I just started my first playthrough(s) and had some questions. 1 playthrough is by myself and the other is with some friends.

My solo playthrough I'm playing as a summoner and planning on making a party with a Blood Mage, pyro/geo mage, and a 2H warrior. That said, I have no idea how to build the 2H warrior and was hoping for some build suggestions. I kind of have an idea on how to build the rest of the party. Also, I understand going with straight phys or straight mag dmg is optimal I'm looking to play multiple builds and came up with a 50/50 team and since I'm playing on classic I figured it wouldn't matter playing optimally or not.

For the Multiplayer playthrough, I'm playing an Archer. I have kind of an idea on how to build one but was wondering if anyone could show me a good build for it. The party consists of a summoner, Rogue, and a fighter.

Thanks in advance