I'm having issues with starting Original Sin Enhanced Edition Steam Linux version. Most of the time I hit the start button on Steam, the game doesn't start at all. There is no error message, its just as if nothing happens. If the game starts, usually at the 3rd or 4th attempt, it runs flawlessly without any issues or crashes. Starting the game from console is also uneventful. I was not able to find or create any log file.

user@server:~$ steam steam://rungameid/373420
steam.sh[4169]: Running Steam on linuxmint 21.2 64-bit
steam.sh[4169]: STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
setup.sh[4239]: Steam runtime environment up-to-date!
steam.sh[4169]: Steam client's requirements are satisfied
tid(4305) burning pthread_key_t == 0 so we never use it

Result is the same if the start is successful or not. I am also having trouble with cloud sync, which might be related, but deactivating cloud sync didnt help. Reason for that is probably that I hard copied the "Larian Studios" folder from my GoG version of the game. Just mentioning it because it might be related, I don't really care about cloud saves.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Some basic info:
  • Linux Mint 21.2
  • Intel Processor, Nvidia Graphics with closed source driver
  • Steam installation from .deb repository