Hello all!

We are back online from this week's maintenance and this should have resolved the loading issues that the forums had been experiencing for some time now! If you notice any lingering issues please feel free to drop me a DM and we will look into it with the rest of the team!

Rules Update

We have taken some time to update the forum rules which you can now find here.

You will also receive a pop-up to accept them again the next time you log in.

This change aims to make them match our official Discord Server rules and to clarify any common misconceptions about them. We recommend checking them out as a reminder even if you’re a long-time user of the forums!

Moderator Recruitment

With our forums now back in action, we are looking for more people to join the moderation team here on the Larian Studios Forums! This will involve keeping an eye on reports and threads, as well as making sure they are kept civil, on topic, and that no rules are broken.

If you’re interested please fill out the following form and we will be in contact with you in the following weeks!

Moderator Application Form