Hello, first time here though I played the original BG, Torment etc back in the day. I purchased a Divine Divinity bundle a while ago on Steam, as I saw that Divine Divinity 2 Enhanced had local split screen coop mode. I have been playing through the game with my daughter. Don't do this unless you want to highlight just how bad your reactions are compared to when you were younger. Anyway, we've had great fun, and I was wondering if there were any other games from Larian that had a similar mode?

If you haven't tried the mode, I would recommend at least one playthrough with a friend. And if anybody has tried and couldn't get it working here are my tips:

1. You need two controllers. One player cannot be keyboard and mouse. You both need a controller.
2. When you launch steam, take it into Full Screen Mode, then open Library and run the game that way. You should see both controllers getting detected.
3. The player with the second controller needs to create a profile for themselves on the main menu.
4. Once the second profile has been created, you do the following to play.
- Load the game from within Steam Full Screen Mode.
- Player 1 press button A
- Player 2 press the hamburger button and select your profile to join.
- Player 1, select start or continue.

The game should then begin.

Something like that anyway. It is worth perservering because local coop is good fun!

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