This old game is one of my favourite classic games. It deserves a modern remake! And Larian have shown to be capable of making a great DnD game. Maybe this can be considered as a future project?

The game is still available and playable today, but the old graphics may turn alot of players off.

Also, there is plenty of room for expanding on the dialogues, and creating origin characters there with their own quests.
There's alot of improvements that can be done in a modern remake for this game.

In this game you create up to 4 characters and they begin fighting as gladiators in an arena against monsters.

Warning, this is a spoiler for the game.
You need to escape the arena pens and find freedom, and once outside you ally with the desert villages, who are all built by escaped slaves and gladiators, in order to face the army of Draj (where you escaped from).
Draj is coming to eliminate the villages, and the 'final boss' of the game is facing their elite battalion and it's commander with just your party and a few allies, it's one epic battle.

Naturally there are many quests and villains to defeat as you gain power, but you can also just trigger the final dungeon, and then the final battle, as soon as you reach the first village.

The game also has a sequel, but it's very buggy and near impossible to finish because of game breaking bugs. Which is a shame because from what I did manage to play, it's quite good. Not as good as the first game though.