My wife and I have loved playing this game. Initially neither of us liked the camera/character movement methodology which seemed clunky and irritating affecting our early overall UX.
However, once you get used to it, like many things, it becomes second nature. We played through the entire game in story mode and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Little did we know that we not only had missed all kinds of mini side quests and loot but we had no idea just how valuable having Resurrection as a given spell was!

We chose to play through again, this time in Classic mode (currently nearing the end of Act II). It's a wholly different experience and much more challenging. Like any good gamer, we enjoy a challenge but we have found in the second half of Act II that many of the enemy NPC engagements are terribly one-sided making the enemy NPCs seem ridiculously OP. Ignoring for a moment, notable crazy hard fights like Alice Alisceon or The Eternal Aetera in the Ancient Temple most engagements are eminently overcome if you have a reasonably balanced group, think about strategy, placement and prepare for many save-points.

However, we have found some notable engagements where the enemy NPCs are unreasonably overpowered. Allow me to present an example, Cullwood Mills. The fight at the logging mill with SlumberJack, Elixir Mixer, HoneyHook and, most notably, SnakeRoot and Mummie Dearest.

After many saves we eventually found that the optimum location to approach the start of this fight is on top of one of the platforms at the entrance to the logging mill. We quickly became irritated and ultimately incensed (on multiple occasions) at how the named NPCs, particularly Mummie Dearest and SnakeRoot, during their turn could not only walk most of the way across the entire lumber mill courtyard from their start positions AND climb up the tower to us and then STILL have enough AP to smack the $#!% out of us at least once before passing to the next player or NPC player. Not only that, but they consistently cast/execute a minimum of three spells/attacks and on some occasions four or even five. This is in ridiculous contrast to what we as players can do!

Sat atop the platform, Ifan with his bow, could not even get close to reaching the start positions of these NPCs, and that's with great gear, 90% bonus damage from elevation and extra reach from Farsight, yet they walk all the way up to us and still have enough AP to attack? Really? Unless you play a character with high Finesse, have you ever tried moving more than 1 or 2 feet? it will cost you 1 to 2 AP just to do that. Sticking with Ifan for the moment, he has never managed to see more than 4 AP per turn unless buffed, which is two arrow shots at best! We also noticed that SlumberJack (who uses a bow) was able to shoot Ifan from the ground, at the same range Ifan was able to shoot him back from being atop a platform/tower. Not only that, but the resulting arrow from SlumberJack hits for damage typically 2.5x greater than Ifan's best Huntsman spell.

Anyway, you get the idea. I won't belabour the point. Suffice to say that 'fairness' goes out of the window in several key fights in Classic mode which brings in to question balance. It's off!

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