Hello, everybody

I've modded a few games in the past to improve my experience and I would very much like to do the same to D:OS EE. Thing is, I'm not very experienced at using the Divinity Engine.

What I would like to accomplish is seems very straightforward: add enemies to the game. I'm very fond of the six man party mod and it adds a few enemies to offset the larger party. But I would like to add further enemies to the game.

I've gotten to the point where I can some enemies to battles. I still can't script them popping out of the ground or appearing out of nowhere, but it's enough for now.

My issue is that I don't really see how I can test this in game. While the editor has a game-simulator, it is rather limited, and the changes I produce won't show up until I start a new game (which isn't at all convenient). So, unless there's something I am not aware of, I have to rely on the engine's game simulator to get a feel for what the battles might be like.

Then there's a second issue: The higher number of enemies will result in increased XP, which will result in higher levels. Is there some table I can use to lower the XP values gained from enemies just enough to maintain some balance? I read somewhere that stats are in a specific file that can be easily accessed. Could someone kindly point me to it?

Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm rather inexperienced with the engine, so I don't really have much know how to work with.