I am a veteran of Neverwinter Nights..which I had considered (up till now) to be the *best* RPG ever created. I am now a worshipper at the altar of Divine Divinity, and am daily blown away by the scope, quality and sheer addictiveness of this game.

Points to ponder regarding DD in comparison to NWN:

- The music is ROCKING! The upbeat battle-type music in the Abbey was freaking intense (Don't know if you recall it still, but it is fast paced with this staccato bongo-like drumbeat)...and overall..it's just good music...I especially like that there is not just "one battle-music loop" like NWN..that REALLY started getting on my nerves after awhile.

- The graphics, while not the "360 degree wonderland" of NWN, are downright awesome in their own right. The creatures and figures are a bit stilted and game-like when they walk up to you, but who cares. The QUALITY of the artwork, ambient atmosphere, and various scenery, is top notch cool.

- The "sense of humor" the game has is probably one of my top reasons for enjoying it so much. You get a feeling that you are "playing with friends", like real D&D! It doesn't take itself so damn seriously like NWN (which I am not knocking by any means)..The humor is present in all facets of the game, everywhere! I Love It!!! (I laffed out loud when I read a road sign yesterday that said "no unauthorized camping"..just frigging classic!)

- Battle. Sooooooo much swifter and "hands-on" and fun than NWN..a major plus factor. I understand NWN tried to do it "by the book" to AD&D standards and all, but that don't make for very fun battles in general. I feel very involved in the fighting in this game...and the option to use spells like Meteorstrike like a fuc*ing machine gun is incredible. And in "normal" melee, the action is triple-fast compared to NWN...quickquickquick...goodgoodgood...and you are ALWAYS watching your back in this game...even when you are swarthy and strong, you never know when a Thug Leader will pop out of the bushes and literally WASTE you...in NWN you tend to really start feeling pretty fuc*ing invulnerable after a spell...and at least (95% of the time in NWN) you would have a shi*load of time to prepare for the bad guy coming at you..I have been a religious "saver", and that has saved me from a LOT of headaches...I also like how the game only saves the last two quicksaves, and you don't have to worry about building up pages upon pages of saves to delete later.

P.S. Looking at the map that Zandalar(sp?) gave me..this game is SCARING me at just how HUGE it is..DUDE!!! It stretches on forever! Yet another cool point is that (at least it appears) that the whole realm is available for roaming right away..there is no "end of chapter one" type deal..it is just an ongoing journey..I like that. It gives the realm more of an "actual world feel" than NWN...

And yes, I loooooooove not spending half my time unlocking or bashing chests..the whole "barrel - contains nothing" is a WAAAAY better system...