My partner and I are trying to play Divinity 2 together on the switch and it’s been very frustrating, could really use some help.

I already own the game on PC. I had to buy the game on my Switch again to do this.

We tried to play split screen only to discover that it’s a feature missing from the switch version. Major bummer.

Next we tried to download the game on her switch with my account and play that way, using the Local Wireless option. Wouldn’t let us both run the game at the same time.

Then I realized that I bought the game, meaning on my accounts primary switch, any account can play the game. But on her switch, only my account can. So we got the game running on both Switches and I hosted a game using the “Wireless” option. It appeared and she tried to join but got this error.

Joining failed: This lobby isn’t available for you to join. Ask the host to give you access to the lobby.”

There’s no option for Wireless hosting to give a specific person access, it’s just an open or closed slot, so at this point I assumed it’s just a hard stop to prevent local play on the same purchase of the game. So reluctantly we spent another $50 to buy the game with her account. But the issue persists! What gives?? We are on the same WiFi network and it’s a powerful 1GB+ fiber network. What am I doing wrong here?

We do not have a Switch Online Subscription but I only get popups saying this is necessary when I try to use the “Online” options.