Hi Larian,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally finished the game. Here are my final thoughts:

I loved it! Best game I've ever played. The closest to it is Knights of the Old Republic.

The pluses:

Just about everything. There were very few things I did not like.

The minuses:

Some of the things I used to post about on this forum. No party of 6 option. No day/night in Act 1 and 3. Too much sex and the companions were TOO easy to get to have sex with you. No real romance. It was more of a "Hey, you've won my approval, so let's get busy..." Gale's was so easy that I walked right into it before I realized what was happening with my sorcerer/ranger Aelun. I had to hard backpedal and it made the whole scene rather unpleasant and weird. Then periodically he'd try to solicit Aelun again. Very unnatural and I didn't like it. And it wasn't just Gale. Most of the companions were that way if I even remotely wanted my main characters to get to know them. I was really hoping for a more romantic pursuit of the characters if I wanted them to have such a romance. I didn't want the companions super-charged seeking my characters for sex and then making it weird if I rejected them. Even Withers was pushing me to have sex with someone. Creepy!

But honestly, that was my biggest issue with the game, and that's not much of a big issue at all. The ending I chose led to an ending that I felt was appropriate. I believe I chose the "best good" ending.

Anyway, I am sad to have beaten the game because I will miss it. I truly savored it and actually did almost every quest that I could that I felt my characters would do. I even trailed down a few paths just to see what would happen, but then reloaded because I knew my characters wouldn't do that (such as the Lae'zel Creche path). I absolutely loved created three custom characters and having them be the primary stars - but I am so happy you made it so I could put them out of the party so I could even change in some of the other origin characters for 1 custom and 3 origins even after I created 3 customs. Very satisfying change. Thank you.

Overall, so very happy to have been a part of this game! Thank you!

P.S. Still writing BG3 Fanfic the Afflicted, if you didn't know. https://baldursgate3theafflicted.blogspot.com/2021/08/home.html

Just completed Act 2 with Book 3: Legacy of Murder. If any of you were reading this previously, hope you enjoy the continued story. I'm contemplating writing one or two more to include Act 3 and a sequel that would be a completely original story, but we'll see.

That's just how much I loved this game. I had to write my own version of it and make it my own!

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