I am not on my computer right now. I am using my tablet as I write this. It’s a struggle, but I just have to write now. My heart is bursting with joy.

In my youth, I was exposed to Japanese role playing games of which I loved. I still play them. But my first real experience with English/western/European RPGs was back in 2010 when I first bought the disc version of Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. Back then, Larian didn’t really explode yet.

I started playing Divinity 2 and immediately felt how “weird” it was. Compared to Japanese RPGs, nothing about the game felt “light”. The environment was gritty, the monsters were grotesque, and somehow, the people in it (NPCs) felt “real”. Being from JRPGs, I instinctively tried to endlessly grind through respawning, repetitive monsters, but to no avail. The game was tough as nails and your character truly feels like a newbie at the start. And grinding, in the JRPG sense, didn’t exist.

After getting the hang of how it all works, I was hooked. I played and played and played some more. I beat it, and we all know how Ego Draconis ended.

Wow. Just wow. Amazing game.

Over the years, I ventured into other games. I fell in love with Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, and many more. Perhaps it’s nostalgia or perhaps Larian is just awesome, but nothing, not even my favorite JRPG has ever matched the emotions that this game (now the complete Dragon Knight Saga) gave me. The acquisition of the Battle Tower, the charm of the beginning hamlet, the thrill of successfully annihilating whole flying fortresses and many more such experiences have etched this game deep into my very heart and soul, forever giving me fond memories of power and ecstasy. No game is quite anything like it.

As I met new people in my life, I soon learned that video games were no longer a niche activity. They were becoming the norm. I often got heartbroken as the majority of gamers I’ve met throughout these years had never heard of Divinity 2. Slowly, I realized that these were casual gamers. The true gamers of the world, the ones with a legitimate passion for role playing games, were all basically Skyrim fans… You either have “people who don’t play RPGs” who play Fortnite or Call of Duty, or you have “people who play RPGs” who play nothing but Skyrim. I very rarely meet true Larian fans (though I have met them before).

But things change. Original Sin was a success, and its sequel was even more successful. And now, some of my close friends are all Original Sin fans. This very company, the one who gave us the power of the dragon, has become a producer of Triple-A games. And now I can finally say with confidence… My favorite RPG, Divinity 2: DKS, was created by none other than Larian Studios. The same company who received a perfect score from GameSpot on one of their games and the same company who gained the privilege to work on Baldur’s Gate 3.

May Larian become a force to be reckoned with. She has my support.

Thank you for reading.