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I stayed up way too late because I unknowingly got into a 30 minute long battle you all know as On The Ropes with Gwydian Rince. (Spoilers ahead)

All right so we start this battle and I'm expecting to take out some magisters. But as you all know suddenly the oozes show up... First oil then fire.

In total while holding The high ground we killed them all maybe 19 enemies?(three magisters, two primordial oil oozes maybe six regular oil oozes to primordial fire oozes and six fire oozes?) All while I spent time and effort every turn babysitting this guy to keep him alive and healed up and out of harm's Way.

From the battle... everything is on fire on all the ground around us for 20 yards in every direction on all of the platforms and all of the ground.

After the battle he was healed up to full health thanked me and ran off.

For whatever reason his AI pathing decided the best way to go from the top platform that he was standing on with my group of characters was to run all the way around down the ramps across the ground back up the ramps on the other side and then up the ladder on the other side of the top platform we were standing on all while the everything is still on fire.

Meanwhile my group is standing there healing up and recovering from the fight.

10 seconds after bidding me farewell I see this guy run up to my group and I think it's rather odd because I realize that he just ran in a big circle, I also take notice that he's extremely low on life.

Just a moment later he proceeds to go from on fire running Man to flaming corpse just after he passes me by and rolls down the ramp... and I get a notification/quest update that I have failed the quest to keep him alive.

I'm not sure how to feel... I am livid having just spent 30 minutes in a difficult battle to keep him alive but I'm also feeling an intense bout of laughter. It's an emotional roller coaster and an intense dichotomy I'm not sure what to do with myself... Laugh, cry, yell(all 3?) I even saved this doofus's family from the magisters that were trying to kill them so they could be reunited.

So now I have the choice of redoing the entire battle or proceeding with that quest being failed and living with whatever the consequences are.

I think this guy is going to stay dead... He's too stupid to let live... But I'm also one who does my best to get the best result from every quest I can.

It makes me appreciate the design of the game very much, this being my first ever playthrough of this game. I expect the game to punish me for my mistakes(Divinity 2 spares no punches when I'm stupid). But this is the game punishing me for the game's mistake.

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Joined: Dec 2021
I remember being utterly frustrated when he literally just waited, then spent his last action points walking in fire in order to do enough damage to himself to die.

Anyway, make sure to stay in dialogue for long enough for the fire to burn out next time if you're going to save him.

Just as a side note, you can save him without heals or even living on the edge, on tactician, with one melee character one ranged on lone wolf, because deadeye's signature crossbow will obliterate the large fire oozes.

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