Hi, I an kind of new to games so please bear with my lack of knowledge.

My game is crashing on cutscenes. Any cut scenes, even with the view intro option in the opening screen.

If it was a thing of not being able to watch the cutscenes it would not be so much of an issue because I could find the scenes in Youtube, the problem is I am in the part where Janus kills the Council of Seven and it seems that the cutscene is inevitable.

So I can't continue playing.

I tried;

- uninstall and reinstall the game in a different hard drive

- uninstall the game, download and install the RAD Video Tool, because of the .bik files, then install the game. After I installed the RAD Video Tool I was able to click and watch the videos in the Bink video player, I could not play the videos before (like in Windows Media Players).

- click on the launcher, go to properties and;                 
- change the compatibility to Windows 7, 8, XP (Service Pack 3), then back to the default XP (Service Pack 2).                 
- Click the, Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution                 
- Run this program as an administrator is selected                 
- Disable fullscreen optimizations

- Change my monitor resolution to 640 x 480 (using the Windows Tool).

- Installed K-Lite Codec Pack

- Using the configuration tool I change the rendering system to Software, which it changed the "PMode not determined" to Smoothness

Now, in the link


mentions that I should try to uninstall my current codec pack by going to the Programs and Features in the Control Panel, but I don't have the slightest clue which one is a codec pack.

The closest thing I could find/see was by using the System Information: Components/Multimedia/Video Codec but that only tells me some path and a file name, not something I can uninstall, plus it tells me of 5 video codecs, so which one is the one to uninstall?

Also in that page it recommends adding FFDSHOW audio/video Exceptions but, I do not have ffdshow in my PC. I did downloaded and try to see if it made any difference but nothing changed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated smile

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