So my partner and I are a little over half way into our play through of Divinity II. We took a break for a week or two after playing daily.

New when we try to play, the game freezes and then crashes. It happens consistently when a 2nd player(me) joins split screen co-op AND either play opens the save/pause menu.
You can open the menu as a single player, and you can play split screen... so long as NO ONE opens the save/pause menu.

If we try to just play the game normally, split screen, it eventually crashes anyways.

This didn't happen at all for the first 40 hours of the game. Is there a fix for this? frown

(Also: every time the game freezes and crashes, the 2nd player's side of the screen goes black with a blue 3D polygon in the side. It's odd looking.)
(Also also: part of the issue SEEMS to be that tutorials have turned back on. Usually the game crashes before we can turn them off.)

Any suggestions are welcome. Error code from PS4 is CE-363229-3.