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#908047 05/10/23 01:16 AM
Joined: Jan 2020
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Joined: Jan 2020
I changed my whole party to variants of Monks. If you want a speed build I think you have it here. Robes staffs/Glaives and the ability to sell a lot of unneeded crap.


You can close i on targets fast.
Decent lock picking
multiple attacks
Slapping things with no weapons
Numerous Dash
Deflect arrows.
Reduce fall damage.
Pole arm mastery is a plus
I goes on and on for pros

A gimmick I know. but wow its a little OP. But who doesn't like taking out a goblin camp in a few turns. Or slapping a boss enemy down in a turn if you focus on them.

Have fun with your game GL all

Joined: Apr 2023
Joined: Apr 2023
I wanted to make a full Caster group. Wild and Storm Sorcerers, a Wizard and a Warlock.

Wonder how that would go...

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