I have a suggestion for improving how BG3 handles reactions, and also stored actions like Bardic Inspiration Die. There's an issue right now where players lack control over when a reaction is used. For example, if a player toggles on the attack of opportunity reaction and multiple enemies trigger it, only the first one will actually be attacked since it will use up the reaction. A player may instead wish to target a specific enemy they know is likely to trigger the reaction, and right now they can't do this. I think a better and more engaging way to structure reactions would be to have a pop up whenever a reaction could occur containing an Icon, the name of the reaction, and a countdown (or maybe a bar like they used in Witcher 3 dialogue if there are any Witcher fans out there). Players would then have to press a button to trigger the reaction, maybe something simple like a right mouse click, and if they don't then nothing happens. Another button could also be set (maybe a left mouse click following the previous example) which would dismiss the pop up if the player doesn't want to wait for the timer. This way taking a reaction actually requires a reaction on the part of the player, and the time limit ensures it doesn't slow down gameplay too much. The timer for the countdown could be configurable in settings for players who want things to move faster or slower, but either way this would solve the problems I listed before. The same system could be used for things like Bardic Inspiration Die, giving players more flexibility and control over how they are used.

Just some food for thought. Love the game, keep up the great work!