I played DOS:2 about 10 times... (there is no other game I love so much like this one )
Its nice to find some hidden things, but there are some open questions I like to solve somehow (I play always the story mode, dont like dificult fighings)

1. Never manage to save some seekers while dallis attack the lady veneance (I try so save exter to have a trader) Is there a way to save some of them? I put barels of water and other things in the center of the ship, but those people always stand on the position dallis attacks first.

2. is there a way to save Gareth parents without make Gareth angry?

3. I never manage to save the Blackring members near the Blackpits Harbor. I try to keep them alive because I read they will help you a bit in act 3 somehow.  

4. Is there a usefull way to use the anathema?

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