i run divinity original sin 2 definitive edition on mac os ventura 13.3.1 on an imac pro

everything was okay until a game crash. i run divinity on mac os ventura. when starting the game, the larian logo won't show itself (but you can hear the sound), and then you go on the main menu screen but without any menu. one can still interact with the options of the menu with the keyboard but the menu is not visible, only the background landscape.

i tried to enter the game (i know the key sequences by heart) : the game show ups, but not the windows nor menu. i have deinstalled the game in steam, i also have deleted the /documents/larian studios/ folder, and reinstalled the game.

i precise that when i activate the HDR rendering option, the problem seems solved but the graphics are not rendering good, everything is too dark (except larian logo and loading screen)

could be since i move to macos 13.3.1 but i am not sure at all this would be the cause. i have another mac (macbook pro) with the same OS and the game works fine.

but is still behaves this way. anyone has a solution for me ?