaling correctly.
    - Updated Weapon Actions and Upcast drawers.
    - Ensured passive features of summoned creatures now appear on their hotbars.
    - Fixed weapon actions disappearing from filter views when removed from hotbar.
    - Equipped Weapon filter no longer shows duplicates.
    - Fixed items not appearing correctly when playing as Wild-Shaped druid.
    - Fixed alignment for weapon slots.
    - Fixed positioning of conditions when there are more than three.
    - You can now cast spells correctly using spell containers that open through hotbar filters.
    - Fixed hotbar filter issues.
    - Fixed visual animation jitters for Class and Items hotbar drawers.
  • Tooltips
    - Average damage range in weapon tooltips now includes damage applied by Dipping weapons into damaging surfaces.
    - Ranged attacks and spells with ranges under 2m are now presented as being within melee range.
    - Improved how tooltips present information.
    - Tooltips now update to reflect weapon damage values.
    - Tooltips now correctly state, where applicable, that Attack of Opportunity won’t be provoked.
    - Tooltips now clearly show which actions or spells are unlocked by certain items.
    - Weapon tooltips now update to add and remove conditions while open.
    - Fixed tooltips not showing up if similar ones were already pinned.
    - Fixed flickering tooltips when unpinned.
    - Updated descriptions of effects of Bomb and Acid Vial.
    - Added artwork for Beastmaster's Chain.
    - In-world tooltips don’t show up for uninteractable items anymore.
    - Added tooltip property that indicates area of effect of certain spells.
    - Spell scroll tooltips now indicate when you can't cast them due to blocked casting.
    - Fixed incorrect tooltip descriptions and weapon proficiency properties.
    - Mousing over 'Hit Points' in 'Do you want to go to camp?' pop-up now opens correct tooltip.
    - Fixed clipped text and links in Water item.
    - Fixed error in Ring of Mind Shielding tooltip.
    - Fixed damage stats when comparing items.
    - Fixed calculation of weapon damage for spells granted by items.
    - Linked Armour Class tooltip to AC value in armour tooltips and updated AC tooltip.
    - Clarified conditions required for wood woads' Regeneration passive to become active.
    - Updated Runepowder Barrel and Runepowder Vial descriptions.
    - Descriptions of Protection from Evil and Good are now consistent.
    - Fixed issue affecting tooltip readability.
    - Fixed two similar error messages about not being able to Dip undippable weapons.
    - Added missing descriptions in special arrow tooltips.
    - Fixed Springstep Boots description clipping into UI.
    - Fixed tooltips and icons related to Concentration.
    - Fixed cut-off text in Level Up tooltip in certain languages.
  • Character Sheet
    - Improved readability.
    - Added spellbook filtering.
    - Added bespoke spell-learning UI.
    - Added area for prepared spells with drop-down that lets you add or remove them.
    - Updated spellbook so that different levels of same spell aren’t duplicated. Can now upcast by triggering spell from hotbar.
    - Fixed sort function if Show Party Inventory is toggled.
    - Fixed Inventory sorting for newly recruited companions.
    - Fixed rogues’ Fast Hands and Second-Story Work features not appearing.
    - Repositioned approval bar.
    - Repositioned character models.
    - Fixed Movement tooltip appearing when mousing over area above Character Sheet button.
    - Adjusted position of pin icon on Proficiencies filter buttons.
    - Fixed error appearing on Diamondsbane feature.

  • Kirgrath's gang at Grymforge turn hostile if you fail Detect Thoughts.
  • Wearing non-proficient helmet, boots, and gloves confers Disadvantage and blocks spellcasting.
  • Wood woads have unique passive: extra 3d4 magical damage when attacking with clubs. They no longer wield two-handed weapons.
  • Defensive Duelist feat no longer available to characters with under 13 Dexterity.
  • Ring of Mind Shielding blocks tadpole powers.*
  • Rage damage bonus also applies to off-hand weapon attacks.*
  • Barbarian NPCs have Unarmoured Defence passive ability.
  • Athlete feat consumes 1.5m when standing up after being Prone.
  • Items grant item buffs to characters within range of their aura.
  • Archer's Eye costs Flaming Fist archers 1 Action Point and 1 Bonus Action Point.
  • Muddy grants resistance to Fire damage.
  • Tweaked balance of Haste and Potion of Speed.
  • Non-humanoid creatures can’t access basic actions typically reserved for humanoids anymore.
  • Improved items offered by goblin trader at Goblin Camp.
  • Changed equipment of certain Flaming Fist members.
  • Spaw uses Animating Spores less and participates in combat more. His Multiattack doesn't deal Poison damage anymore.
  • Myconids' Pacifying Spores stun targets for 1 turn.
  • Sussur Bloom aura affects duergars' Invisibility spell.
  • Mind flayers' Tentacle action no longer applies Stunned.
  • Spaw is heavier and more resistant to Shove. Other myconids are lighter.
  • Lowered Flaming Fists’ Wisdom.
  • Healer goblins can cast Bane and other spells.
  • Static Discharge Aura no longer grants construct damage buff to non-construct characters.
  • Alchemist Argram can cast spells thanks to light armour proficiency.
  • Gandrel has Level 2 spell slots, granting him Misty Step.
  • Inwe can cast Web.
  • Removed potions from Novice Garmor.
  • Disabling reactions removes passives.
  • Knocking out NPCs grants XP.
  • Can’t trade non-tradeable items with NPCs anymore.
  • Long Rests no longer account for temporary hit points when calculating rested health.
  • Swapping weapon between main hand and offhand no longer duplicates weapon’s passive.
  • NPCs with depleted casting resources now resort to spells in their spell slots.
  • XP reward for killing duergars in Grymforge now scales correctly.
  • Illithid Wisdom checks no longer have -1 DC.*
  • Word of the Absolute debuff now remains until next Long Rest.

  • NPCs can now use projectile spells on targets behind objects that don’t provide cover.
  • Sarth Baretha has received the title Warrior of the One Sky.
  • Goblin warlock now uses different skills during Grove attack.
  • Wrath now only works when using melee weapon attacks.
  • Redcaps are better at disguising themselves.
  • Redcaps' Bloodlust ability now heals 3d6 on killing blow.
  • NPCs now react correctly if you drop hanging braziers on them.
  • Toggle Party Stealth button now works in combat.
  • Enemies at Grove’s gates now pick items back up after being disarmed.
  • Crag spiders from Spider Egg Sac can now Jump and Bite.
  • Jolted creatures can’t perform Reactions anymore.
  • Hook horrors’ Hook attack no longer shows duplicate Saving Throws.
  • Barbarians' Rage now ends after combat, applying Rage boosts correctly during dialogues.
  • Characters’ turns aren’t skipped anymore when entering dialogues during combat.
  • Underdark creatures can now Sneak.*
  • Can no longer dodge Attacks of Opportunity by dropping items and then moving.
  • Handing Sazza over to guard now triggers combat with guards.
  • Destroying statue left of cave-in at Grymforge no longer triggers combat.*
  • Failing to read Flaming Fist Ephren’s mind as a drow now triggers combat.
  • Attacking Shadowheart between Crash Site and Grove now triggers combat.
  • Ranged Attack no longer replaces Unarmed Strike when equipping ranged weapon to unarmed hand.
  • Shapeshifted conditions now get removed when affected entity hits 0 HP.
  • NPCs no longer loop when trying to climb surfaces near other characters.
  • Improved Zhentarim dungeon combat.
  • Improved AI combat navigation around Waukeen's Rest and Myconid Village.
  • Fixed AI behaviour of automatons and how they use Static Discharge.
  • Fixed calculation error causing NPCs to miss out on their third extra attack.
  • Bulette can now perform Deadly Leap.
  • Owlbear cub now runs away when low on health.
  • Fixed character repositioning when attempting to shoot ranged attacks or cast spells at targets selected via their portrait.
  • Halsin no longer remains Wild-Shaped if you use non-lethal attacks in wolf pens.*
  • Harpies no longer flank you from distance or drag faraway characters into combat.
  • Improved targeting and fixed see-through roof at Zhentarim hideout.
  • Enemies now react correctly if you Shove them while Hiding.
  • Can’t shoot through building outside Chapel anymore.
  • Fixed blocker caused by jumping and then missing Attack of Opportunity.
  • Made mushrooms around Myconid Village immune to myconids' spore attacks.
  • Andorn and Mari no longer run back and forth.
  • Nadira now runs away when combat starts.
  • Gekh Coal's zombies no longer create Blood surfaces when killed.
  • Successful saves at end of turn now remove Spectators' Paralysed condition.

  • Added visible timer to caster's portrait for Concentration spells.
  • Fog now lasts 10 turns.
  • Light no longer triggers Saving Throw when targeted at corpses.
  • Invoke Duplicity no longer blocks Radiance of the Dawn.
  • Fixed previews of spell and ranged attack trajectories.
  • Certain summoning spells now consider line of sight.
  • Fixed summoning and channelling spells not landing on destructible terrain.
  • Fixed effect and speed of spells cast by entombed scribes and warriors.*
  • Can’t cast Guidance on yourself to use it against Shadowheart in dialogue roll.
  • Fixed Wyll not being able to cast Arms of Hadar if not recruited.
  • Fixed spell costs not being detected.

  • Can no longer promise Baelen his bag if you have already thrown it to him.
  • Can no longer give Zarys Iron Flask without obtaining it.
  • Can no longer complete Find the Missing Shipment without handing over shipment.
  • Can’t ask Withers where he came from after releasing him from sarcophagus anymore.*
  • Can’t perform Sharran ritual without dagger anymore.
  • Can’t cut off Nere's head in lava anymore.*
  • Healing Thulla with antitoxin no longer causes myconids to dislike you.
  • Stealing Idol of Silvanus undercover now causes druids to become hostile.
  • Minthara's raiders now attack tieflings if she’s killed early.
  • Minthara now celebrates after Grove’s denizens are eradicated.
  • Fixed journal update for Deliver Nere's Head quest.
  • Can’t do Myconid Revenge quest anymore if Nere's head is inaccessible.
  • Can now end Gekh Coal's quest earlier if you already have Thulla's boots.
  • Pandirna now joins Grove attack if healed.
  • Grym no longer disappears from game if you flee from combat.
  • Mirkon no longer resurrects if you damage his corpse.
  • Tieflings no longer react oddly to rangers summoning dangerous animals at Grove.
  • Children now react to you stealing at Dragon's Lair.
  • NPCs now always react if they notice you stealing an item.
  • Fixed trigger for Wyll's reaction to Arabella's death.
  • Tingmiaq now flies away.
  • Aradin now stops you from looting his dead comrades.
  • Fixed NPCs’ behaviour when failing pickpocketing checks on tiefling children.
  • Auntie Ethel's reward now appears in your inventory if you spare her in exchange for 'power'.*
  • Can now interact with Zevlor if you ignored him when he confronted Aradin.

  • Lightning Aura, granted by Real Sparky Sparkswall, no longer uses up all Lightning charges.
  • Click Heels, granted by Boots of Speed, now doubles movement speed.*
  • Venomous Revenge, granted by Broodmother's Revenge necklace, no longer applies basic poison to weapon.
  • Wrath and Momentum, granted by Bloodguzzler Garb and Spurred Band under 50% HP, remain active even when healed to over 50% HP.
  • Whispering Mask now correctly applies Ephemeral Whispers condition.
  • Salami is now more common loot.
  • Rotten eggs no longer heal you.
  • Can’t eat roasted dwarf to heal anymore.
  • Can’t dip torches into Poison surfaces anymore.
  • Shadowheart can now pick locks and unlock things.
  • Can now disarm traps at Grove, Tollhouse basement, and Swamp.*
  • Can’t set fire to indestructible objects like metal doors and scalable rocks anymore.
  • Hanging braziers now fall and explode if attacked.
  • Destroying destructible platform in Zhentarim dungeon now triggers explosion.
  • Certain explosive items no longer leave surfaces with infinite duration.
  • Items dropped off at camp now correctly transfer to traveller's chest.
  • Can’t electrify water after unequipping Watersparkers boots anymore.
  • Can’t start infinite loop of Fire damage with Ring of Fire and Gloves of Flint and Steel anymore.*
  • Encumbered condition now updates correctly when dropping items and allows you to double-click to loot.
  • Nettie overcame obsession with sitting on specific mossy stone.
  • Whispering Mask’s condition now removed if wearer is Downed or dead.
  • Improved cambion loot on nautiloid.
  • Added loot to Mask of Vengeance.
  • Added loot to hidden backpack in forest.
  • Brine bulbs now fall correctly after taking damage.
  • Heads of lettuce no longer become big, grey cubes when dropped.
  • Can no longer coat your weapon with poison if you’re not wielding one.
  • Can’t consume this one apple anymore.
  • Gilded chest near Alfira is now locked.
  • Made it easier to see and pick up meat dropped in Arcane Tower.
  • Can’t walk through wooden desk in Thayan Cellar anymore.
  • Can’t walk through brazier next to Priestess Gut anymore.
  • Can now pick up dropped items if you saved while first picking them up.
  • Fixed out-of-reach and uninteractable items.
  • Traveller's chest no longer spawns inside pillar at Grymforge.

  • Summons can’t initiate fast travel anymore.
  • Companions now follow you after being recruited.*
  • Grouped parties no longer unlink when using waypoints.
  • Toggle Party Sneak button no longer causes companions to do opposite of main character if already sneaking.*
  • Room Portal system now hides and reveals things more effectively.
  • Made unclimbable and unreachable terrain more obvious.
  • Made it easier to climb rock ledge in passage beneath Grove.
  • Can’t jump through wooden beams in Abandoned Village anymore.
  • Can’t walk through iron gates into spider pit at Goblin Camp anymore.*
  • Brakkal can’t squeeze through bars of cage anymore.
  • Kagran no longer walks through Dror Ragzlin's throne.
  • Can’t walk through certain walls at camp, near Shadowheart’s nautiloid pod, and at Grove anymore.
  • Fixed enthralled cultists on nautiloid running into each other to fix canon.
  • Can’t jump through burning doors in Waukeen's Rest anymore.*
  • Removed roll for non-silenced characters interacting with blocked doors at Waukeen's Rest.
  • Improved wood woads’ teleportation between trees.
  • Improved hook horrors’ navigation in tight places.
  • Fixed Magma mephits getting stuck when pushed into forge.*
  • Fixed fake wall in Zhentarim hideout.
  • Removed ladder under destructible platform in Zhentarim caves.
  • Fixed ladder leading from Defiled Temple to Selûnite Outpost.
  • Rotating the camera no longer moves minimap incorrectly if you alt+tab out of and back into game.
  • Fixed characters leaping off apothecary's house in Blighted Village.
  • Fixed issues with reaching places and using ladders at camp.
  • Fixed button for secret room in Grymforge.
  • NPCs no longer disappear or get stuck when trying to run away.

  • Halsin no longer Wild-Shapes into bear when you first talk to him at camp.*
  • Improved Gale’s personal story flow if he doesn’t like you after a certain point.*
  • Lae'zel now responds to being asked to connect transponder at helm of nautiloid.
  • Lae’zel’s recruitment dialogue now plays automatically after breaking her cage and convincing tieflings to leave.
  • Matched Lae'zel's VO to subtitles when recruiting her.
  • Can’t attack sarcophagi during conversation with Withers anymore, who reacts appropriately if you attack him mid-dialogue.
  • Improved flow for barbarians with Nettie at Grove.
  • Exhausted bird at Grove no longer repeats lines.
  • Improved flow and fixed crash when Halsin confronts Kagha.
  • Non-humans no longer get a human-specific dialogue option when talking to Auntie Ethel.*
  • You can read Barcus' mind after rescuing him and his friends from Nere.
  • You can trade with Mol at Grove.
  • You can trade with Derryth in Underdark.
  • You now faint during dialogue about Shadowheart and artefact.
  • Warrior Druk’s and Smythin’s overhead dialogues no longer show up repeatedly.
  • Fixed flow in pro-gnome dialogue with companions.
  • Failing barbarian active roll against Taman and Gimblebock now results in combat.
  • Fixed trigger for cinematic dialogue with Philomeena and when using Speak with Dead on Buthir.
  • Fixed repeating lines in scene with Volo and Gribbo at Goblin Camp.
  • Fixed skipping and repeating lines and missing VO in rothé discussion in Underdark.
  • Overhead text now disappears for downed or dead speakers.
  • Can’t attack midway through Arabella's 'trial' scene anymore.
  • Fixed issue blocking scene with Lae'zel at camp.
  • Fixed Thayan Mirrors triggering cinematics twice after failing then succeeding the check.

  • Fixed camera when recruiting Lae'zel while Wild-Shaped as a cat.
  • Fixed camera pointing at empty spaces when talking to Nettie.
  • Fixed dead drow's hand blocking your character when talking to Nettie.
  • Fixed camera getting stuck in Selûnite Outpost.
  • Fixed camera getting stuck close to stairs near Shattered Sanctum.
  • Fixed character disappearing after walking through door in Grymforge.
  • Fixed issues with ceiling visibility in Zhentarim hideout.
  • Fixed and improved camera fading on Risen Road.
  • Fixed issues related to Kuo-Toa Hunter.
  • Fixed issues for halflings during mutiny cutscene in Grymforge.

  • Fixed in Chapel and Zhentarim storage area.
  • Fixed when freeing Shadowheart from her pod and speaking to Zevlor and Aradin.
  • Fixed for mindflayer and stranded fishermen at Crash Site, Auntie Ethel at Grove, multiple characters and scenes at Goblin Camp, myconids in Underdark, and merregons in Grymforge.

  • Barbarians’ Rage SFX continues when certain spells are cast on them.
  • Harpy song and ambience plays during Secluded Cove cinematic.
  • Harpies' Luring Song audible upon cast.
  • Added audio feedback for invalid action commands.
  • Fixed VO when failing Arcana and Dexterity checks for Book of Restored Gods.
  • Added missing SFX for barbarian berserkers’ Frenzied Strike.
  • Added missing SFX for Natural Recovery.
  • Added missing movement sounds for Hiding deep rothé.
  • Removed beeping noise during cinematic with BOOOAL.
  • Fixed overhead text not triggering associated VO.
  • Fixed muffled narrator lines.
  • Characters make noise when waking up at Crash Site.
  • Fixed impact sounds when projectiles hit corpses.
  • Fixed delayed impact sound of mace attacks for female dwarves.
  • Fixed muted mindmeld cinematics.
  • Fixed muffled audio when closing Party View with I key.
  • Fixed muted audio for Party View, Inventory, Equipment, Split Item, and Long Rest.

  • Added clearer indication of which part of a platform to target to destroy it.
  • Updated Flaming Fists' uniforms.
  • Gave bugbear panties.
  • Ensured barbarians' earrings no longer stack.*
  • Clothed woman who transforms into mind flayer on nautiloid.*
  • Fixed Myrnath’s tan.
  • Fixed HDR calibration.
  • Fixed bug for mushroom platforms in Festering Cove.
  • Removed black void near Dror Ragzlin's treasure vault.
  • Removed some blue lights at Crash Site.
  • Made young mud mephits more recognisable and distinct from ancient ones.
  • Made Filro the Forgotten dirtier.
  • Mourning Frost staff matches its description.
  • Fixed firefly VFX in Underdark camp.
  • Added SFX and VFX for gnolls casting Soul Offering.
  • Added VFX for Wild-Shaped giant badgers Burrowing.
  • Fixed Frenzy and Wildheart VFX.
  • Fixed VFX for equipped weapons.
  • Added Stinking Cloud VFX.
  • Removed black square when casting Armour of Shadows and Armour of Agathys.
  • Harper Branthos and Fist Ulthred are no longer identical. Nor are Stone Guard Kur and Morghal.
  • Unique hairstyle for Flind.

Gameplay Animations
  • Fixed Wyll's left eye colour.
  • Fixed tiefling tail animations.*
  • Fixed animation when falling from high altitudes.
  • Fixed death animation for killing minotaurs with Fire or Radiant damage.*
  • Fixed getting stuck in falling animation in certain situations.
  • Fixed Shadowheart knocking at Chapel.
  • Sitting tiefling children no longer float.
  • Fixed Prepare animation for fighter abilities.
  • Animated pre-casting for Create Spell Slot and Create Sorcery Points.
  • Synced dwarf and halfling druids' VFX with prepared animations.
  • Improved Sneaking animation.
  • Fixed freezing and looping Activate Witch Bolt animation.
  • Repositioned javelin VFX for Raging barbarians.
  • Added missing Mage Hand Throw pre-casting animation.
  • Fixed Dash, Disengage, and Prepare animations for Raging barbarians.
  • Fixed captured gnome animations at Grymforge.
  • Fixed walking animation for characters performing Help.
  • Fixed weapon sheathing animation.
  • Fixed animation delay when cat familiars switch between Sneaking and idle.
  • Fixed animation delay when moving before using crossbow ranged attack.

Cinematic Animations
  • Improved Grove rat visuals.
  • Person of your dreams now shows you a city.*
  • Fixed issues in hyenas scene.
  • Fixed pops and eye-related issues with owlbear cub at camp.
  • Added mindmeld VFX for halflings when talking to Lae'zel.
  • Improved cinematics before entering Goblin Camp.
  • Fixed lighting when interacting with Nadira's telescope.
  • Fixed and improved lighting, pops, and camera angles during Astarion's hunger dialogue.
  • Fixed Zevlor freezing briefly before Grove attack.
  • Fixed mindmeld VFX when talking to Wyll.
  • Restored companions during broken moonlantern scene.
  • Lockpicking sequence now shows a lockpick.
  • Added missing animation when failing Strength check on Book of Restored Gods.
  • Unlocked Book of Dead Gods no longer appears on ground when interacted with.
  • If you tell Priestess Gut not to brand you, it no longer looks like she has.
  • Fixed Shadowheart being concealed during Zevlor's introduction to Grove.
  • Fixed Speak with Dead VFX playing twice for Fezzerk.
  • Fixed issues while freeing Shadowheart.
  • Fixed issues with camera, black screen, and invisible head in dialogue with goblin at Goblin Camp.
  • Fixed and added animations and cameras for Oskar.
  • Fixed camera and eye-related issues with Astarion and Gandrel.
  • Fixed popping, positioning, VO, and eye-related issues with Halsin and Kagha.
  • Fixed timing issues with Zarys.
  • Fixed issues in Gale's death scene.
  • Fixed Halsin's glowing arm in conversation with Kagha.
  • Fixed visuals and VFX in Wyll's mindmeld scene.
  • Fixed mindmeld VFX when Wyll confronts Spike.
  • Repositioned boar during the cutscene with Astarion.
  • Repositioned Gale and Astarion at camp.

Icons and Portraits
  • Improved functionality, appearance, and responsiveness of character portraits.
  • Character portraits no longer have orange tint.
  • Fixed icon for Gekh Coal's Animate Dead spell.
  • Added new and missing icons for UI.
  • Distinguished icons for Lightning Charges and the Lightning Aura.
  • Fixed portrait issues for summons and Spaw.
  • Fixed multiple portraits and icons.

Clipping, Popping, and Other Questionable Visuals
  • Astarion no longer has paddle hands when threatening to leave.
  • Auntie Ethel's head no longer spins.
  • You no longer slide around when moving or dropping items.
  • Crates fall correctly.
  • Can’t walk through certain dank crypt walls anymore.
  • Fixed companions clipping into whoever Halsin addressed after tiefling party.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to weapons, armour clipping, lighting, and gravity-defying objects.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Sapper Mock and Sapper Gald's barrels.
  • Fixed head pops and sliding feet of goblins who have it out for Wyll.
  • Fixed camera drifts and head snaps during Gale’s response after dice roll.
  • Fixed pop after failed Lolthsworn roll.
  • Fixed lighting and pops for Thulla in Underdark.
  • Fixed your character snapping into position at the end of a scene.
  • Fixed your glowing eyes after Auntie Ethel’s transformation.
  • Fixed Andrick's shoulders clipping into clothes in the forest.
  • Fixed clips in Necromancy of Thay cinematic.
  • Fixed pops and camera issues in various dialogues.
  • Fixed clips, pops, and camera angles in weapon-forging cinematic.
  • Fixed animation timings, pops, camera, and VOs for Volo at camp.
  • Fixed camera angles, pops, and weapon placements for Karlach.
  • Fixed arm clipping into bedroll pillow.
  • Fixed Kagha’s pop at Grove.
  • Fixed pops and jumps for Astarion and Gandrel.
  • Fixed Astarion’s eyes in drunken bear scene.
  • Fixed gnome corpses clipping in Abandoned Village.
  • Fixed '%state_details%' appearing briefly in Steam status.

  • Optimised savegames to load faster. Syncing cross savegames checks for and warns of insufficient space.
  • Fixed ‘Accept Changes’ in video settings.
  • Fixed black portrait on save screen.
  • Fixed walking away from speaking NPCs showing empty HP bar.
  • Can’t choose same bonus twice during active roll when refreshing or changing controller mode anymore.
  • Fixed 'Error 502' when trying to save.
  • Fixed bugs related to Stadia controller and hotbar actions.
  • Fixed duplicated main weapon actions on main hotbar when clearing other slots on gamepad UI.
  • Fixed missing bow weapon sounds when shot by Raging barbarians.
  • Salazon no longer stares at you intently.
  • Pressing Up on left analogue stick no longer plays clicking sound.

Last edited by V_Ben; 08/07/22 10:12 AM.
Joined: Oct 2020
Location: Liberec
Joined: Oct 2020
Location: Liberec
Originally Posted by V_Ben
  • Fixed Spiritual Weapon VFX.

Gameplay Animations
  • Fixed Spiritual Weapon: Greatsword animation.
Wait ...
What? O_o

Last edited by RagnarokCzD; 07/07/22 07:27 PM.

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Joined: Jul 2022
Joined: Jul 2022
Also wondering what Spiritual Weapon they are talking about. Was this spell added to the game?

Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Nice changes, I hoped for lvl 5, but still a lot of things to explore.
Also I had already found a bug. With a bard I seem to be able to cast charm person to any kind of test. e.g.: Removing the intellect devourer from the skull.

Joined: Dec 2015
Joined: Dec 2015
Is this version out for MacOS? I updated my game and got version: No bard, no gnomes frown

Last edited by Alos; 07/07/22 10:55 PM.
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Joined: Jan 2021
No new companion, Fuck.

Joined: Apr 2020
Joined: Apr 2020
Originally Posted by RagnarokCzD
Originally Posted by V_Ben
  • Fixed Spiritual Weapon VFX.

Gameplay Animations
  • Fixed Spiritual Weapon: Greatsword animation.
Wait ...
What? O_o

Yeah, caught that too. Can anyone confirm if it's in the game? Or, they're testing it right now and have finally made it work and it's coming in the next patch smile

Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Thank you, thank you, and more thank you, Team Larian! You all are the best!!

Joined: Feb 2021
Joined: Feb 2021
Originally Posted by Street Hero
No new companion, Fuck.

Are you sure? Barcus may now be a companion. Play through Grymforge and find out. Ya never know.

Joined: Jun 2022
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Joined: Jun 2022
Location: outback nsw
That's not a bug they told us about changing cast to during conversation

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Joined: Aug 2014

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Joined: Nov 2021
Mac users have to wait as usual. Same as all previous patches. Kind of frustrating. Expect full release of game months after all other versions.

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Joined: Jan 2020
Originally Posted by Ingeras
Mac users have to wait as usual. Same as all previous patches. Kind of frustrating. Expect full release of game months after all other versions.

Unlike iOS, I'm afraid MacOS X will probably remain a secondary games platform unless Apple themselves improve their support for cross-platform technologies.They seem very reluctant to do so, probably because they don't really care about the gaming market segment on MacOS X.

As a Linux user myself, I understand the frustration of MacOS X gamers, since Linux has had, historically, even worse gaming support. We ( Linux users ) are now fortunate that most games intended for Windows can now also be run on Linux, and sometimes actually run better on Linux than Windows.

One option would be to petition Apple to provide full support for the Vulkan API, so it will take less time and effort for third party games developers to make something that works on MacOS X hardware. However, I'm not sure Apple are really a listening company.

The other alternative is to "wait and hope" that someone other than Apple can be persuaded to create a translator for Vulkan->Metal. Khronos have suggested they might specify a subset of Vulkan that has features common to Metal and DX12, allowing a simple source-code translator for everyone using the Vulkan API.

If that doesn't happen, Valve might eventually pay for the work needed to create a MacOS compatibility layer, similar to Proton ( which allows Linux hardware like the Steam Deck to run most games designed for Windows at near native speed ).

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Joined: Jul 2022
1st couple paragraphs "Mac users, Patch 8 will arrive soon. We’ve got a little bit of bug hunting left to do, so keep your eyes on our feeds for further news."

Joined: Dec 2015
Joined: Dec 2015
Thanks! smile

Joined: Dec 2015
Joined: Dec 2015
Supporting Vulcan would be great, but I also understand why they want to write custom APIs and implementations for Metal and their M1/M2 processors.

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Qia Offline
Joined: Mar 2021
Time to reinstall, been a while laugh

aaaand my chosen hairstyle got removed from the game, great. Off to a good start frown

Edit 2, 3 & 4:

option to turn that horrendous narrator off still not returned.

A shitton of bugs, UI is still crap (honestly, I feel it's actually worse now).

Time to uninstall... i'll wait for the next one.

Last edited by Qia; 11/07/22 09:02 PM.
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old hand
old hand
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It would be great, if the next Hotfix could take care of the problem, that the game crashes, when you try to save after you longrested with food items instead of rations. That is really annoying. And it seems to be a very common bug, given the threads in the bug section.

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Joined: Oct 2021
so, the answer to "stop messing with my keybinds" was to remove them entirely and erase all the others for good measure ? way to undermine the introduction of the best class and a lot of work...
a huge amount of work and changes indeed since most mods are once again absolutely incompatible. to be honest, I would normally not mind and see it as a fun puzzle but the character sheet is getting more and more irritating after each patch and, weirdly enough, this is where I spend most of my time in a rpg.

really nicely done with the additions in the character creation, I would have liked to see more but, you know, mods to fix before starting the tests...

Joined: Jan 2021
Joined: Jan 2021
And now crashes more than Super Dave Osbourne. Thanks Larian...

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