Hey everyone,

PAX West 2022 is almost here, and we need passionate & knowledgeable Baldur's Gate 3 players to help us run our booth for the show alongside the Larian publishing team.
We’re ideally looking for people who can work the entire run of the show, from September 2 - 5 in Seattle, with the exception of one day off to experience it yourself.

Here are some of the benefits:
► PAX passes for the run of show
► A day off to explore PAX on your own time
► Lunches, snacks and drinks
► Larian merch
► A rest area to unwind from the show floor.
► Team dinner at the end of the show with the devs of Baldur's Gate 3
► Spend the week with Larian folks from many disciplines, happy to answer questions about the industry or their specific field of expertise.

You'll also be compensated for your time.
We will be unable to provide travel & accommodations though, so please make sure you're either local to the Seattle area or otherwise able to get yourself there and have somewhere to stay.

COVID Safety: We're taking reasonable precautions against the spread of COVID while at events. At PAX West, we'll be wearing masks at all times on the show floor, wiping demo down stations in between players, and providing COVID tests before entering the show floor.

💡 Fill this GForm: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSca0FTlaN7OcVFXyBbYnyPOAsEiG_rj05pAR0NM3sC93Gkcqw/viewform

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