I'm very new here and in the Divinity engine in general. I've watch some tutorial video and read some other in the wiki btw.

I planed to learn step by step and have begin to create a simple map, just to familiarize with the engine, and I already encounter some problems/questions.

- I've tried to import my map in the game, to see what it's look like in it. I can select the mod, but each time I launch it, I've a black screen after the character creation. If I press "Escape" then the HUD appear and I can go on my character, but it's not on my map. And no matter where I click, I have the message "Out of reach".

I've done almost nothing in the story editor except add the "FortJoy-CharacterCreation" to my journal and change the code as below :


// level name, start point trigger, name of movie to play (if any)

Don't know if someone can help me with this.

- I've saw some things in the engine, creatures in particular, with the mention "DONOTUSE". Is this a reminder for the developers or this stuff can't be use in any project for some reason ? If yes someone can tell me why ?

- I'm surprised to see so few adventures mod created. The game have a good reputation and community it seems and they give us a engine to do it. In comparision of the Bethesda games for example, there are almost no mod for Divinity. Is the Divinity Engine that hard to deal with ?

Thanks in advance to the people that will help me =)

PS : Sorry for the english, not a native speaker.

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