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Hello everyone,

Today we’re releasing our first major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, addressing over 1000 bugs, balancing, flow issues and much, much more.

So what can you expect from this update? Well, we’ve eliminated issues like NPCs who sometimes spot you when they really shouldn’t be able to, floating items like mugs and newspapers that should abide the laws of gravity, and the conclusion to Shadowheart’s romance scene not triggering for some players, among others. With expansive systems come many unknowns, so our support team continues to work with you to relay any issues to us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further reports.

Patch 1 also tackles a few visual bugs, and sprinkles on more post-launch polish. We’re bringing back Short King Summer with better kissing contact for short races!

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You won’t be waiting long for Patch 2, which is right around the corner. This update will feature significant performance improvements - but we’ll go into more detail about that closer to its release.

In the meantime, did you know that collectively you’ve played over 200,000,000 hours of Baldur's Gate 3 since launch? That’s over 22,000 years!

The most popular class choice is currently Paladin, followed by Sorcerer, while the award for least popular class goes to Cleric.

Human and Elf characters reign supreme in Faerûn, followed swiftly and unsurprisingly by Half-Elf. On the opposite end of the spectrum we find Dwarf, Gnome, Githyanki, and Halfling. We get it, they’re not exactly the most ethereal beauties of the Realms but they’d still form a rad metal band.

For now, as we focus on fixes, thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and continuing to share this adventure with us.


  • The
    will no longer leave you stranded in
    the Morphic Pool
  • Starting to use the boat to go to the
    Morphic Pool
    , sending that character to camp, and then using another character to make the journey will no longer block you from progressing.
  • Fixed a bug where listening in on a conversation as Player 1 and then exiting the dialogue prematurely could result in not being able to interact with anything anymore.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Reaction UI to not work correctly and potentially block progress in combat if you save the game in the middle of a reaction.
  • Fixed loot in corpses sometimes not appearing in multiplayer until an item is dragged onto the corpse.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to get a Game Over screen after helping Downed party members.
  • Fixed the Helm of Arcane Acuity crashing the game. The condition is now capped to 7 stacks.
  • Attacking an NPC during a dialogue after being Downed will now get you arrested rather than giving you a Game Over screen.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in an infinite falling loop.
  • Fixed an issue with Marcus being resurrected by players hitting him with a dual-wield attack - the second hit will no longer revive him.

Story Flow and Logic
  • Wyll should be able to talk about
    Ravengard being at Moonrise Towers
    , and will no longer have an exclamation point above his head without having anything new to say.
  • Wyll should now be able to tell you what to do next if
    is killed and he has an exclamation mark above his head.
  • Ravengard
    no longer addresses non-tadpoled characters as True Souls in
    Wyrm's Rock
  • Shadowheart should more easily follow up on her proposed romance moments in Act III.
  • Fixed conditions being updated before a savegame finished loading. This, for instance, caused
    the hag
    to have 0 HP if loading an autosave created when entering the Lower City, preventing you from progressing through related quests.
  • Fixed Karlach not going to camp after
    being freed from the Wyrm's Rock prison
    if your party was full.
  • Jaheira and Minsc's paths are tied after you save Minsc, so if you've forsaken him, Jaheira should now follow after him.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to break up with Astarion without meaning to.
  • The drider will now recognise that you're with him when reaching Moonrise Towers if you start following him in the middle of his route.
  • Art Cullagh and Fist J'ehlar no longer get so scared of bears and spiders that their quest breaks.
  • The Zhentarim will more consistently use the mines after their allies have fallen back to safety, and will no longer actively try to blow themselves up by checking active mines.
  • Minthara no longer references irrelevant topics or passes judgement on companions more than once.
  • Fixed the dialogue flow when dating Minthara.
  • Fixed Minthara's body disappearing at camp after you decide to
    bring a sweet moment to a terrible end
  • You can no longer recruit both Halsin and Minthara to camp in the same playthrough.
  • Changed several precise map markers into more appropriate general area markers, such as for investigating
    , investigating
    the cellar in the Blighted
  • Village
, and finding
Halsin at the Goblin Camp
  • Made it less ambiguous that you're starting a romance with Gale when choosing certain dialogue options.
  • During Gale's spell-teaching scene, you now have the option to picture a future with Gale that falls somewhere in between kissing him and kicking him in the head.
  • When confronting
    Raphael in the House of Hope
    will no longer target his own pillars or allies with
    Flames of Avernus
  • The
    Rescue the Grand Duke
    quest should now receive a proper update about
    the duke's
    whereabouts, regardless of the way the quest started.
  • Fixed an issue where using non-lethal attacks on Auntie Ethel would still kill her.
  • You can now opt to respect the privacy of the bugbear and the ogre outside the Blighted Village again. Don't get in the way of real love.
  • Fixed a level design quirk that would allow you to use a spell like Misty Step or Dimension Door to skip part of the main quest sequence in Act II.
  • Fixed an issue where the Baldur's Mouth headline about a cute cat could get accidentally overwritten.
  • If Wyll isn't recruited, he will now recognise Avatar Karlach and initiate dialogue.
  • Made sure
    can always interrupt Wyll, no matter where he runs off to.
  • Throwing a single coin at the beggars will no longer damage them.
  • If Dolly Dolly Dolly curses you with the A Clown in Town condition for making her angry while inside the Moonlantern, she will now paint your face. That'll teach you.
  • The Zhentarim at the Goblin Camp should now be more tolerant if you approach them.

  • Balance
    • Made gold bounties more generous in several containers across the game.
    • Increased players' HP bonus in Explorer Mode from +50% to +100%.
    • Fixed the Freecast tadpole power to properly reset on Long Rest. It was creating infinite spell slots and Sorcery Points for sorcerers.
    • Arcane Tricksters' Mage Hand Legerdemain now does not expire until destroyed, and does not lose Invisibility on Long Rest.
    • You can no longer have multiple Mage Hands active at the same time.
    • The Shield reaction can no longer be used while Silenced.
    • Fixed not being able to create 5th Level spell slots from Sorcery Points.
    • College of Lore bards can now pick which additional skill proficiency they receive. Bards that are already of the College of Lore need to respec to get this choice.
    • Made sure proper spell DC is applied during multiclassing.
    • Added spells to bards' Magical Secrets feature: Banishing Smite, Animate Dead, Crusader's Mantle, Hunger of Hadar, Revivify, Sleet Storm, Rage of Enfeeblement, Web, Entangle, Hunter's Mark,
    • Sanctuary, Thunderous Smite, Bone Chill, Eldritch Morphic Blast, Fire Bolt, Ray of Frost, Sacred Flame.
    • The Club of Hill Giant Strength now increases Strength to 19 and not some puny 15.
    • Fixed a bug with ranged enemies reapplying Hunter's Mark constantly, even when not needed.
    • Warlocks' Pact of the Chain summons now get to use their Extra Attack more than once.
    • Fixed NPCs sometimes spotting you even if they're not supposed to be able to.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple rolls trigger if you walk along the edge of a cone of vision.
    • Danse Macabre ghouls will no longer kill you when you Long Rest.
    • If you make a successful Saving Throw against a poison, you will now gain immunity to that specific poison for 2 turns.
    • Grym,
      the Protector of the Forge
      , now deals more damage in Tactician Mode.
    • Meenlocks are now immune to the shadow curse.
    • Increased the HP and AC of
    • Lorroakan
      can no longer cast
      his signature reaction spell, Elemental Retort
      , when silenced.
    • Helped Minthara remember how to use her weapons.
    • Fixed enemies targeting you from above through the ceiling in the
      Gauntlet of Shar
    • Enabled trespass warnings for any additional characters that trespass after the first instead of immediately triggering combat.
    • Fixed NPCs attacking outside of their turn when combat starts during forced Turn-Based Mode.

    • Fixed dialogue notifications, like approval ratings and roll results, disappearing too early.
    • The Launcher will now remember whether you chose DX11 or Vulkan.
    • Fixed the incorrect amount of gold being displayed in all UI menus if the amount is too large.
    • Fixed spells like Hex randomly shifting in order, causing you to misclick if you're moving and clicking around intuitively.
    • Fixed players who are merely listening in on a dialogue being able to skip lines - only the speaker can now do this.
    • Fixed an issue with Camp Supply values for the second local player in multiplayer if they joined during a game. Long Rests will, alas, no longer cost nothing.
    • You can no longer interact with another player's inventory (e.g. send multiselected items or use their items) if their inventory is locked.
    • Fixed the critical hit text sometimes not appearing.
    • Improved the performance of the minimap when new map markers appear or old ones disappear.
    • Dyed armour will now appear in the right colour in the Level Up screen.
    • Halsin's Wild Shape tooltip will now correctly call him a cave bear.

    • Fixed the modesty filter not working on dragonborns.
    • Fixed earrings on tiefling female strong character models.
    • Added a Controller Style option, which allows you to override which controller's icons are displayed.
    • Fixed an issue causing the clown makeup to not only not appear on Lae'zel's face when applied, but also remove her characteristic tattoos and makeup.
    • Invoke Duplicity now works as an identical copy of your character. And they're not naked.
    • Fixed a leather helmet, a metal helmet, and the Helmet of Smiting floating on some character models.
    • Undergoing
      partial ceremorphosis will now rot your
    • Lae'zel's underwear will now more accurately reflect the colour of dyes used on it.

    Cinematic Scenes
    • Made fixes to kissing scenes with the Origin characters across the game, for example to make sure physical contact is made properly, to account for shorter races, and to account for uneven ground.
    • Made sure
      Dame Aylin's
      armour and
      are correct in the scene where she
      kicks Lorroakan's butt
    • Fixed items like mugs and newspapers floating in the air during dialogues - the characters holding them were correctly hidden but the items themselves weren't. Ghosties begone!
    • Fixed Scratch's position so you can try to get that ball out of his mouth. Whether he'll let you have it is another matter.
    • Improved Volo's aim during your
      ice pick lobotomy
    • Lae'zel no longer floats up and down during your dialogue where you discuss dating.
    • Made sure Wyll has room to
      no matter where you're camping.
    • Fixed some cameras that couldn't contain the force that is Astarion in a dialogue with him at night at camp. Also tweaked and added facial expressions where needed.
    • The
      red dragon
      you see through the telescope in the Emerald Grove will no longer remain blurry after you pass the Perception check.
    • Fixed a camera position when Karlach hugs you for the first time after getting her upgrade.
    • Fixed the mind flayer not appearing in the cinematic dialogue with Dror Ragzlin if you manually trigger the dialogue.

    Loot and Trade
    • Traders who stock dyes now also stock dye remover.
    • Made Lady Esther available to trade with after you've completed her quests.
    • Fish vendors now have more fish to sell. That new bait must be doing the trick!
    • Popper the kobold at the circus now sells more oddities.
    • Lady Jannath will now have artsy items to trade.
    • Skeletons around the Selûnite Outpost no longer have fresh food in their inventory.
    • Lohse's portrait is now reachable, chief.

    • Updated the credits and reformatted them into two neater columns.
    • The Digital Deluxe DLC's D:OS2 bard songs are now also granted to companions as well, instead of just player avatars.
    • All the extra bard songs from the Deluxe Edition will now be available even if you use Lohse's Lute of the Merryweather Bard from the Deluxe Edition.
    • DLC rewards will no longer get removed if you load a save with that DLC not installed. Any rewards that were removed due to this will be restored.
    • Steel Watcher idle sounds no longer take up streaming bandwidth.
    • You can no longer climb the Shambling Mound.
    • Optimised the walking bounds of Glut so that it navigates the world and the battlefield better.

    • Fixed a crash on loading savegames that had party followers with what we call 'local items'.
    • Fixed a random crash when going to Long Rest in the camp on split-screen.
    • Fixed a crash in Vulkan API.
    • Fixed textures trying to load in twice when they were requested again while still pending unload, which could cause a crash later on.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying projectiles.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the Sunlit Wetlands
      illusion dropped
    • Fixed an issue with cross-save that prevented players with unstable internet connections from creating or loading a savegame.
    • Fixed clients getting stuck on the loading screen when attempting to join a host game with mods running.
    • Fixed a crash related to interacting with the transponder on the nautiloid and then opening the Character Sheet or Party View.

    • Fixed the game thinking you have two controllers and entering split-screen if you connect one controller via Bluetooth and then also plug it in physically.
    • Fixed save and load warning messages appearing for non-host players and overlapping on the controller game menu in split-screen.
    • Fixed multiple issues when, in a multiplayer game, a client leaves a game during a roll in a dialogue.

    • Fixed not being able to end turn in combat when a character kills an enemy while outside of combat.
    • Multiclassing into ranger now correctly provides proficiency in martial weapons.
    • Increased the HP of swarms in the Guildhall to bring their totals more in line with level expectations.
    • Fixed
      the Toll Collector's visages
      not attacking you if she can't initiate combat herself.
    • Adventurer Rosanna in the Flophouse is now Level 5 instead of Level 1.
    • The Voiceless Penitent in the Lower City is now a Level 10 paladin. A worthy opponent.
    • Githyanki will now move position when Crèche Y'llek turns hostile.
    • Harper Donner now has the Ability scores and proficiencies of a proper wizard.
    • Made sure certain bushes in the wilderness and the swamp in Act I don't block projectiles during combat.
    • Fixed
      the Slayer Form
      not receiving an AC bonus from killing marked targets.
    • The ambushers in the
      Temple of Bhaal
      were ambushing and hiding too well. They now correctly wait in ambush or leave, depending on whether their leader is alive or dead.
    • The rats in
      the Gauntlet of Shar
      should no longer scurry to lower depths after you've engaged them in combat.
    • Fixed
      the hag
      using an incorrect spell during one of her phases and tweaked the damage values for the spell that she should have been using.
    • Made the assault at Moonrise Towers a little less unforgiving if
      Jaheira is alone or dead
      and you don't have the
      Harpers to help you
    • Fixed the Flaming Sphere having an Attack of Opportunity.
    • Fixed an infinite damage loop between The Oak's Father Embrace and Justiciar Avengers in Tactician Mode.
    • Fixed Archfey warlocks not being able to use their warlock spell slots if they are a lower level than regular spell slots when multiclassing.
    • Fixed the Sneak Attack reaction not working if a melee finesse weapon is not equipped.
    • The Durable feat now has the intended maximum Constitution of 20.
    • Fixed some Smokepowder Arrows having an incorrect weight and price.
    • NPCs are now less likely to attack Spiritual Weapons.
    • Fixed Spiritual Weapon and Spirit Guardian receiving a to-hit bonus in Tactician Mode.
    • Spiritual Weapon upcast to 6th Level will now have the correct 36 HP when spawned.
    • Second Wind and Lay on Hands healing amounts now correctly scale with class level rather than overall character level.
    • Fixed characters trying to move into combat position if they're casting a spell, so they no longer move back and forth from their combat position and spellcasting.
    • Mimics will now react to being attacked from afar.
    • Using the
      'Call Forth Allies' summons
      no longer causes allies to enter combat hostile towards you.
    • Allies now always join combat no matter the distance they are from enemies when summoned.
    • Whirlwind no longer requires Concentration and has been reduced to 3 rounds.
    • The Owlbear Wild Shape will no longer lose access to its Rage charges at Level 8.
    • Spiders in the Goblin Camp should no longer stack on top of each other when they're trying to bite their victim.
    • Minthara is no longer immortal for the entirety of the attack on the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed goblins rolling Initiative while in combat and skipping their turn at the Goblin Camp checkpoint.
    • Halfling cultists in
      Crèche Y'llek
      now wear leather armour.
    • Fixed the combat AI timing out and ending the turn due to the game trying to create a puddle when it wasn't possible.
    • Reduced the flesh golem's attack damage in Explorer Mode.
    • Tweaked the relationship between goblins and spiders: goblins will react if you attack the spiders, but the spiders don't care much for the goblins and won't join their combats.
    • Fixed Auntie Ethel dying instead of getting Knocked Out even when Non-Lethal Attacks are toggled on.
    • In Tactician Mode, meenlocks now have increased Dexterity and Constitution stats, as was intended.
    • In Tactician Mode,
      now have an Extra Attack.
    • In Tactician Mode, Houndmaster Pol's dogs now have a Terrifying Howl action.
    • Gremishkas' Panther Polymorph now has Jump.

    • Dragonborns' Breath Weapon attack now scales with your character level and uses Constitution as its Saving Throw.
    • Made sure
      Kith'raki Inferno
      can only be used once, as intended.
    • Sapped
      characters now always fail Dexterity and Strength Saving Throws.
    • Fixed Pommel Strike being able to knock out characters that are immune to being knocked out.
    • The
      Winged Horror Claw
      attack no longer paralyses undead.
    • The Magic Weapon spell upcasted to 4th Level or higher now grants the correct bonus value.
    • Corrected the DC of Death's Head's Stunning Gaze, and fixed the distance in the description (which said 9m instead of 18m).
    • Fixed the Feared condition causing a Saving Throw even when the affected character is in the direct line of sight of the source of the Fear.
    • Added a workaround for cases where casting the Silence spell caused the game to freeze for long periods.
    • Fixed certain savegames where you cannot talk to any or certain NPCs after the Silence or Garotte spells were used.
    • Multiattack spells such as Flurry of Blows should now only trigger
      the Netherbrain's Psionic Rebuke reaction
      when the final attack is landed, instead of after the first attack.
    • Fixed Minor Illusion and Invoke Duplicity causing an infinite loop of starting and ending combat.
    • Symbiotic Entity now works with unarmed attacks.
    • Wild Magic Surge: Retribution now also works for ranged attacks.
    • The Crusader's Mantle action now shows the aura radius during its preview.
    • The Telekinesis spell now works correctly when you attempt to use it from the hotbar.
    • Fixed the Sword of Life Stealing's effect not triggering when dealing a critical hit.
    • Insect Plague now correctly rolls a Constitution Saving Throw each turn to deal full or half damage. Characters will also make a Saving Throw if they walk into the Insect Plague for the first time each turn.
    • Fixed Shield of Thralls being able to stun allies.
    • Ki Resonation Blast targeting now shows the correct 5m AoE around the target.
    • Fixed Stinking Cloud not reapplying its condition to characters that had the condition on the previous turn.
    • Fixed Silence blocking casting Ice Knife.
    • Mystic Carrion's
      canopic jar
      condition is no longer removed on his death.
    • Fixed the Exposing Bite condition being removed on any attack instead of only melee attacks.
    • Fixed the Cloud of Daggers spell sometimes not being considered a hostile action and not starting combat.
    • Fixed the Stoneskin spell granting resistance to magical damage - it should now only provide resistance to non-magical damage.
    • Fixed the Prepare and Brace weapon actions requiring 75% movement to be available. Also fixed the associated misleading 'Can't be Immobilised' warning when that happens.

    • You now gain XP for enemies destroyed at the end of the lakeside ritual by Last Light.
    • Entering
      the city sewers
      from a certain location now gives the same exploration XP as other routes.
    • Added XP rewards for the area around the
      Mason's house in the Shadow-Cursed Lands
      . Because you deserve it.
    • When defending Halsin's portal, individual enemies now give less XP.
    • Fixed a bug allowing you to use the Knock spell to unlock magically protected doors in
      Cazador's dungeon
    • Fixed the Oil of Combustion exploding after its condition expires.
    • Fixed the Wall of Fire area of effect not matching the target indicator.
    • A Scroll of Summon Quasit should now drop even if the container that held it was destroyed.
    • The Planar Ally: Cambion fire surface no longer creates a fire surface on death.
    • Made adjustments to balance Danse Macabre and fixed the School of Necromancy version to summon creatures correctly again.
    • Crystals in the Astral Prism can now only be broken with
      the Orphic Hammer
    • Certain skeletons in Crèche Y'llek will no longer be highlighted when pressing the Alt key.
    • Fixed a vase that was creating a water surface that could not spawn.
    • Fixed a potential performance issue caused by one of the turrets beneath the Emerald Grove.
    • Gave the prison guards at Moonrise Towers more fitting staves.
    • Updated the situation involving Nettie's poison so that you can use Alchemy rather than her cauldron.
    • Doozy the Dunce will now actively look for his ring in the mud.
    • You can now cure
      the zaith'isk debuffs with tadpoles
    • Partial and full
      now remove the
    • Shar
      will no longer
      clone the tadpoles themselves
      in the Mirror Trial.
    • Made it easier to select Cloakers and made them sneakier at Sneaking.
    • Added some generic headlines back into the Baldur's Mouth gazette if you generate a lot of papers.
    • You should no longer need to disarm the Crushed Spike Trap near the nautiloid crash site.
    • Fixed Undead Thralls not using increased proficiency bonuses at higher levels.
    • The cambion from the Infernal Rapier can now be dismissed.
    • You can no longer use Dimension Door on creatures that are Grounded.
    • The Transmuter's Stone's cooldown can now be reset by the Potion of Angelic Slumber.
    • Fixed the
      Trial of Courage
      being half as long as necessary, dead enemies staying in the combat, and some characters not joining the combat.
    • Fixed a Perception check not triggering correctly in
      the sewers near Basilisk Gate
      due to a line-of-sight issue.
    • Fixed the Encumbered condition not always reacting correctly to changes to your weight.
    • Characters that leave the location you're in will now have their summons dismissed.
    • Using the ladder in Zevlor's secluded chambers is no longer forbidden.
    • The sloop at
      Moonrise Towers Prison
      will no longer leave with you even if you choose to stay.
    • Increased the range at which restoration pods work
      in the High Hall
      so that you can reuse them on party members who were standing far away when they were first used.
    • Fixed characters floating or squatting when they become visible, for example after cinematic dialogues.
    • Fixed Contagion Poisoned disappearing after one successful Saving Throw during Stage 2 or Stage 3.
    • Fixed Mind Sanctuary allowing a free action if you didn't have any before entering the aura.
    • Fixed the Sharpshooter feat not applying its penalty to off-hand ranged attacks.
    • Characters will now sheathe the Everburn Blade when idle.
    • Fixed the Twisting Vines surface expiring early instead of ticking with combat turns.
    • Fixed the Wavemother's Robe not providing Cold resistance.
    • Wild Shaped players can no longer run around the final confrontation with
      without triggering a reaction.
    • Fixed Concentration not updating correctly after you load into a new region.
    • Fixed Wild Magic: Vine Growth not triggering correctly for barbarians.
    • You can no longer avoid
      by sneaking or being shapeshifted when interacting with him.
    • Added a Perception check to a particular still life painting in the Lower City.
    • Fixed a bug where switching characters right before a cinematic would cause the cinematic to not play.
    • Talking to Topaz no longer consumes a Wild Shape charge.
    • Fixed spells that should work on allies sometimes not working on certain party members.
    • Fixed a bug where if a player character or NPC stops being affected by a Silencing spell, they can no longer talk to anyone.
    • Fixed Minsc not following your party even if he's grouped and recruited as a companion.
    • Tweaked the Action Surge achievement to only allow specific spells to count multiple times.
    • Fixed a black screen appearing at the end of the tutorial if a dead avatar is in a companion's inventory.
    • Adjusted the outer bounds of the Nyrulna trident.
    • Made some especially repetitive overhead dialogues in the Emerald Grove less annoying.
    • Fixed the Crawler Mucus and Malice poison flasks applying weapon coating when thrown like a grenade, instead of applying their poisonous condition like other poisons.
    • Fixed Wild Magic: Protective Lights not highlighting affected allies.
    • Fixed Fist of Unbroken Air not applying fall damage when pushing the target.
    • Fixed some keybind options that weren't working and removed some old ones.
    • You will no longer be thrown into the Moonrise Towers jail if the emergency lever has already been activated.
    • All broken Moonlanterns, not just Nere's, can now be investigated in a dialogue.

    • The 'The Best Offence is Virtually Nonsense' background goal for soldiers is no longer missing from the game.
    • The 'An Apple a Day Keeps the Scalpel Away' background goal for soldiers is no longer unlocked at the wrong moment.
    • Fixed the 'Not Another Soul' background goal sometimes completing after the wrong combat.
    • Fixed an issue where killing the mind flayer at the nautiloid crash site triggered the 'Fresh Kindle for the Fire' background goal. Now it correctly triggers 'To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Tentacled Dreams' instead.
    • During the attack of the Emerald Grove, Lump and the ogres will no longer attack Cerys.
    • Fixed the elevator summon stones in
      the Gauntlet of Shar
      remaining active even after the elevator has arrived at its destination.
    • The Guardian of Faith in Crèche Y'llek will no longer reappear after you've killed it.
    • We've asked Shadowheart to be more careful with the mysterious artefact and not let guards take it from her when being sent to prison.
    • Made various improvements to how the gith react to combat in Crèche Y'llek.
    • Fixed a potential softblock that made it more difficult to find the
      self-destruct code
      for the
    • Fixed some issues with the hostility of the eagles on top of Rosymorn Monastery: they will now be hostile when summoned, and will no longer be hostile if you enter their nest without being spotted.
    • Added a fade between the Dark Urge and Karlach's dialogue
      with Gortash and his main dialogue during the inauguration
      at Wyrm's Rock.
    • Fixed an issue where killing Nere, Wulbren, or Karlach with Necrotic, Cold or Acid damage would result in failing quests to
      get their heads
    • Fixed a bug with
      not attacking the Dark Urge and Karlach immediately after they choose to
      attack him in Wyrm's Rock during the inauguration
    • Fixed Gortash talking about 'clearing up mysteries' twice if he is confronted by the Dark Urge and Karlach and they agree to listen to him.
    • You no longer need to pass a Survival check to find the
      Brewer's alchemy stash
      after learning about it from
      his research notes
    • Priestess Gut should now be more careful with her Potion of Sleep and not put it up for sale or drop it on death.
    • You no longer need to pass a Survival check to find the
      secret stash of the blue jay near Rosymorn Monsastery
      after it reveals its location.
    • Florrick
      now understands that if you're sneaking around
      her cell at Wyrm's Rock Prison when trying to rescue her
      , the sneaking is for her own benefit.
    • Fixed Astarion talking about things that are no longer relevant.
    • Removed an incorrect line when Companion Astarion meets Ulma after
      killing Cazador
    • Fixed a rare edge-case where the Dark Urge could
      miss the battle at the Temple of Bhaal, meaning Bhaal should have been disappointed, but they would also end up being able to choose whether to accept or resist Bhaal
    • Fed Three-Piece, Bad Twin Bubbins, and Carlorina the Wolf some more lines.
    • Fixed the game sometimes not recognising that the party has met Karlach.
    • Tweaked an endgame dialogue flow in case Karlach is in the party and
      not a mind flayer
    • Karlach will now enter a rage even if she was defeated and resurrected while fighting the paladins, as long as she is near where the fight happened.
    • Karlach will no longer ask Lae'zel about
      being betrayed by Vlaakith in Crèche Y'llek
      if it didn't happen.
    • Characters with the Dual Wielder feat will no longer see their weapons duplicated in
      one of Shar's trials
    • The
      statues in the Gauntlet of Shar
      will no longer have an option to give Shadowheart permission to
      undertake the trial
      if she did not ask for it.
    • Fixed some flow issues in dialogues with the Dark Urge and Minsc.
    • Fixed
      the hostages
      getting stuck and not
      running to the submersible
      if you
      left the Iron Throne when warned by Gortash
      and then returned later.
    • Fixed not being able to speak with Volo in Act III if you poisoned the goblins' brew while Volo was performing on stage at the Goblin Camp and you didn't save him afterwards
    • Fixed Mayrina appearing in Baldur's Gate if you gave her to the hag in Act I, and fixed some savegames with this bug in them if you hadn't progressed through the related quest in the city.
    • Fixed the hag being hostile to players from the beginning of Act III.
    • Steel Watchers will now more correctly and consistently choose sides
      (e.g. fight alongside mind flayers in the outburst)
      in different states of the city of Baldur's Gate.
    • Fixed the dead
      family members in Ambrust's House
    • Jaheira and Minsc's paths are tied after you save him, meaning that if
      you've forsaken him
      , Jaheira will now
      go after him
    • Fixed the owlbear cub not becoming a camp follower when it should due to choosing certain dialogue options in its scene at night.
    • Fixed an issue causing the post-credit scenes to be skipped in old savegames.
    • Your Dream Visitor now asks you to gather your allies if you use a waypoint to leave the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    • All players are now presented with the option to
      destroy or dominate the Netherbrain
      regardless of the presence of the Dark Urge.
    • The Spear of Night marker should be removed now upon finding the room it is stored in.
    • The Dark Urge now has a specific flow when talking to Minthara after
      killing Orin
    • You can no longer ask Avery Sonshal about Felogyr more than once in the Lower City.
    • You no longer need to unlock the printer again if you haven't changed the headline yet after unlocking it once.
    • Fixed Art Cullagh sometimes talking about someone as though he isn't right there in the room.
    • Fixed a bug where Halsin would fail to return to the Emerald Grove even though he said he would meet you there.
    • Fixed repeating lines in the dialogue with Chell during the celebration at camp.
    • Gale's mirror image that invites you for a private conversation should no longer talk to companions.
    • Elminster should no longer repeat his lines if you send him to camp and leave him there for an extended period of time.
    • Fixed some potential instances of party members becoming neutral to each other.
    • Auntie Ethel's
      illusion at the entrance to her cellar
      should no longer appear inside the walls.
    • Added fading to the transitions between Kagha's dialogues and the druids' assault on the tieflings.
    • Bugthimble now exclaims before turning hostile if you interact with her coffin.
    • Fixed some flow issues in dialogues with Jaheira.
    • Made sure the coffin maker now takes the money you offer him.
    • Fixed not being able to talk to Origin companions about
      Ketheric after he escapes
    • Added a dialogue option to allow you to
      refuse Raphael and enter a Game Over state
      if you'd already
      refused him once before
    • Fixed a potential blocker when trying to leave the Astral Prism after you've decided how to
      deal with Orpheus
    • Tidied up the dialogue flow if you used the
      Supreme Tadpole
      but then chose to put it away.
    • Fixed the same dialogue with
      Orpheus in the Astral Plane
      triggering twice before you free him.
    • Lae'zel will no longer mention Astarion
      coming for your neck
      during the camp celebration if he hasn't revealed
      he's a vampire
    • Fixed an issue where bribing Klaus at the circus entrance didn't deduct gold from your inventory. No such thing as a free clown.
    • Fixed an issue where goblins could start a dialogue about you making noise and waking them up, even if the goblins have already left the camp.
    • Fixed a line for the drow in Sharess' Caress not recognising a client of their sibling.
    • Fixed being able to talk to Gale about his last night if you weren't there.
    • Fixed an infinitely looping dialogue with Sazza.
    • Fixed the Stormshore Tabernacle shrine acting as though you had donated, despite no donation having been made.
    • You can now tell Devella, after
      saving her from the serial killer
      , that you already
      killed Orin
    • Fixed a VO cut-off and potential dialogue blocker with the Inquisitor in the Knights of the Shield hideout.
    • Fixed a missing ready check for inter-region waypoint travel.
    • Made sure you go to a specific active camp for the camp night during inter-region travel.
    • Fixed one of Florrick's lines not playing after you rescue her from Waukeen's Rest.
    • You can update Ravengard on a certain request he had for you without having to go through his dialogue again.
    • Moved the location of
      in camp, so that his dialogue with Gale is a lot more likely to happen when we want it to.
    • You can now talk to the captain's wolves, Ur'uth and D'hak, using Speak with Animals.
    • Improved the flow for the Mage Hand and the gremishka in Crèche Y'llek, in particular making it harder for it to break out of its box.
    • Talking and submitting to the dying mind flayer near the crash site will now only kill the player submitting to it rather than all companions listening in.
    • You can no longer skip the 'spotted' cinematic scene of the skeletons in the Chapel crypt, and the fight will always trigger as expected.
    • Voss will now wait for you
      in the sewers
      if he promises to.
    • Fixed being able to talk to Wyll as though you'd already met and recruited him if you killed Karlach before the scene at the Emerald Grove gate.
    • Prior to the dialogue with
      , if
      her abductee
      was rescued by someone other than the Dark Urge,
      the abductee
      will now be teleported out so it doesn't break the duel when they wake up.
    • Failing to help Astarion with
      Raphael's quest
      now leads to him breaking up with you.
    • Isobel will stop repeatedly dragging you into conversation at the end of Act II.
    • Toobin no longer tells the Gondians to leave if
      they are all dead
      in the Steel Watch Foundry.
    • The telescope in the Emerald Grove won't show
      the red dragon
      anymore if the event with githyanki near the Mountain Pass has already happened.
    • Companions will no longer talk about saving the crèche from
      imminent destruction
      its destruction
      was never triggered.
    • Shadowheart will no longer talk about a fight with Lae'zel that did not happen.
    • Fixed the heroic statue from the circus sculptor Boney getting stuck in Karlach's tent in the farm camp. Also fixed it not appearing in the Elfsong Tavern camp.
    • Changed the positions of
      the orthon
      when he appears at the Lower City camps.
    • Fixed Boney, the circus sculptor, not letting you trade with him after the
      fight in the circus
      is over.
    • You will no longer take your summons with you when
      teleported to the jungle
      by the djinni.
    • Fixed a dialogue with Shadowheart in the Shadow-Cursed Lands showing an empty line if you triggered it twice.
    • Shadowheart will no longer try to flee when attacked while she is unconscious on the beach.
    • Fixed characters like Nine-Fingers and Minsc talking about Jaheira as if she's alive and recruited if she isn't.
    • Improved how
      handles crimes in the House of Hope.
    • Synchronised
      the destruction of Orpheus' chains
      more closely with the
      Orphic Hammer's
    • Freed prisoners from Moonrise Towers
      will now react to crimes committed by players.
    • Made sure no harmful conditions on
      the Emperor
      carry over from Act II to the endgame.
    • Adjusted the conditions for
      follow-up scene in Baldur's Gate.
    • Avery will now give you more potent free fireworks if your allegiances align.
    • Fixed Mirkon's dialogue not triggering after defeating the
      , particularly for Wild Shaped characters.
    • Jaheira is now always forced out of combat groups once she is recruited or the assault on Moonrise Towers is over.
    • Fixed Fezzerk maintaining his Surrendered condition after being looted and fixed fleeing characters from being considered permadead in certain cases.
    • Fixed Gale appearing in cinematic dialogues after his dramatic end.
    • Pandirna, the paralysed tiefling, can no longer witness the guard being killed to prevent the tieflings suddenly becoming hostile as Pandirna's witness report would happen off-screen.
    • Mol no longer repeats 'Kids! Scatter!' indefinitely.
    • Withers
      no longer re-engages you in dialogue from a distance after you've already entered the Watch Citadel in the Upper City.
    • Cal and Lia now react properly to Rolan's death while they're in Last Light.
    • Made sure you can talk to
      during the
      blood baptism
      if someone is standing in his way.
    • You can now use
      the key you can loot
      from Malus Thorm to
      free his patient
    • Fixed the flow for Anders' reaction after you fulfil his request to
      hunt down Karlach
    • Fixed Gale making the same comment every time you speak to Bernard.
    • Companions and dangerous Wild Shapes like wolves and bears won't stop the drider from escorting you to Moonrise Towers anymore.
    • Companions will now comment when talking to the entrance guards at Moonrise Towers.
    • You can now go through
      Varsh Ko'kuu's
      dialogue only once, so listen up!
    • Before the final fight, when playing as Gale, you can now properly address your companions (or lack thereof).
    • In the Elfsong Tavern, you cannot ask Lakrissa about Alfira if Alfira is already dead.
    • The Myconid Sovereign now gives you the intended explosive.
    • Fixed an issue preventing you from reporting to Manip Nestor about
      explosive toys in the barn before disarming or detonating them
    • Fixed an issue where talking to Manip Nestor after being caught by other guards could result in him sending the player to prison.
    • Volo will now appear at camp immediately after being saved.
    • Fixed Lae'zel triggering a discussion about
      the zaith'isk
      on certain camp nights before you've used it.
    • Committing two crimes at the same time will not always result in hostility.
    • When the Dark Urge wakes up
      with blood on their hands
      , this should no longer provoke attacks from camp followers and
      the victim's fate
      should now be clearer if the Dark Urge is
      killed that same night
      . The conditions for paladins losing their oath that night have also been refined.
    • Fixed companions mentioning a dead tiefling in the House of Healing in Reithwin even though there's only a dead goblin on the bed.
    • Ravengard
      will no longer react to crimes committed against Mizora.
    • Oskar will no longer linger in Jannath's Estate if Lady Jannath has kicked him out.
    • Oskar will no longer
      fight Kerri in the final combat
      ; instead, he will cower.
    • Lady Jannath will no longer talk to you as if
      the house is haunted
      if you've already
      exorcised Kerri
    • Shadowheart's approval will now be affected when you
      loot the cache
      in the owlbear cave.
    • If you don't intervene, Devella will no longer
      appear to die
      in the dialogue with
      Dolor and will be killed by the doppelgangers afterwards
    • After
      soliloquy, if you pick the Stealth dialogue option, you will remain in hiding after the dialogue.
    • Halsin now shows up in other characters' dialogues at camp at the end of Act II.
    • Fixed a repeated line in a dialogue with Wyll about his eye.
    • If Astarion has died, you can now report this to Gandrel.
    • After Mol alerts the guards about you, they will no longer approach with a crime dialogue multiple times.
    • Removed some references to the Sentient Amulet quest when interacting with
      the coffins in the Open Hand Temple Crypt
    • If you refuse to suffer
      the Mad Monk's madness
      in the Open Hand Temple Crypt, party members will be surprised by
      the ensuing combat
    • Minthara will now speak to you if you kill Sazza near her.
    • You can no longer tell Zevlor to do as Kagha says if she's dead.
    • The endgame dialogue that begins when
      dominating the Crown of Karsus
      will now play even if you have Downed characters.
    • Your Dream Visitor should continue to refuse to speak to characters without tadpoles in their brains.
    • Fixed an issue where deep gnomes would disappear after being saved in Grymforge and resting if you didn't talk to them, which resulted in the quest to save them being blocked.
    • Killing
      the Emperor
      at the end of Act II will now trigger a Game Over.
    • Fixed
      the hag
      in Act III being hostile by default if you attacked
      her in the Teahouse before she escaped to her lair
      in Act I.
    • Fixed an issue where Sazza gets stuck waiting at the entrance to the Goblin Camp if she was rescued from the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed an issue relating to Lump and the ogres killing Cerys if they were summoned during the attack on the Emerald Grove, and both Asharak and Zevlor are dead.
    • Quests to save Ravengard won't wrongly state that he is
      in the Iron Throne
      if you skipped
      Gortash's ceremony
    • You can no longer send items to camp during the endgame state.
    • Made sure Ravengard is
      at camp
      after you rescue him from
      the Iron Throne
    • Fixed Mizora's camp dialogue where she
      offers a pact concerning Ravengard
      not triggering if
      was knocked out during
      Gortash's ceremony
    • Fixed a crash when attacking
      Jaheira's children
      in a specific party setup.
    • Fixed a scenario where players in the endgame could kill
      the Emperor
      but would still continue playing.
    • NPCs no longer react to bard performances if the Bard is in combat: fixes spamming of reactions.

    • Improved the journal updates for Lae'zel in Act III.
    • Updated some objectives and entries in the Deal with the Devil and Save Hope quests to be more granular and precise.
    • Added a new quest step for when you kill
      finding Valeria at the Murder Tribunal
    • Halsin's Act I quest now closes with the correct update even if you managed to skip a couple of his scenes.
    • The Find Mystic Carrion's Servant quest will now close properly if you give
      Thrumbo or Thrumbo's jar to Mystic Carrion
    • Fixed an issue with the journal flow for The Hellion's Heart.
    • The journal will now know whether you already know about
      the three goblin leaders
    • A new journal entry will now unlock when you show
      Valeria the murder weapon
    • Made journal improvements for the Lifting the Curse quest so it's easier to know where to meet Halsin.
    • Jaheira's quest updates correctly in Act II now if you recruit her right away rather than waiting until Act III to update.
    • Fixed journal markers leading to hidden doors in
      the Goblin Camp
    • The journal now provides better guidance about what to do after
      freeing Minthara from Moonrise Towers
    • The journal and dialogues for Lae'zel in Act III will now correctly reference past events when she's left in camp.
    • Added a journal update for Lae'zel's quest when you find out how to enter
      the House of Hope
    • Improved journal feedback when progressing through Karlach's quest to upgrade her infernal engine.
    • Making a deal with
      the rats in the Gauntlet of Shar
      will only close the Break Yurgir's Contract quest when you
      discover their importance to Yurgir's contract
    • The journal updates regarding betraying Halsin are now more accurate.

    • Fixed an unpolished subtitle in a dialogue between Astarion and
    • Removed a spell description for Guiding Bolt that was unique to the controller UI. The same one is used everywhere now.
    • Added a lore description to the Ring of Murderous Opportunity.
    • Amended the Muddy condition description to mention slowing, not halting, affected targets.
    • Gave two Divination Wizard Prophecy abilities exciting names.
    • Fixed an incorrect dragon name.
    • Added text to indicate
      dragon landing spots
      in the combat at
      the High Hall
    • Fixed the names of levitating platforms in
      the Mind of the Netherbrain
    • Made several tweaks to tooltips for clarity and accuracy, such as the Divine Strike variants, Sneak Attack, and Kereska's Poison.
    • Updated the Danse Macabre tooltip to not mention corpses.
    • Fixed several text issues like typos and mismatches between subtitles and VO.
    • You can no longer bring up
      you know about her
      when talking to Gale after the camp celebration.
    • Rewrote a book to align more closely with dragonborn lore.
    • Updated the descriptions for Gale's and Astarion's camp clothing.
    • Altered Symbiotic Entity description to specify that the extra damage works on unarmed strikes too.
    • Warding Bond spell tooltip now mentions that the caster shares damage with their warded ally.
    • The Uncanny Dodge tooltip now mentions that it is a reaction.
    • The content should now correspond with the titles in the books about Selûne and Shar in
      the owlbear cave
    • Fixed some flow issues and reworded a dialogue option for Avatar Gale to make it clearer that Gale
      explodes on top of the Netherbrain alone
    • Fixed a blank dialogue option when talking to Halsin.
    • Updated the descriptions for the debuffs given by
      the zaith'isk
      to suggest a possible solution.
    • Reworded a dialogue option to make it clearer that you are inviting a kiss from Wyll.
    • Amended half-orcs' Savage Attacks to mention the correct amount of extra damage dice on a critical hit.
    • Clarified in the Illithid Powers tutorial pop-up that tadpoles are a shared party resource.
    • Cambions in the
      House of Hope
      are now called Vengeful Cambions.
    • Fixed the Blood of Lathander's Sunbeam tooltip incorrectly stating you can recast it in combat for free.
    • Rewrote Hunter rangers' Level 11 Multiattack ability to explain the separate attack rolls against targets.
    • Amended a Sage background goal to be less misleading.
    • Changed the incorrectly named 'Mirror Trial' to 'Self-Same Trial'.
    • Added an upcast damage description to the Cloudkill tooltip.
    • Fixed the upcast description for Gaseous Form.
    • Corrected the information on the Blight spell tooltip about the effect on plant creatures.
    • Avatar Lae'zel no longer ends up with only one choice in the confrontation with Shadowheart in camp.
    • Updated the lore description of the Floral Key to Fraygo's Flophouse.
    • Added a display name for a secret door in the Lower City.
    • Added dialogue options for players who don't have the
      Orphic Hammer
      to declare to
      the Emperor
      that they're going to try to find a way to free
      (so long as
      is alive and able to show up to offer that solution).
    • Added a subregion name for the
      Hag Survivor Basement

    • One of the chests in
      the Emerald Grove
      now has more treasure.
    • Fixed meenlocks not carrying any belongings.
    • Added some missing poison ingredients in
      the Brewer's stash
    • The Banite clerk
      at Felogyr's Fireworks will now sell free samples.
    • The Steel Watch Titan now carries Infernal Metal
    • Improved the loot for
      Auntie Ethel when she's in the city
    • Added treasure to the
      buried mound revealed by the blue jay near Rosymorn Monastery
    • Added more gold to the
      Risen Road Tollhouse treasure
    • Stonemason Kith, A'jak'nir Jeera, and Entharl Danthelon
      now sell Scrolls of Revivify.
    • Servants of Umberlee
      now carry more belongings.
    • Fixed a pouch in
      Wyrm's Crossing
      missing its treasure.
    • Filled the pockets of
      Shar's Sentinels in the Sharran Sanctuary
    • Added more valuables to the chest from the Rescue the Trapped Man quest.
    • Worgs now drop Worg Fangs.
    • There are now fewer empty bottles in alcohol-related loot.
    • Looting Kagha and
      the Shadow Druids
      is now permitted if you enter combat with them.
    • All gremishka nests will now have loot.
    • Looting the corpses of the goblins Wyll kills during the fight at the Emerald Grove's front gate is now permitted.
    • Alchemical elixirs aren't as rare for higher levels anymore.
    • Keys now cost 1 gold instead of 0.
    • Fixed being able to barter for the Hellrider's Pride reward.
    • Fixed magic items not spawning correctly at the traders in rare situations in Act I.
    • Slightly tweaked the frequency of Hyena Ear drops.

    • Skill proficiency selection has been fixed on both keyboard and controller.
    • Removed a frame delay at the end of the Origins' introductions during Character Creation.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip the Origin character introductions when they played.
    • Elf ears will no longer clip through helmets on the Level Up screen.
    • Fixed drow not receiving the Dancing Lights cantrip in Character Creation.
    • Fixed the voices of your Guardian in Character Creation appearing in reverse order when using a controller.

    • Fixed an issue where you could store items in containers that cannot be opened (such as destructive barrels).
    • Boxes of fireworks will now specify the damage that can be done if they explode.
    • Fixed a bug where adding items to the Chest of the Mundane changed the weight of an item.
    • Fixed an issue where the Chest of the Mundane stopped functioning as intended once you arrived in Wyrm's Crossing.
    • Fixed some unreachable items in the Underdark.
    • Fixed some unreachable items on a desk near
      the Slack-Skinned Head in the Necrotic Laboratory
    • Fixed several unreachable items in the House of Healing surgery room.
    • Fixed some unreachable loot on the nautiloid.

    • Fixed the Vitriol of Shadowroot Sac being displayed twice in the Alchemy panel.
    • Fixed the Crystalline Lens alchemical ingredient being highlighted in orange as an important story item.
    • Made it easier to tell which settings you can't change due to a previous choice.
    • Improved the formatting of the radial customisation pop-up.
    • Fixed some text overlap issues with the bonuses in the Active Roll screen.
    • Fixed various issues with the minimap render in several locations.
    • Specified that the Savage Attacker feat applies to melee weapon attacks.
    • Supreme and Astral
      are now properly highlighted in orange as story items.
    • Fixed the minimap not updating when walking into Last Light Inn.
    • Made it easier to understand which dialogue option was selected when listening in to a conversation in multiplayer and made sure it stays on the screen for longer.
    • Map objective text will now wrap if the line is too long.
    • Fixed layout issues with waypoints on the minimap and added extra messaging for when fast travel is blocked.
    • Unarmed Attack tooltips will now display bonuses correctly.
    • Added several tutorial entries back to the journal.
    • Fixed the icon and duration in the tooltip for Improved Minor Illusion.
    • Prevented containers from automatically closing when you click Take All if not all items are actually taken (for example if you're overencumbered).
    • Fixed item and spell bonuses being incorrectly displayed in the Roll UI for characters who are incapacitated in some way (e.g. unconscious, concentration broken).
    • Fixed some monk spell tooltips not displaying their Unarmed Strike boost bonuses.
    • Fixed tooltip titles and durations overlapping.
    • The tutorial for the Item Context Menu is delayed until the end of the combat at the Emerald Grove gate. (Kanon! No!)
    • Prevented the
      Orphic Favour
      aura from spamming overhead and in the combat log.
    • Fixed the Combat Log displaying the wrong tooltip for Psionic Backlash.
    • To avoid showing two very similar warning messages, we added a line that will tell you why you can't load or save the game if the reason for both is the same.
    • Fixed messages that explain why an action or spell is unavailable, that were only showing the cause, and/or that were not showing in the hotbar.
    • Fixed the Cloud of Daggers tooltip specifying the incorrect amount of damage when upcasted at 4th level.
    • Attempting to Long Rest when in a zone where it's impossible now shows the right error message.
    • The Short Rest tutorial will no longer pop up when you're at camp.
    • Made general optimisation improvements and clean-ups to the UI.
    • Updated the cooldown system of the hotbar to avoid certain actions being disabled after you use them once.
    • Fixed the Remarkable Athlete: Proficiency bonus not getting added to the active roll UI.
    • Fixed missing approval ratings in the Character Sheet.
    • Added Grant Flight's missing upcast description.
    • Fixed the Eyebite spell not displaying the condition in its tooltip correctly.
    • Fixed the
      Shar's Embrace
      condition missing an icon.
    • Removed the empty facial hair tab for drow in Character Creation, who can't have facial hair anyway.
    • Fixed the icon for emeralds.
    • Fixed Lightning Arrow not specifying the roll type in its tooltip.
    • Fixed the Shield spell tooltip specifying the duration of the spell incorrectly.
    • Fixed tooltips for Bardic Inspiration not updating their recharge time after Level 5.
    • Fixed 'throw' spells such as Telekinesis not showing their range in tooltips.
    • Fixed tooltips not reopening after you close pinned tooltips or the party line when using the controller.
    • Fixed 'Translation Not Found' showing for spell targets in the combat log.
    • Fixed one side of the Journal UI temporarily disappearing if a player exits split-screen while it is open.
    • Fixed several UI issues when playing with controller relating to panels and tooltips.
    • Fixed Origin portraits in Character Creation when playing with a controller after returning from the Guardian customisation screen.
    • Fixed the wrong Spell Save DC and Spell Attack values appearing in Character Creation when proceeding to edit your Guardian and then going back to edit your character.
    • Fixed the incorrect icon for
      Orin's dagger
    • The 'Unavailable: Spell not prepared' error message for reactions no longer overlaps other text.
    • Moved the error messages that tell you when you can't do something to the hotbar if the reason for the restriction is a condition.
    • Translated the Manage Experiences button for managing your Illithid Powers.
    • Improved the performance of the minimap when new map markers appear or old ones disappear.
    • Fixed a rare case of the Level Up UI not appearing.
    • Fixed passives and bonuses not showing up on the initial screen on Level Up for rangers of the Hunter subclass.
    • Added a campfire icon to the tutorial pop-up/window.
    • Cosmetically updated map warnings and made them less transparent.
    • Added a new icon to more clearly distinguish exiting camp and going to camp.
    • Fixed the Death Saving Throw UI disappearing after saving the game.
    • Fixed missing text for the Advantage reason for the Knocked Out condition.
    • Fixed some denizens of the Emerald Grove showing up as traders on the map even if they had nothing to trade.
    • Fixed the Salts of Copper Shavings recipe being listed thrice in the list of alchemical recipes.
    • Fixed the Active Search tutorial pop-up disappearing too early before you approach the gate to the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed the Active Search tutorial pop-up showing the wrong button prompt.
    • Small Shovels will no longer automatically take up a slot in your hotbar.
    • Removed the '0' that appeared for Concentration spells that don't expire after a specific number of turns.
    • Players using controller are now able to see their character tags correctly.
    • Players using controller will now be able to skip the Level Up intro animation.
    • Fixed a localisation issue for spellbook category names.
    • Fixed the icons for resources and reactions overlapping on the hotbar at higher levels.
    • Fixed the text about Concentration being cut off on split-screen when too long.
    • Fixed HTML tags being visible in the journal.
    • Fixed Feat selection during level up in some multiclass combinations while using a controller
    • Fixed the Encumbrance icon's height in tutorial messages.

    • Fixed unreachable digging mounds across the game.
    • Positioned the camp chests a little better at Moonrise Towers and the Elfsong Tavern.
    • Fixed an issue causing the shroud to not clear when you enter the
      Silent Library in the Gauntlet of Shar
    • Added some scenery to a small, inaccessible alcove in the Lower City to make it clear that it's inaccessible.
    • Fixed a small pocket in the Shadowfell area where no actions could be taken.
    • Made camera improvements in the
      hag's lair
    • Fixed the Crèche Y'llek entrance camera rotation so you face the correct way upon entering.
    • Fixed Kuo-Toa entrance camera rotation so you face the correct way upon entering.
    • Fixed some camera issues around the Cragged Rock in the owlbear cave.
    • Fixed some fading issues in the ogre and bugbear's barn.
    • Fixed moon vista shadows.
    • Fixed some floating items in the nautiloid crash site and a stretched texture.
    • Players will now be able to access
      the secret floor
      in the House of Healing.
    • Fixed a brazier in the Dank Crypt in the Chapel being non-interactable.
    • Parts of the gnoll cave won't disappear anymore due to a camera fix.
    • Guards outside will no longer incorrectly join the fight in Figaro's shop.
    • Fixed several fading and camera issues in Crèche Y'llek.
    • Adjusted the location of a diggable mound in
      Crèche Y'llek
    • Adjusted the location of a diggable mound in
      the Underdark
    • Fixed an incorrectly fading wooden walkway in the Wyrm's Crossing region.
    • Fixed a platform being stuck under the lava in Grymforge when trying to forge a second Adamantine item.
    • Fixed a roof fading bug in the Steel Watch Foundry.
    • The door leading to
      the Shadowfell in the Gauntlet of Shar
      is now protected by Arcane Lock.
    • Opening
      the Ornate Mirror in
      the Blighted Village
      will now clear the shroud beyond it.
    • The Crimson Draughts subregion of the Lower City now spans the entire house.
    • The portal to the House of Hope will now be visible even after travelling back to the Lower City.
    • Fixed floors being darkened on the minimap when entering Last Light.
    • Created taller triggers when changing floors via jumps and ladders to fix the minimap briefly showing the wrong floor.
    • Fixed the wrong floor textures showing up on the minimap behind the waterfall by the Goblin Camp.
    • Fixed some floating rocks in the owlbear cave.
    • Fixed the minimap not matching up precisely with where the stairs are in the Upper City near the High Hall.
    • Tweaked the hover visibility of a secret crumbling wall in
      Crèche Y'llek
      so it's not as easy to find.
    • Added a minimap marker for the entrance door to the Chapel so it's easier to find the way out.
    • Added missing quest details to the map for The High Harper.
    • Tweaked the placement of some objects in
      the High Hall
    • Shifted the placement of a tiny hole in
      the High Hall
    • Fixed the fading on a skull that hangs on a post.
    • Fixed some fading issues around the barn where you find the ogre and bugbear.
    • Fixed a fading terrain issue in Waukeen's Rest.
    • Fixed a gap in the ground outside Rosymorn Monastery that would make it look like you were walking in the air.
    • Fixed some stairs in the Undercity Ruins getting visually cut off too early, which made it hard to climb up them.
    • Fixed a cage on the upper floor of Danthelon's Dancing Axe not fading away when you're on the floor beneath it.
    • Fixed a table not fading away in Fraygo's Flophouse.
    • Fixed a chain not fading away in the Audience Hall at Wyrm's Rock.
    • Fixed a beam not fading away and a floating cage in Auntie Ethel's Teahouse.
    • Fixed an area where you could get stuck by a window in the Selûnite Outpost in the Underdark.
    • Fixed several item fading issues in Candulhallow's Tombstones.
    • Fixed certain areas of the Grymforge lava not dealing damage.
    • Fixed some floating objects and terrain paint in the Underdark.
    • Made the quest marker for the Iron Throne more suitable in the Save the Gondians quest.
    • Made one of the map markers in Moonrise Towers secret.
    • Updated an incorrectly named map marker in the Chamber of Loss.
    • Fixed issues with unwalkable areas in and around the
      behind the Emerald Grove.
    • Shadowheart's
      childhood graffiti
      now shows up on the wall properly.
    • A goblin corpse in the Whispering Depths no longer clips with the terrain.
    • Using the doors to go into the inner Goblin Camp shouldn't rotate the camera as much.

    • On higher framerates, fixed an issue where sometimes the open/close sounds of doors would play after the door had finished opening/closing.
    • Fixed Karlach's animations not playing correctly before her recruitment dialogue.
    • Updated skinning on footwear.
    • Dismissing familiars doesn't pause anymore before actually dismissing.
    • Fixed body parts going through the Wavemother's Robe.
    • Fixed a hairstyle that was showing visual artefacts when the head moved around on the strong male body type.
    • Fixed a seam between tiefling bodies and their tails.
    • Adjusted a half-orc neck type so it doesn't clip with armour.
    • Tweaked a male human head so it fits better with the strong body type.
    • Fixed eyelashes clipping on tiefling children.
    • Updated the placement of piercings on Tiefling head types.
    • Piercings will no longer be seen through the Mask of the Shapeshifter when worn.
    • Fixed meenlocks T-posing when killed.
    • Improved the fit of certain gloves and armours.
    • Adjusted a male human head so it fits the strong body type better.
    • Adjusted a half-orc head to avoid clipping with armour.
    • Adjusted a tiefling child head to avoid their eyelashes clipping and added custom emotion poses.
    • Fixed the hitbox of the cloaker, and improved their sneaking animation.
    • Made it look a bit more like Gothric Rilyn came out of his coffin rather than appeared out of nowhere.
    • Fixed the incorrect combat animations playing for Lae'zel.
    • Fixed animations not playing on NPCs when seeking invisible player characters.
    • Fixed large skeletoids like Death Shepherds using the wrong walking animation.
    • Fixed Karlach playing the wrong prepare animation for Reckless Spell when she's not Raging to fix her weapon clipping through her head.
    • Fixed broken head animations for the displacer beast.
    • Improved the fit of male and female tiefling tails for the strong body type.
    • Fixed a gap between the tail and the body on strong male tieflings.
    • Updated the trousers for female vampire spawn to reduce stretching at the cuffs.
    • Fixed clipping on Ring Mail for male characters and a collapsed stomach on Scale Mail on male halflings.
    • Fixed female half-orcs' shins disappearing when wearing the barbarian outfit without shoes.
    • Fixed floating and clipping headwear.
    • Fixed stretched paws on cats and dogs.
    • Fixed Raphael T-posing upon death.
    • Cleaned up some jerky movement in the torsos of male humans.
    • Added a fix to stop some animations from popping when a character's bodily attitude changes during cinematics.
    • Fixed some missing animations for allies during
      the endgame

    • Fixed some light streaming through a crack in the cave wall in the background image of the Main Menu screen. (We mushed some wet clay between the rocks and that seems to have done the job.)
    • Added blood and dirt to the mangled dwarf corpse in the ogre hut.
    • Fixed a belt clipping with padded armour on strong and half-orc characters.
    • Fixed a texture seam on the drider's chest.
    • Fixed Martina Kostaka's skirt clipping when she walks around.
    • Fixed
      having a translucent hood. So much for anonymity.
    • Updated
      Duke Stelmane's
      visuals to ensure her look is consistent.
    • Removed Stonemason Kith's clown makeup.
    • Dressed some (unintentionally) bald and naked Absolute Cultist corpses in
      the City Sewers
    • Fixed Stonemason Kith's sleeves clipping through his gloves.
    • Removed Grundril's clown makeup. We're not sure how the heat of Grymforge didn't melt it off.
    • With human female strong and female half-orc body types, fixed lower legs becoming invisible when wearing certain barbarian armour, and no shoes.
    • Fixed clipping on hobgoblin NPCs wearing clothing.
    • Fixed clipping on Keren's shirt in the circus.
    • Fixed the Unwanted Masterwork Scalemail looking stretchy on strong female body types.
    • Fixed Karlach wearing a bra that wasn't hers.
    • Updated Ffion's appearance to look more like
    • Aurelia the vampire spawn's eyes will now be red as opposed to white.
    • Fixed a seam on
      Dame Aylin's
    • Tweaked how our colour system interprets Lae'zel's trousers to make dyes work better on them.
    • Fixed some gaps in male githyanki plate armour.
    • Fixed some helmet hair.
    • Fixed certain clothing and shoes not showing your chosen skin colour.
    • Fixed characters' hair floating away from them.
    • Fixed the inside of the collar of Shadowheart's camp clothes being transparent.
    • Tweaked the art for some collars.
    • Tweaked how our colour system interprets Gortash's clothes to make dyes work better on them.
    • Added a missing symbol to the portrait of Vlaakith in Crèche Y'llek.
    • Removed symbols from weapon textures to avoid their misinterpretation.
    • Fixed the barrels next to the hyenas along the Risen Road clipping with a cart.
    • Created a new version of the mask worn by Iron Consul Nuff to avoid clipping on half-orc faces.
    • Made a minor adjustment to Gale's camp shirt.
    • Made Minthara's camp top ever-so-slightly less revealing.
    • Added extra cliffs around the tollhouse vista as it was showing the edge of the world.
    • Fixed several instances in Crèche Y'llek, the Underdark, and the Gauntlet of Shar of the scenery disappearing when moving the camera inside cliffs at certain angles.
    • Added a ceiling to the tollhouse basement to fix fading issues.
    • Upscaled a low-resolution texture for some mushrooms in the Underdark.
    • Filled up a gap in the rock formation beneath Moonrise Towers.
    • Made sure the door leading to Shadow-Cursed Lands from
      matches the one in the cinematic dialogue.
    • Fixed a floating heavy stone in the owlbear cave.
    • Added visuals for old, mouldy pouches.
    • Fixed some blurry landscape decor in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    • The main doors in Wyrm's Fortress don't scale down anymore after being destroyed.
    • Fixed a visible seam on the terrain textures in the Emerald Grove.
    • Changed the colour of Ketheric's throne in Moonrise Towers.
    • Added a new colour variation of the clown makeup for the 'A Clown in Town' condition set by Dolly Dolly Dolly.
    • Added new visuals for if you're cursed by Dolly Dolly Dolly.
    • Improved the background art around Baldur's Gate, particularly in the scene about the identity of
      the Emperor
    • Fixed Gale's trousers at camp clipping with his shirt.
    • Fixed invisible arms on Kressa Bonedaughter.
    • Fixed makeup colours appearing on random parts of dragonborn heads in Character Creation, like their hair and horns.
    • Fixed Porter Juxon's clipping belt.
    • Fixed a dark section on Mizora's dress.
    • Fixed clipping issues for different races wearing the Bonespike Gloves.
    • Fixed circlets causing hair to phase through hoods.
    • Tweaked the position of the tent in the Emerald Grove where you can find Auntie Ethel because she was hard to spot.
    • Fixed some stretched terrain visible from the cliffs by the beach behind the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed several minor issues with items in the apothecary's shop in the Blighted Village, like floating bottles and inaccessible bottle racks.
    • Fixed some floating and clipping books and notes.
    • Fixed some floating scenery in the owlbear cave.
    • Fixed several visual artefacts and glitches in the Guildhall.
    • Fixed Astarion's cuff laces clipping through his worn gloves.
    • Fixed the Icebite Robe missing its texture when equipped by female dwarves.
    • Fixed a visible seam on Sharp-Eye Sluck's neck.
    • Optimised the lighting in the High Hall.
    • Added fancier waste bins in the Baldur's Mouth Gazette building.

    • Made several mixing adjustments across the game.
    • Tweaked the audio to make it sound like vocalisations are coming from the head rather than the body in several dialogues across the game.
    • Polished character vocalisations in several dialogues across the game.
    • Adjusted audio levels for breathing sounds in several dialogues across the game.
    • Fixed a sound issue with the
      Malus Thorm
    • Fixed a sound issue with
      Withers rising from the tomb
    • Fixed a sound issue with
      Ketheric in the assault on Moonrise Towers
    • Fixed an issue with fading during
      Ketheric's fight on the rooftop
    • Fixed music cues in Lae'zel's confrontation with
    • Added several tweaks and polish to music cues throughout.
    • Fixed a music transition in Astarion's scene in the
      ritual room of Cazador's palace
    • Removed music during the
      final scene with Withers. Silence for the dead, please
    • Music will now be muted during dialogues with companions and solo avatars in the endgame.
    • Adjusted the audio levels for the music in some fight scenes.
    • Extended the music to play through the whole credits.
    • Increased volume on music during the
      boss fight.
    • Added sounds like screams, grunts, and laughter in various dialogues where needed.
    • Updated the music states during the Crèche Y'llek destruction sequence.
    • Fixed the music and ambient sounds in Character Creation not stopping when a split-screen player disconnects.
    • Fixed the music stuttering during the credits.
    • Removed excess bass from the ping sound.
    • Fixed an issue with fire causing some other sounds to not play properly.
    • Updated character vocals and footsteps.
    • Optimised performance by stopping sounds that are so quiet that they're inaudible anyway.
    • Adjusted the background noises and levels of the nautiloid
      in the Upper City
    • Adjusted the mixing on some of the Level Up, Inspiration Point, and UI sounds.
    • Adjusted the mixing and background audio in the dialogue where Omeluum
      enters your mind to talk about the Iron Throne
    • Mixed the audio in the intimate scene with
      the drow at Sharess' Caress
    • Adjusted volumes in the cutscene where you first step out of the pod on the nautiloid.
    • Added some pained breaths for Petras.
    • Fixed the music for the goblin festivities at the Goblin Camp continuing to play after everyone's left for the raid.
    • Added some sound resources for the owlbear cub.
    • Lowered the music volume in Karlach's scene after
      defeating Gortash
      so the dialogue can be heard better.
    • Adjusted the music volume in Karlach's
      final scene
    • Fixed the wrong music playing during the Crèche Y'llek
      destruction sequence

    • Made SFX fixes and polish in dialogues across the game.
    • Adjusted SFX, ambiance, and music levels during several dialogues in the Colony and at Wyrm's Crossing, the Lower City, and camp.
    • Mixed the SFX for dialogues in the Stormshore Tabernacle, Philgrave's Mansion, Cazador's Palace, and the House of Hope.
    • Added new SFX and adjusted the positioning of voices and other sounds in one of the endgame scenes.
    • Fixed the SFX getting cut off when
      Ansur uses Stormheart Nova
      in combat.
    • Removed some unneeded SFX in the dialogue with Astarion after combat with
    • Updated the mixing in the scene where you
      confront the Netherbrain
      for a better balance between music and SFX.
    • Added unique SFX for Detect Thoughts to distinguish it from entering people's minds using your tadpole.
    • Added SFX for sounds made by creatures like hyenas, ravens, and flesh golems.
    • Adjusted audio levels and SFX in several places across the game, like for armour, kissing, and punching.
    • Fixed the SFX for entering someone's mind being too loud in several scenes across the game.
    • Fixed gate SFX triggering late after combat in
      Cazador's palace
    • One of the male Origin voices will make quieter pain sounds during the
      incubus romance in the House of Hope
    • Fixed the wrong SFX for items being moved in the inventory.
    • Fixed the wrong SFX when looting containers.
    • Fixed missing SFX for both dragonborn and half-orc crossbow animations.
    • Fixed missing SFX for cage door closing and opening.
    • Fixed missing SFX for Step of the Wind's Disengage and Prepare actions.
    • Fixed missing SFX for preparing bards' Flourish spells.
    • Fixed missing SFX when entering the Countercharm aura.
    • Fixed missing door SFX.
    • Fixed missing SFX for the Umbral Transporter in the
      Gauntlet of Shar
    • Fixed missing SFX for the minotaur's Charge action.
    • Fixed missing SFX when destroying the Umbral Tremor portal in the
      Gauntlet of Shar
    • Fixed missing SFX for gnolls' Soul Offering action.
    • Fixed the SFX for Nature's Step being too loud.
    • Fixed missing SFX for when the ogres in the Blighted Village disappear.
    • Fixed looted containers making the wrong sound.
    • Fixed missing SFX for fairy rings.
    • Fixed missing SFX for the bell that summons
      Balthazar's flesh golem
    • Fixed missing SFX for preparing Wild Shape: Water Myrmidon's Healing Vapours action.
    • Fixed missing SFX for the Ice Knife projectile.
    • Fixed missing SFX for the Githyanki Parry passive.
    • Fixed missing SFX for preparing Wild Shape: Panther's Prowl action.
    • Fixed missing SFX for repulsion mines in Crèche Y'llek.
    • Made several other minor tweaks for mixing and missing SFX.
    • Tweaked the SFX during Gale's dramatic end with
      the three Chosen in the Colony

    • Crawler Mucus and Drow Poison cloud surfaces now show a visible cloud effect.
    • Removed smoke VFX above the Lodge as there is no longer a chimney.
    • Fixed VFX not rendering on some scenery.
    • Assigned some paladin effects and animations to Minthara's Soul Branding buff.
    • Fixed a fire not coming directly out of a brazier in the Undercity Ruins.
    • Fixed missing VFX during gameplay for the Scry Screen in the Steel Watch Foundry.
    • Fixed missing VFX in the scenes before and after the combat at
      Cazador's palace
      and some issues with decorations.
    • Fixed overly bright lava VFX in the cutscene in Grymforge where you turn the valve, and fixed other VFX spawning into the shot abruptly.
    • Fixed some low poly VFX decorations covering the pods on
      the Netherbrain
    • Adjusted the VFX on
      Lorroakan's palm
      in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Fixed a trail of light coming out of Dolly Dolly Dolly inconsistently.
    • Added missing VFX to the Brewer scene.
    • Fixed Karlach's flames during her recruitment dialogue not dying down on certain paths.
    • Made some VFX tweaks to the scene with Malus Thorm and the nurses in the House of Healing.
    • Fixed the VFX we use for tadpoling into people's minds remaining after
      the mind flayers are defeated
    • Added missing VFX for tadpoling into people's minds in the scene in
      the Iron Throne where Wyll and Ravengard are reunited
    • Added missing VFX for tadpoling into people's minds in the main dialogue with Minsc.
    • Fixed VFX issues in the dialogue after combat with
    • Fixed the lighting on magic weapons in cinematic dialogues.

    • Made general improvements to cameras, pops, mocap and staging in many dialogues across the game.
    • Added custom touches and polishes to many dialogues across the game.
    • Cleaned up the mocap in many dialogues across the game.
    • Fixed a twisting forearm in one dialogue and a twisting elbow in another. No NPCs were harmed in the process.
    • Fixed the position of
      Orin's daggers
      in her
      Temple of Bhaal
    • Fixed issues with
      mocap in her
      Temple of Bhaal
    • Fixed some arm positions for strong male humans, for example when drinking with
      the Brewer
    • Added a new animation for Shadowheart's romance for better continuity.
    • Fixed a barrel clipping with
      the Brewer's pipes
    • Your tentacles
      no longer clip with your armour when you
      undergo complete ceremorphosis
    • As Astarion, fixed popping and clipping issues in his
      'hunger' scene
      at camp.
    • Fixed dragonborn avatars blocking the camera when they wake up in camp because
      Astarion is biting them
    • Ensured everyone makes it to their bedroll when they aren't feeling well without clipping into each other.
    • Added some idle animations for myrmidons and elementals.
    • Fixed Jaheira's jittering in her dialogue with Tate.
    • Moved
      Cazador's staff
      away from the camera in the dialogue before combat.
    • Fixed the Strange Ox in the Watch Citadel rearing up at you oddly, flipping upside down, and blinking at you as though nothing's wrong.
    • Fixed animation issues in Shadowheart's romance scene.
    • Smoothed some pops during transitions between lines while romancing Shadowheart. Lord knows you need all the help you can get.
    • Fixed some mocap issues in the dialogue after combat with
    • Fixed the drider's jittery legs when you find and talk to him in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    • Improved streaming in textures and model details in the
      Nightsong flight
      cinematic scene.
    • Overall, prevent character animations popping when going in and out of cinematic scenes.
    • Fixed dragonborns' arms flipping in a romantic scene with Shadowheart.
    • Fixed the drider dipping into the ground during one line.
    • Fixed foreground lighting and updated lighting positions and intensities.
    • Fixed pops and cleaned up the mocap on Orin in
      the Temple of Bhaal
    • Addressed some
      clipping issues if you
      become a mind flayer
    • Ensured the correct animations play for halflings when extracting Us on the nautiloid.
    • Made sure bears close their eyes when they sleep.
    • Fixed the mocap for one of Nere's lines so he's no longer kicking the sky.
    • Fixed stretchy legs during Halsin's dialogues.
    • Fixed hand positions for short races when interacting with the console near Shadowheart on the nautiloid.
    • Improved the appearance of giving Bernard a nice hug for players with the strong female human body type.
    • Removed jittering mocap in the dialogue where Lae'zel is in a cage near the nautiloid crash site.
    • Fixed paddle hands in several dialogues.
    • Fixed
      Mayrina remaining in her sheep state
      but talking as though she was cured in
      Old Garlow's Place
    • Fixed character legs clipping through a tree trunk in the owlbear cub scene at camp.
    • Tweaked some cameras in dialogue with Halsin.
    • Made sure the cinematics flow well in dialogues with new lines for Wyll and the narrator.
    • Fixed some pops between lines in the dialogue between Halsin and Kagha.
    • Improved facial expressions and camera angles in Wyll's dialogues about
      Duke Stelmane
    • Made sure characters aren't facing a wall in the crime dialogue that triggers when interacting with a forbidden item.
    • Fixed an issue causing Jaheira to teleport off screen
      at Moonrise Towers
    • Fixed Anders' twitchy leg and removed an unnecessary camera shot.
    • Smoothed animations during
      big arrival scene, pup.
    • Fixed an interrupted cinematic node during Lae'zel's camp celebration scene.
    • Made cinematic adjustments to account for a fix to a flow issue where Lae'zel would talk about
      Astarion's hunger
      even if you didn't know about it yet.
    • Fixed dragonborns' chests blocking Lae'zel's body in a camp night.
    • Fixed multiple issues with cameras, clipping, and animation quirks in the initial dialogue with Jaheira at the bridge into Last Light.
    • Fixed where
      Dame Aylin
      is looking in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Fixed some unusual character positioning in the confrontation between Aradin and Zevlor, particularly for dragonborns.
    • Adjusted the cameras in the dialogue with Farlin at Wyrm's Crossing to better reflect who is talking to whom.
    • Lowered Roger Gherkins' head position in his cinematic dialogue.
    • Fixed a half-orc guard's lines being cut off in Gortash's audience hall at Wyrm's Rock.
    • Fixed some player expressions that didn't suit the tone of Lae'zel's dating dialogue.
    • Fixed a lighting pop when speaking to Auntie Ethel in the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed the citizens of Baldur's Gate looking like they're walking in the ground in
      the scene after the city is saved
    • Fixed an issue with a jerking dagger when
      stabbing Cazador in his coffin
    • Fixed some empty spaces in dialogues.
    • Fixed the cinematic ending too early when you slow down the windmill with the trapped gnome on it.
    • Fixed some cinematics sometimes showing the wrong location.
    • Fixed the facial expressions of companions when talking to Gale about his background.
    • Fixed
      hair sometimes behaving strangely when
      transformed into a smaller race
    • Fixed issue with animation blends when tadpoling into Nere's mind in dialogue.
    • Fixed an issue with who's speaking in the dialogue where you find a hunk of spider meat.
    • Fixed vibration on Mizora's wings.
    • Tweaked some issues with companion characters in the dialogue at
      the Morphic Pool
    • Tweaked scenes where larger characters weren't fitting in frame properly.
    • Updated shots of Barcus Wroot
      flying off the windmill
    • Fixed the new introduction in the dialogue you get when you interact with the mysterious artefact.
    • Paladins can now drink the potion in the dialogue with Priestess Gut.
    • Fixed a pop in the dialogue you get when you interact with the Book of Dead Gods.
    • Fixed a blocked camera in the crime dialogue when you use a forbidden item.
    • Fixed some camera issues in the dialogue with Araj at Moonrise Towers.
    • Fixed characters looking in the wrong direction and appearing in the wrong vision in dialogue with Spaw in the Underdark.
    • Adjusted the posture of goblins in some dialogues to improve how they look at the player.
    • Fixed an NPC flying into frame from off screen in the dialogue where a Doppelganger gives you a certain task.
    • Shadowheart no longer pops at the end of the dialogue when she enters
      the Gauntlet of Shar
      for the first time.
    • Fixed Karlach's eyes flickering slightly after you send Minthara to the Emerald Grove.
    • Made general improvements to the dialogue with Wyll about
      Florrick and Mizora
    • Adjusted weapons so they don't block the camera in the dialogue with
      the Ironhand Gnomes in the Underdark
    • Added some polish (cameras, emotional expressions) to dialogue with
      Lump the Enlightened
      and friends.
    • Fixed the last line getting cut off during dialogue with
    • Fixed some persistent looping sounds in the cinematic dialogue where you see an image of the three Chosen.
    • Tweaked Edowin's pose a bit.
    • Fixed Gale's 'paddle hands' in his default dialogue. Paddles are for astral boats only.
    • Smoothed out some of the animation wrinkles in the
      final confrontation with the Netherbrain
    • Tweaked animations during the scene where
      your Dream Visitor visits you
      to avoid hands clipping into bellies.
    • Tweaked and updated some of the animations and fixed hand poses and clipping with the lyre for halflings in the scene where you summon the drider in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    • The newly transformed mind flayer in the pod on the nautiloid now has better hand animations and more dynamic body animations.
    • Your fingers now make better contact with your lips after a scorching kiss with Karlach.
    • Fixed the position of dragonborns after Astarion gets a tasty snack at camp.
    • Gave
      Sceleritas Fel
      a spinal adjustment so he can look you in the eye in certain scenes.
    • Dialogues will now temporarily remove your Wild Shape form for the duration of the dialogue to fix some cinematic quirks.
    • Removed a duplicated character and fixed issues with clipping and character poses in the dialogue with the gnarled door in
      the hag's lair
    • Fixed companions blocking the camera and clipping into the raft in the Underdark.
    • Removed an unexpected head movement in the dialogue with Mol and Raphael at Last Light.
    • Improved cinematic fidelity for Chell and Kavil during the camp celebration.
    • Touched up Withers' cinematic fidelity during his
      dialogue in the endgame
    • Fixed a broken flow of dialogue nodes during
      Lord Gortash's inauguration
      . Anything for the
    • Made sure
      voiced lines don't get cut off in her dialogue in
      the Last Light Inn
      . No one interrupts the
      High Harper
    • Adjusted the camera in the dialogue with Brynna, Andrick, and Edowin.
    • Fixed some minor issues in the dialogue after you free Nere.
    • Made some tweaks to the cutscene where the illusion in the Sunlit Wetlands melts away after you interact with one of the sheep.
    • Updated the cameras to show the
      Sharran altar
      on a certain path in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing pops to appear in the first frame of certain dialogues.
    • Fixed a visual artefact during
      one of Astarion's bite scenes
    • Added some transformation SFX and VFX to Raphael's
      final transformation dialogue
    • Fixed some poses and floating animations in the dialogue with
      Sarevok at the Murder Tribunal
    • Cleaned up
      Thisobald Thorm's
      weirdly twisting pipes.
    • Made sure no one has (accidental) double swords during the scene where
      you and the Harpers ambush the drider's caravan
    • Made it so background characters are giving Shadowheart and
      the Nightsong
      their full attention during their climactic scene.
    • Moved a camera in the scene where Shadowheart meets with
      her parents in the Sharran Grotto
      to prevent characters from fading in and out.
    • Reduced the depth of field on the water in the establishing shot of the scene where you
      can go swimming
      with Shadowheart.
    • Hid the
      knife and the rock
      at appropriate times in
      the fight between
      Shadowheart and Lae'zel at camp.
    • Fixed some VO that wasn't playing in a dialogue with Balthazar and in another with Karlach at camp.
    • Made some tweaks to the cinematic dialogue with Wulbren after you
      break him out of prison
      to avoid clipping and awkward camera angles.
    • Fixed camera issues in the scene with the kuo-toa about BOOOAL.
    • Fixed an issue causing the cameras to behave strangely in the scene with Jaheira at
      Moonrise Towers
    • Fixed a broken camera in a scene at
      Cazador's palace
    • Ironed out some quirks in the dialogue that plays if you steal an item.
    • Fixed some issues with cameras and where characters are looking in the dialogue with
      at Last Light, and when Shadowheart meets
      Viconia at the House of Grief
    • Tweaked a camera shot in the dialogue with Wyll after
      Mizora's initial visit
    • Added new touches to account for new lines in the dialogue with
      the Echo of Amelyssan in the Murder Tribunal
    • Players will no longer be blocked by a black visual artefact during conversation with Glut.
    • The Guardian Gate vision is no longer pitch black when the Myconid Sovereign reveals its reward to the player.
    • Lighting has been fixed for the Voice of the Absolute cinematic.
    • Minsc no longer disappears in the middle of dialogue.
    • Fixed a clipping issue between Gale's arms and his clothing when he kneels.
    • Fixed issues with Nym Orlith's hands.
    • Fixed the sitting angle for female dwarves and characters with the strong male body type (including half-orcs and dragonborns).
    • Fixed several camera shots in the dialogue with the monk's amulet.
    • Tweaked an animation for male gnomes to avoid clipping when male halflings interact with the
      Helm of Balduran
    • Fixed an animation loop that caused your character to pop when holding an amulet.
    • Removed a long pause in the dialogue with Astarion about
      his scars
    • Karlach now draws her weapon a little more suavely in her recruitment dialogue.
    • Polished up the scene after the
      gith depart the Material Plane
      during the endgame.
    • Tweaked scene triggers for the dialogue at camp where Mizora reminds Wyll what he needs to do for her.
    • Moved the candles, plate, and hourglass on the altar to avoid clipping in a nighttime camp dialogue with Shadowheart.
    • Fixed a cut-off ceiling in Minsc's dialogue in
      the Counting House
    • Made sure you can see the altar behind
      in dialogue with her.
    • Tweaked camera shots across several dialogues, particularly in romance scenes.
    • Fixed
      the Emperor's tentacles
      jittering in a certain camp dialog.
    • Fixed Wyll's head popping in a dialogue near the endgame.
    • Fixed Lae'zel looking in an awkward direction in a dialogue near the endgame.
    • Fixed some awkward head positioning in a dialogue with Bering Gahorst in Wyrm's Crossing.
    • Fixed dagger placement and a head direction in the first dialogue with
    • Fixed an empty camera shot when talking to the worgs and goblins near the windmill in the Blighted Village while Wild Shaped.
    • Made characters' heads turning feel less snappy in the dialogue with Thenar in Philgrave's Mansion.
    • Healed Raphael's broken fingers in the House of Hope - he must have been gesticulating too hard.
    • Cured Lae'zel of the jitters in one of the endgame cinematic dialogues.
    • Made companions face the squirrel properly when talking to it.
    • Fixed the mysterious artefact rotating by itself in Shadowheart's hands. It may be mysterious but it's certainly not followed around by a poltergeist.
    • Fixed it looking like you're kissing the air in a romantic moment with Lae'zel at camp in Act II.
    • Fixed an issue where you'd step a bit too far forward when chatting to the goblins near the Worg Pens in the Goblin Camp, causing some funky camera shots.
    • Fixed strong body types blocking the camera in the scene with Voss by the Mountain Pass.
    • Fixed Thodric Shedeveer sometimes appearing out of his market stall during dialogues.
    • Fixed a certain statue looking like it's been absolutely drenched in blood in a scene at night with Shadowheart.
    • Fixed hands clipping into the body when talking to Blades Bakstir in the Guildhall.
    • Prevented some of the convoy of the Absolute from stepping up onto invisible platforms when approaching the hut with the drider.
    • Fixed an issue where
      Sceleritas Fel's
      hands could clip into each other during a scene when he orders you to
      commit an act of evil
      while he talks about cooking your dinner.
    • Added new scene staging in
      the Morphic Pool after you kill Gortash
    • You will no longer be wearing a helmet during Volo's sophisticated operation on you.
    • Fixed an issue where asking the bloated hyena what happened to it after failing an Arcana check in the dialogue resulted in the bursting scene triggering twice.
    • Made several improvements to the first dialogue you have with Baelen.
    • Fixed the
      pile of bodies
      showing up at the wrong time in the dialogue with the Strange Ox in the barn in Rivington.
    • Polished
      animations in the dialogue with the Dark Urge at
      the Temple of Bhaal
    • Fixed the Duergar Spore Servant's appearance in dialogue not matching up with how he looks in-game. He's now rightfully fungal.
    • Cleaned up jitters in the dialogue with Devella Fountainhead at Basilisk Gate.
    • Cleaned up jitters and strange-looking fingers in the dialogue with Clerk Zollerix at the Counting House.
    • Adjusted where characters are looking in Jaheira's dialogue with Tate.
    • Fixed female elves clipping through the door of the barn with the ogre and the bugbear.
    • Added more detailed animations for the Spectator in the Underdark.
    • Adjusted the intro shot when you first enter
      the Astral Prism through the planecaster in Crèche Y'llek
      to account for dragonborn body types.
    • Polished the animation for when
      Dame Aylin
      Lorroakan down into a backbreaker
    • Adjusted fade-ins to avoid
      the incubus
      starting the conversation standing in the House of Hope.
    • Fixed Thodric Shedeever standing behind his stall during gameplay but in front of it during his dialogue.
    • Fixed Lae'zel clipping in the dialogue with the zaith'isk in Crèche Y'llek.
    • Readjusted lip contact for dragonborns when kissing Astarion.
    • Polished the scene with Shadowheart on a lonely camp night when she steps in close to you.
    • Fixed Waldo Walnut's head position in his dialogue in the Elfsong Tavern.
    • Fixed the nudity filters not working correctly on
    • Cleaned up some animations and clipping on female dwarves and gnomes in a dialogue with your Dream Visitor in
      the Astral Plane
    • Fixed hand contact with the lyre in the Shadow-Cursed Lands if you fail a dialogue check.
    • Fixed jittering and an issue with where
      Dame Aylin
      is looking in her dialogue with
      Lorroakan at Sorcerous Sundries
    • Fixed Ciara Blank's awkward head position in the Lower City.
    • Adjusted an awkward head position on Bunt Chugley in the Lower City.
    • Fixed a trigger issue in the dialogue with Raphael in the House of Hope after
      the alarm goes off
    • Fixed the cinematic of Minsc leaving the party ending prematurely.
    • Fixed some cameras to account better for shorter races.
    • Polished Karlach's facial expressions in her recruitment dialogue.
    • Fixed several issues for female dragonborn body types when getting touchy-smoochy with Wyll in Act III.
    • Adjusted halflings' legs so they don't intersect when crossing over in the scene with Lae'zel at camp after the celebration.
    • Added explosion VFX in the dialogue with
      the Brewer
    • Tweaked a camera in the scene with
      the Chosen in the Colony
    • Fixed a sliding foot and fixed some cameras for small races in the dialogue where Sazza is caged in the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed a head pop in the dialogue where Sazza is caged in the Emerald Grove.
    • Added a new camera to the dialogue with Harper Skywin after the drider ambush.
    • Fixed some broken tentacle animations and background characters not appearing in the right place in a cinematic dialogue at
      the Morphic Pool
    • Fixed some animations for Lae'zel in the dialogue at night after the camp celebration.
    • Fixed clipping in a dialogue with Yafeu the djinni.
    • Fixed a disappearing character in a dialogue with
      in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Fixed hugs clipping for taller players, Astarion jittering, and other issues in Astarion's main Act II romance scene.
    • Adjusted the animations for dragonborn characters in the
      eye-removal scene with the hag
    • Fixed some animations for large characters and humans when interacting with
      the wall
      in Moonrise Towers.
    • Added additional head animations for
      the Emperor's tentacles
      and adjusted the mocap.
    • Fixed Lae'zel's leg clipping into the bedroll in the camp scene with Gale in the secluded grove.
    • Fixed clipping in the camp scene with Lae'zel after the camp celebration for dragonborns.
    • Added custom animation for
      male mind flayer tentacles
      and tweaked the mocap in the dialogue with the Dream Visitor about
    • Smoothed the animation to reduce jitter in the dialogue with Jaheira about the events at
      ."Fixed cinematic issues with some dialogues with animals. They will now temporarily remove your Wild Shape form for the duration of the dia
    • Toned down characters' reactions to tossing food to the owlbear cub at camp.
    • Fixed several issues like pops, adjusted some cameras, and made sure there's contact when kissing in Shadowheart's main dialogue.
    • Fixed clipping in a dialogue with Karlach about her upgrade.
    • Fixed Karlach's comment not playing if the dialogue with Nadira triggers automatically.
    • Fixed an offset camera when talking to Findal in the Emerald Grove.
    • Fixed Gauntlet Yeva floating about in her dialogue, plus other minor tweaks to cameras and head directions.
    • Made sure dialogues with the Counting House clerks and cashiers play in the right location.
    • Fixed a line that was cut too short when talking to Fezzerk by the windmill.
    • Fixed a camera issue in the dialogue with Aurelia in Cazador's Palace.
    • Tweaked some mocap, removed jitters, and adjusted poses in the dialogue with Sharlz Molar.
    • Fixed a blocked camera, some jump cuts, and an animation in the dialogue with Karlach about
      Soul Coins
      at Moonrise Towers.
    • Added some fade-outs for Lae'zel's dialogue after the
      endgame battle
    • Fixed Lae'zel's hair popping when she
      climbs the dragon in the endgame
    • Fixed some frozen mocap on Malus Thorm.
    • Fixed
      Dame Aylin
      missing her
      and helmet in a dialogue in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Fixed the lighting in a shot in the dialogue where you first use one of the tadpoles.
    • Fixed missing VFX for Minsc in the Lower City.
    • Oliver will no longer be visible in cutscenes after he walks off.
    • Fixed the door disappearing too soon in a camp scene with Gale.
    • Fixed facial expressions in a
      dialogue in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Fixed the lighting in a
      dialogue in Sorcerous Sundries.
    • Made several touch-ups in the scene with the ogres at the Blighted Village.
    • Made several touch-ups when you talk to
      Orpheus before freeing him
    • Fixed a camera when talking to Shadow-Whiskers in the circus at Wyrm's Crossing.
    • Made fixes relating to
      carving onto Cazador's back
      when resolving the
      Black Mass ritual
    • More polish relating to Karlach cinematics.
    • Facial expression polish relating to certain Gondian Workers in the Steel Watch Foundry.
    • Fixed a voice line cutting off early when talking to Warrior Plagg at the Goblin Camp.
    • Fixed magical weapons casting powerful lighting on characters during cinematics.
    • Fixed a goblin floating up from a bent position in the chicken chase scene at the Goblin Camp.
    • Clipping fixes for Shadowheart in the Path of Darkness cinematic.
    • More polish relating to Karlach and Astarion romance cinematic.
    • Did a polish pass on Karlach's first dialogue in the House of Hope.
    • Fixed pops and camera issues in the camp dialogue with Astarion after his
      bloodthirst goes too far
    • Cleaned some jittery mocap in dialogues in the Elfsong Tavern and in Cazador's Palace.
    • Fixed camera shots in the dialogue with Dolly Dolly Dolly.
    • Updated cameras for short races when interacting with the
      tentacle in the wall
      at Moonrise Towers.
    • Fixed some tentacle clipping and animations when talking to
      the Emperor
    • Fixed where characters are looking in a dialogue in the Worg Pens.
    • Fixed some facial expressions in the dialogue that triggers if you attempt to progress through Act II without
      Ketheric's Netherstone
    • Fixed some emotions for Minthara when she says she'll
      stay in the Shadow-Cursed Lands
    • Fixed looping animations for Bernard and player characters.
    • Fixed Wyll sometimes missing from certain shots in the camp dialogue with
    • Fixed head jitters and a kiss making no physical contact in a dialogue with Lae'zel.
    • Fixed Lae'zel popping in an endgame dialogue.
    • Fixed the skiff at
      the Morphic Pool
      moving sideways and unnaturally and fixed an empty shot where your character should appear.
    • Fixed Volo's needle not appearing.
    • Fixed Lae'zel's head popping in a dialogue about Vlaakith.
    • Fixed a pop and a blocked camera in Shadowheart's dialogue in the endgame.
    • Fixed characters looking the wrong way at night with Minthara after the camp celebration.
    • Made minor adjustment to character positions when opening the barn with the ogre and the bugbear.
    • Fixed an issue in dialogue with Gale caused by uneven ground.
    • Fixed some clipping and head issues in a romance scene with Karlach.
    • Fixed some paddle hands and cleaned up the animation for Harper Donner at Last Light.
    • Fixed some animation pops in the dialogue with Steelclaw, the delightful Moonrise cat.
    • Fixed several issues like pops and clips in Gale's recruitment dialogue.
    • Fixed Nettie's branch clipping through her clothes.
    • Fixed some animations on short races when recruiting Gale.
    • Added some custom twists and turns for mind flayer tentacles.
    • Fixed some quirky elbows and mocap issues in the dialogue with Lacy Dancer.
    • Fixed an awkward shot of
      Orin in one of her reveals
    • Made some improvements to the dialogue with Bernard, including a missing Gale.

    • Made miscellaneous performance optimisations.
    • Made minor GPU time improvements on the Vulkan renderer.

    • Added a clearer message about mod and data mismatches and some options to help fix it.
    • Added confirmation for resetting your graphics.

    • Fixed the controller cursor disappearing when switching from controller to keyboard and mouse by pressing the Escape key and then switching back to controller.
    • Fixed secondary weapon slots not working correctly on controller if something was already equipped there.
    • Fixed a controller issue preventing you from selecting an oath when multiclassing into a paladin.
    • Fixed a missing healing icon on controller.

    • Fixed a memory leak on saving and loading.
    • Fixed allies' abilities causing a performance issue in the endgame.
    • Fixed non-dialogue scenes not updating their animations (e.g. the rats in the main menu).
    • Improved robustness of behaviour animations and script interaction.

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    Joined: Jul 2023
    Did you finally fixed Owlbear Cub not appearing at Goblin Camp?

    Joined: Apr 2013
    Joined: Apr 2013
    A lot of fixes but not seeing anything significant...Karlach's good ending hasn't been restored. No mention of Minthara's missing content, including the second part of her romance in act 3, etc. I have to say I expected a bit more from the first huge patch...a ton of tiny fixes but none of the major issues. Also incredibly weird to have a Karlach romance scene as the banner for the update when this doesn't do anything about her missing good ending or the missing part of her quest in act 3. She was also surprisingly popular too with players, why feature her romance front and center when the main issues with her most people want fixed aren't fixed?

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    Joined: Jul 2013
    Archfey Warlocks still aren't getting a new cantrip at level 4. Please fix this, my game has been on hold waiting for this to get fixed.

    Joined: Sep 2019
    Joined: Sep 2019
    I was going to read it all but was forced to give up, it's just THAT BIG! laugh Amazing job, Larian! <3 A few of the bugs I have reported are fixed I see.

    Joined: Feb 2020
    Joined: Feb 2020
    Thanks for the patch! Since you also seem to address story inconsistencies, please also fix the following:


    The complete 180° of the Emperor before freeing Orpheus to join the Netherbrain still doesn't make sense. At least give more logical explanation for why the Emperor just lets himself get inthralled again. Why doesn't he just attack the player so they can't free Orpheus?


    Orpheus still says his honor guard could have liberated him, had the player not killed them. This is obviously false and was probably written by someone who was very confused about the story. Vlaakith I (NOT the Lich Queen) imprisoned Orpheus AND the honor guard over 1.000 years ago, MUCH EARLER than the Emperor arrived in the Astral Prism. So it makes no sense that Orpheus says his guard could have freed him. They obviouly couldn't in the 1.000 yeras of imprisonment, which makes sense, because they don't have the Orphic Hammer!!!!.


    Orpheus can turn himself into a mindflayer without being infected with a tadpole!

    Last edited by SiriusVI; 25/08/23 12:58 PM.
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    Joined: Aug 2023
    A lot of small fixes, which is nice. Although, I can still see some problems like:

    -Tawern Brawler being broken.
    -Level 1 Wizard dip, allowing any class to learn all spells.
    -Moon druid level 6 feature not working.

    Now, bugs aside, I would like to see a rebalance of certain races, most notably Dragonborn, who are visually stunning, but horrible in every other aspect.

    I am glad to see that breath weapon actually scales now, but it doesn't make up for the rest of the race, which is less than optimal.

    If possible, I would apply the two Dragonborn races from Fizban's Tresury of Dragons, notably Metallic And Chromatic dragonborn. Otherwise, I think most people will use the mods to make Dragonborn viable.

    Last edited by Annoyed Player; 25/08/23 01:12 PM. Reason: Bugs and Typos
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    Joined: Aug 2023
    Originally Posted by Darth_Trethon
    A lot of fixes but not seeing anything significant...Karlach's good ending hasn't been restored. No mention of Minthara's missing content, including the second part of her romance in act 3, etc. I have to say I expected a bit more from the first huge patch...a ton of tiny fixes but none of the major issues. Also incredibly weird to have a Karlach romance scene as the banner for the update when this doesn't do anything about her missing good ending or the missing part of her quest in act 3. She was also surprisingly popular too with players, why feature her romance front and center when the main issues with her most people want fixed aren't fixed?
    So i guess Minthara wasn't " bugged " after all and they actually did remove her content. I brought this up on steam and everyone seemed so sure that Minthara was bugged and the patch would fix her.

    As for Karlach, unfortunately if the recent cut content is right her " good " ending played into events in the upper city and since the upper city was unceremoniously cut from the release I can't see her getting that ending until it's added back and everyone seems sure that will happen in the DE release but if we're following DOS2's release with it that's 11 months+ from now.

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    old hand
    old hand
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    Location: Ukraine
    You can no longer recruit both Halsin and Minthara to camp in the same playthrough.


    We need to recruit both! We need to make Minthara a full-fledged companion, bring back all the cut content, and even create even more new content!

    We need the option to marry Minthara and have a baby!

    Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!
    Joined: Apr 2013
    Joined: Apr 2013
    Originally Posted by Kamos174
    Originally Posted by Darth_Trethon
    A lot of fixes but not seeing anything significant...Karlach's good ending hasn't been restored. No mention of Minthara's missing content, including the second part of her romance in act 3, etc. I have to say I expected a bit more from the first huge patch...a ton of tiny fixes but none of the major issues. Also incredibly weird to have a Karlach romance scene as the banner for the update when this doesn't do anything about her missing good ending or the missing part of her quest in act 3. She was also surprisingly popular too with players, why feature her romance front and center when the main issues with her most people want fixed aren't fixed?
    So i guess Minthara wasn't " bugged " after all and they actually did remove her content. I brought this up on steam and everyone seemed so sure that Minthara was bugged and the patch would fix her.

    As for Karlach, unfortunately if the recent cut content is right her " good " ending played into events in the upper city and since the upper city was unceremoniously cut from the release I can't see her getting that ending until it's added back and everyone seems sure that will happen in the DE release but if we're following DOS2's release with it that's 11 months+ from now.
    A lot of content seems to have gone missing at the last minute and nobody knows why. It's possible some of that may still be in the would be nice of Larian to acknowledge that. Two weeks before launch Swen said the upper city of Baldur's Gate was in the game and fully playable and he also mentioned the 15 minute epilogue...all that stuff is in the game files even fully voiced, but not in game. How did that go from in game to cut in less than two weeks? Surely they've got to still be working on that, one would imagine, if they expected it in for launch it's got to be at least somewhat close to finished but when is it coming? I hope we don't have to wait a year plus.

    Last edited by The Red Queen; 25/08/23 01:37 PM. Reason: Added spoiler tags
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    Joined: Jun 2022
    Amazing, that was a really long read. Very happy to see the fixes coming and hope to see many more patches which improve and add to the game laezelapprove

    Also a very sad day for Minthara and Halsin camp parties grin

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    Joined: Aug 2023
    Edge panning Bug got fixed finally?

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    Volunteer Moderator
    Volunteer Moderator
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    Location: UK
    Okay everyone, please avoid spoilers in this thread. Ideally take them to other threads where they're already being discussed, and in either case enclose in spoiler tags.

    "You may call it 'nonsense' if you like, but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary!"
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    Joined: Jun 2020
    quote=Darth_Trethon]A lot of fixes but not seeing anything significant...Karlach's good ending hasn't been restored. No mention of Minthara's missing content, including the second part of her romance in act 3, etc. I have to say I expected a bit more from the first huge patch...a ton of tiny fixes but none of the major issues. Also incredibly weird to have a Karlach romance scene as the banner for the update when this doesn't do anything about her missing good ending or the missing part of her quest in act 3. She was also surprisingly popular too with players, why feature her romance front and center when the main issues with her most people want fixed aren't fixed?[/quote]

    Well, obviously.

    Realistically you can expect patches for fixing things not working correctly with the game that they actually released.

    In time, they might make bigger changes and revisit some of the story elements, buts not going to be a simple patch and it’s certainly not going to happen a couple of weeks after release.

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    Fuh Offline
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    Nice, thanks for posting the patch notes here quickly!

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    Joined: Dec 2020
    Originally Posted by SoulfulAzrael
    Did you finally fixed Owlbear Cub not appearing at Goblin Camp?

    Yeah, it says so in the patch notes

    ANd yay for fixing lore bards - thank you so much

    "We are all stories in the end. Just make it a good one."

    Doctor Who
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    Location: CARDIFF
    Nope. Only just encountered this bug. Hes still eating his Mom.

    Love and sausages xx
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    Joined: Oct 2020
    Awesome patch. A lot of things I haven't come across (yet) but it's nice to know they'll be there when my team gets there.

    One thing I didn't see it, but did you fix, or is there any word on a fix for the disappearing UI? This is where occasionally, the game acts like it's in a dialog, when combat is in progress. The only fix I've found is reloading.

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    cool2 Eric the Grey
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    Nice job, so much stuff that my eyes hurt from reading, now just a happily ever after with karlach and we can all watch that 15 minute cinematic epilogue

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    Please reconsider the changes to Chest of Mundane. We don't have a bag of holding and it's a major pain to go back and forth to vendor to sell items after every other battle. Limiting carrying capacity without the (previous) Chest or a bag of holding to our character's strength, means we'll have to take a break to loot and sell armor and weapons after every other battle, which breaks the game flow. It was great that I could play for hours and then when I done playing, I could make a single trip to town to sell. Now, I'll have to make several trips to town (possibly multiple trips to carry gear from large battles with numerous enemies) after every battle or two.

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