I love the game on PC and so I decided to buy it for iPad as I read up and saw that you could play with touch or gamepad or a mouse. I wanted to play with mouse. Downloaded, it looked almost exactly like the PCs game and worked great but.... the next time I would go into the game, with my mouse enabled, it would go into touch mode and I could not get it to go into mouse mode. I would try rebooting the iPad, have the mouse enabled in the OS, start the game, click to start everything with the mouse and... it reverts to touch.

I, of course, went online and tried every single suggestion people had, restarting the game, going into settings, changing the mouse to an actual wired mouse connected to the iPad, etc and the same behavior.

My suggestion is easy, just have a toggle to enable mouse mode that over rides the auto detect feature. Other than this single issue, the game worked great! I even tried touch mode and, I give credit to Larian for doing a great job with it but it was so awkward and slow vs. mouse.

Even if you don't take this feedback for DS2, if you ever make a BG3 iPad version, please please add the toggle! I want to give you my money!