So, first post here and alredy got a brainstorm I need to dampen by posting it here. Been on my mind for a long time.
Enjoying Early Access, very hooked and got easly immersed into BG 3. Fantastic so far!

I do play D&D tabletop and got a bunch of characters made, but yeah... most if not all are not recreatable in-game yet... hopefully after release, someday. Yes I often use the expanded source material from: Fizbans Treasury of Dragons, Tashas Cauldron of Everything and Xanathars Guide to Everything. Only my Dwarf could be recreated in-game since Tempest sub-class is in Player Handbook afaIk.

1 x Shield Dwarf Tempest Cleric

1x Drow Fighter Psi Warrior

2 x Human Rangers. One is Gloom Stalker, the other a Drake Warden

1 x Topz Gem Dragonborn Draconic Bloodline with Amethyst Gem Ancestry <<<<--- Yeah... this, THIS I do hope, you Larian can, lets say get creative freedom by officially include into the game some time AFTER release. By creative freedom I mean you can slot Gem dragon ancestries into the avaiable list of Dragon Ancestries for Draconic Bloodline. Its an oversight WotC didnt update the Sorcerer Origin in Fizbans ToD from the get go but I heard it was space issues, time and yadda.

Same for the aspects of Ranger Drake Warden sub class . Another miss. Here too, only Chromatic and Metallic ancestries with dmg types/ resistances are shown in-book for " avaiable " aspects for your Drake companion.

So basically what I wish/ suggest for AFTER release is:

1: You expand Baldurs Gate 3 content with using source book material from: Fizbans Treasury of Dragons, Tashas Cauldron of Everything and Xanathars Guide to Everything

2: You can add the Artificer class and its 4 sub- classes

3: Add the three more distinct sub-races/ species of Dragonborn alongside its Universal/ standard one. These three be more distinct Chromatic, Gem and Metallic. Then we can have 4 distinct Dragonborn sub races to play around with. Just fine tune the Standard mishmash sub race Dragonborn. And dont forget Gem ones with their breath weapons as well.
I love gems! ( amateur, aspiring gemmologist here ) Bonus objective on hiking trips to search for quartz etc!

4: While not listed in the Player Handbook from 2014 OR in Fizbans ToD. Slot in and add GEM Dragon ancestry to the list of Draconic Bloodline dragon ancestries with resistances, damag types and what all else it brings for this Origin. Call it a " homebrew " by you Larian Studios or something :P
The Gem dragon ancestry dmg/ resistance types are:
Topaz: Necrotic
Amethyst: Force
Emerald: Psychic
Crystal: Radiant
Sapphire: Thunder

None of these are " op " or " up " or whatever. So no excuse to gate any. F. example. Force dmg type ( aka Magic missiles dmg type ) are VERY potent, few monsters resist it etc, but also, the drawback is that Force dmg spells are very few.
Necrotic on the other hand is VERY useful as a resistance type vs Undead, but good grief its lousy to use say a Topaz Dragonborns necrotic breath weapons against the unliving. Great as resistance, poor as weapon vs undead. Exception, Chill Touch spell to som degree.

5: Same as above but for the Rangers Drake Warden sub-class. Add to the list of dragon type regarding dmg type/ resistances your drake reflects. In this case. Gem types

For curiosity sake look at all em awesome Dragonborns out there! Imagine recreating similar in Baldurs Gate 3
Standard/ Chromatic/ Gem/ Metallic Dragonborns etc

NOW! Getting that relieved off my mind...
At launch, I do hope we get to choose to set our Ability scores by using not only Point Buy but also:

1: Standard Array
2: Roll for Scores! IMO the most fun but, yeah surely also the one with most potential to be " op " with. But hey thats the fun!
Also the ONLY method I can possibly recreate my TT D&D characters

And lastly, of course I hope to see the Dragonborn at launch. I highly suspect so but still. My favorite race to play as!

Thanks for reading and checking!


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