Hi dear gamers. I'm new here. Anyone still playing Divinity 2 Dragon Knight Saga/Developer's Cut? What do you think about this game? I want to write my thoughts about game. This game one and only Divinity game by Larian Studios which is not isometric. I think this game is best Dragon Themed RPG ever for me and my favourite #1 game. This game have good gameplay,combat system and story. But..... D2: DKS have one uniqual thing which I love that so much;become the dragon,battle with dragons..
When I ask about this game in RPG groups or to any RPG fans even Divinity fans they don't know about this game and one thing which always make me sad, whenever I talk about "Divinity" even about Divinity 2: Developer's Cut, most rpg players thinks of "Original Sin".it is strange.. This game is real hidden gem. I think this game don't deserve treatment like this.What do you think about that why this game such underrated? I wish Larian Studios will release Remake of this game one day or sequel game like Divinity 2..
but I want to write about one another issue.. probably there will be no Divinity 2 Ego Draconis Remake or sequel game like Divinity 2 after Origianl Sin 2 success. But..... if there would be mods for this game? Because there is no mods for this game.
for example I love Damian's armor in the game but we cannot use. There are not any blacksmiths or merchants selling it. There is no other way to get it. I think you know which armor I talk about. Awesome. İsn't it? This is just a simple example. With mods, we could add new graphics, new mechanics, new armors, new skins and even different dragon skins to the game. İmagine it guys. What do you think about it? Actually I'm not a modder unfortunately. I just wanted to say my opinion. Have a good one

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