Hello there,

I noticed three recurring graphics problems:

- When you first meet Lae'zel there's supposed to be a close-up of the Intellect Devourer, but every time it just shows an empty space on the floor and the players left foot.

- In the first fight immediately afterwards, there are imps in another area on the next floor/level (when you enter the room to your left) that are shown floating in mid-air when you walk near/below them.

- A minor observation: The "Stranded fisher" needs to have a look at his sleeves at armpit height, there are very noticable graphics issues (sleeve movement: it just drifts in and out of the torso/jacket.)

Lastly, I assume the Tieflings tail is a well known issue, but I'll say it anyway: When in camp sleeping, the tail vanishes into the ground. It would be nice if that got fixed as well...

Nevertheless, great work, Larian!